Lintian Reports

W spelling-error-in-readme-debian

All reports of spelling-error-in-readme-debian for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

Lintian found a spelling error in the README.Debian file. Lintian has a list of common misspellings that it looks for. It does not have a dictionary like a spelling checker does.

Severity: minor, Certainty: certain

Check: debian-readme, Type: binary

Evolution of the spelling-error-in-readme-debian Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the spelling-error-in-readme-debian tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 349, overridden: 61, total: 410

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acpi-support 0.142-8 (binary)

ajaxterm 0.10-13 (binary)

amanda-server 1:3.5.1-2+b1 (binary)

amavisd-milter 1.5.0-5 (binary)

archivemount 0.8.7-1+b1 (binary)

autodir 0.99.9-10+b1 (binary)

autogen 1:5.18.12-4 (binary) overridden

backuppc 3.3.1-6 (binary)

bandwidthd 2.0.1+cvs20090917-11 (binary)

beancounter 0.8.10 (binary)

binutils-avr 2.26.20160125+Atmel3.6.1-2 (binary)

blktrace 1.2.0-2 (binary) overridden

buildnotify 0.3.5-1 (binary)

bzflag-client 2.4.16-1 (binary) overridden

cacti 1.1.38+ds1-1 (binary) overridden

ceph 10.2.7-0exp1 (binary)

ceph 10.2.5-7.2 (binary)

cernlib-base 20061220+dfsg3-4.3 (binary)

certmaster 0.25-1.1 (binary)

cfortran 20110621-1 (binary) overridden

check 0.10.0-3+b3 (binary)

clamav-base 0.100.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

clamav-docs 0.100.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

clamav-milter 0.100.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

clamav-testfiles 0.100.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

clamav-unofficial-sigs 3.7.2-2 (binary)

clfswm 20111015.git51b0a02-3 (binary)

clvm 2.02.176-4.1 (binary)

coolkey 1.1.0-13+b1 (binary)

dhis-client 5.5-5+b1 (binary)

dkimproxy 1.4.1-3 (binary)

dovecot-core 1:2.3.3-1 (binary) overridden

drobo-utils 0.6.1+repack-2 (binary)

eficas 6.4.0-1-2 (binary)

electric-fence 2.2.5 (binary)

epic5 2.0.1-1+b5 (binary)

fdutils 5.5-20060227-7+b1 (binary)

festlex-ifd 2.0+debian0-4 (binary)

festvox-suopuhe-common 1.0g-20051204-5 (binary)

fetchmail 6.3.26-3 (binary)

fio 3.8-1 (binary)

fonts-tibetan-machine 1.901b-5 (binary)

fossil 1:2.7-1 (binary)

fprint-demo 20080303git-7 (binary)

fsl 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsl-5.0-core 5.0.8-5+b1 (binary)

gcc-avr 1:5.4.0+Atmel3.6.1-1 (binary)

gcc-for-host 4.9.2-1~exp3 (binary)

gengetopt 2.22.6+dfsg0-3 (binary)

genparse 0.9.2-1 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 1.14.4-1 (binary)

git 1:2.19.1+next.20181018-1 (binary) overridden

git 1:2.19.1+next.20181012-1 (binary) overridden

git 1:2.19.1-1 (binary) overridden

git-merge-changelog 20140202+stable-3 (binary)

googleearth-package 1.2.2 (binary)

gpsim 0.30.0-1 (binary)

gpsman (binary)

gstreamer1.0-alsa 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-gl 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-gtk3 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-apps 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-dbg 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-doc 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-good 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-dbg 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-doc 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-qt5 1.14.4-1 (binary)

gstreamer1.0-x 1.14.4-1 (binary)

heimdal-docs 7.5.0+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

hfsprogs 332.25-11+b2 (binary)

icinga-common 1.14.2+ds-3 (binary) overridden

incron 0.5.10-3+b2 (binary)

iodbc 3.52.9-2.1 (binary)

iptables 1.8.0-1~exp1 (binary)

