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The named member of the static library ships ELF sections that indicate the use of link-time-optimization (LTO). The use of LTO in static objects is usually a bug.

In the milder case, the library will work but is larger than needed. The more serious case is indicated by the distinct tag no-code-sections. Those libraries cannot work in Debian.

An object file shown here was usually built with the command-line option -flto=auto.

For more information please consult:

The tag is present in Lintian version 2.114.163. That is the most recent version we know about.

We use semantic versions. The patch number is a commit step indicator relative to the 2.114.0 release tag in our Git repository.

You can find the detection logic for this version at commit 3410a22. For merge requests, please use the latest version in the Lintian check libraries/static/link-time-optimization.

Visibility: info

The following 1 source packages in the archive triggered the tag 37 times (in any Lintian version).

There were no overrides.