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I unnecessary-source-date-epoch-assignment

All reports of unnecessary-source-date-epoch-assignment for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

There is an assignment to a SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH variable in the debian/rules file.

As of dpkg 1.18.8, this is no longer necessary as dpkg exports this variable if it is not already set. However, you can also include /usr/share/dpkg/ or /usr/share/dpkg/ to ensure it is exported.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: rules, Type: source

Evolution of the unnecessary-source-date-epoch-assignment Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the unnecessary-source-date-epoch-assignment tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 76, overridden: 0, total: 76

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authbind 2.1.2 (source)

cgsi-gsoap 1.3.11-1 (source)

codeblocks 16.01+dfsg-2.1 (source)

ctfutils 10.3~svn297264-2 (source)

debian-installer 20180610 (source)

exim4 4.91-7 (source)

flashproxy 1.7-4 (source)

fpc 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (source)

freebsd-buildutils 10.3~svn296373-7 (source)

freebsd-libs 10.3~svn296373-10 (source)

gap 4r8p8-3 (source)

gap-alnuth 3.1.0-3 (source)

gap-autodoc 2018.02.14-1 (source)

gap-autpgrp 1.8-1 (source)

gap-gapdoc 1.6.1-3 (source)

genometools 1.5.10+ds-2 (source)

gle-graphics 4.2.5-7 (source)

glibc 2.27-6 (source)

globus-authz 3.16-1 (source)

globus-authz-callout-error 3.6-2 (source)

globus-callout 3.15-2 (source)

globus-common 17.4-1 (source)

globus-ftp-client 8.37-1 (source)

globus-ftp-control 8.6-1 (source)

globus-gass-cache 9.10-2 (source)

globus-gass-copy 9.29-2 (source)

globus-gass-transfer 8.10-2 (source)

globus-gram-client 13.20-1 (source)

globus-gram-job-manager-callout-error 3.6-2 (source)

globus-gram-protocol 12.16-1 (source)

globus-gridmap-callout-error 2.5-2 (source)

globus-gsi-callback 5.13-2 (source)

globus-gsi-cert-utils 9.16-2 (source)

globus-gsi-credential 7.14-1 (source)

globus-gsi-openssl-error 3.8-2 (source)

globus-gsi-proxy-core 8.7-1 (source)

globus-gsi-proxy-ssl 5.10-2 (source)

globus-gsi-sysconfig 8.1-2 (source)

globus-gss-assist 11.2-1 (source)

globus-gssapi-error 5.5-2 (source)

globus-gssapi-gsi 13.10-1 (source)

globus-net-manager 0.18-1 (source)

globus-openssl-module 4.8-2 (source)

globus-rsl 10.11-2 (source)

globus-scheduler-event-generator 5.12-2 (source)

globus-xio 5.17-1 (source)

globus-xio-gridftp-driver 2.18-1 (source)

globus-xio-gsi-driver 4.1-1 (source)

gridsite 3.0.0~20180202git2fdbc6f-1 (source)

gsoap 2.8.60-2 (source)

kfreebsd-10 10.3~svn300087-3 (source)

kmod 25-1 (source)

libapache-authznetldap-perl 0.07-6 (source)

markdown 1.0.1-10 (source)

maxima 5.41.0-3 (source)

moin 1.9.9-1 (source)

netmaze 0.81+jpg0.82-16 (source)

nitpic 0.1-16 (source)

pari 2.11.0-1 (source)

pari 2.11.0-2 (source)

pari 2.9.5-1 (source)

perl 5.28.0-2 (source)

perl 5.26.2-7 (source)

pixmap 2.6pl4-20 (source)

rsbackup 5.0-2 (source)

sgmltools-lite (source)

supercat 0.5.5-4.3 (source)

taggrepper 0.05-3 (source)

the 3.3~rc1-3 (source)

torrus 3.00-1 (source)

trscripts 1.18 (source)

vpb-driver 4.2.61-1 (source)