irssi-scripts 20170711 (binary)

java2html 0.9.2-6 (binary)

jed-extra 2.5.7-2 (binary)

kdrill 6.5deb2-11+b1 (binary)

leafnode 1.11.11-1 (binary)

leela-zero 0.15-5 (binary)

lemonldap-ng 1.9.18+ds-1 (binary) overridden

libapache2-mod-authn-sasl 1.2-2 (binary)

libapache2-mod-rpaf 0.6-13 (binary)

libapache2-mod-security2 2.9.2-2 (binary)

libcap2-bin 1:2.25-1.2 (binary) overridden

libclamav7 0.100.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

libfam0 2.7.0-17.2+b1 (binary)

libgsl23 2.5+dfsg-5 (binary) overridden

libgstreamer-gl1.0-0 1.14.4-1 (binary)

libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 1.14.4-1 (binary)

libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev 1.14.4-1 (binary)

libiodbc2 3.52.9-2.1 (binary)

liblorene-dev 0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1+b2 (binary) overridden

libmorph 1:20140707+nmu2 (binary)

libpam-chroot 0.9-4.3 (binary)

libpam-mount 2.16-9 (binary) overridden

libpgocaml-ocaml-dev 2.3-1+b2 (binary)

libshogun16 3.2.0-7.5+b1 (binary)

libteam5 1.27-1 (binary)

libtorch3c2 3.1-2.2 (binary)

libwaili-dev 19990723-22.1+b2 (binary)

linux-patch-debianlogo 1.16 (binary)

linux-wlan-ng 0.2.9+dfsg-6 (binary)

lorene-codes-src 0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

mailavenger 0.8.4-4.1 (binary)

makejail 0.0.5-10 (binary)

mariadb-server-10.3 10.3.0-0+exp2 (binary)

masqmail 0.3.4-1 (binary)

mgltools-bhtree 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-cadd 1.5.7-3 (binary)

mgltools-cmolkit 1.5.7~rc1+cvs.20140424-2 (binary)

mgltools-dejavu 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-geomutils 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-gle 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-mglutil 1.5.7-3 (binary)

mgltools-molkit 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-networkeditor 1.5.7-3 (binary)

mgltools-opengltk 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-pmv 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-pyautodock 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-pybabel 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-pyglf 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-scenario2 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-sff 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-support 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-symserv 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-utpackages 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-vision 1.5.7+dfsg-1 (binary)

mgltools-visionlibraries 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-volume 1.5.7-2 (binary)

mgltools-webservices 1.5.7-2 (binary)

minidisc-utils 0.9.15-1 (binary)

mkchromecast (binary)

mon 1.3.3-2 (binary)

mon 1.3.3-3 (binary)

mono-reference-assemblies-2.0 3.12.1+dfsg-2 (binary)

mono-runtime-common (binary)

mp3burn 0.4.2-2.2 (binary)

mpqc 2.3.1-18+b3 (binary)

nagvis 1:1.7.10+dfsg1-3.2 (binary)

nethack-spoilers 3.4.3+20110109-2 (binary)

netpbm 2:10.78.05-0.1 (binary)

netpbm 2:10.0-15.3+b2 (binary)

netris 0.52-10+b2 (binary)

netselect 0.3.ds1-28+b1 (binary)

nmzmail 1.1-2+b1 (binary)

openstack-cluster-installer-poc 5 (binary)

openvswitch-common 2.10.0+2018.08.28+git.8ca7c82b7d+ds1-6 (binary)

perf-tools-unstable 1.0+git7ffb3fd-1 (binary)

pidentd 3.0.19.ds1-8 (binary)

pidgin-plugin-pack 2.7.0-3 (binary)

postbooks-updater 2.4.0-6 (binary)

postfix-policyd-spf-python 2.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

powerman 2.3.5-1+b2 (binary)

propaganda-debian 13.5.10 (binary)

python-jabber 0.5.0-1.6 (binary)

python-nids 0.6.1-1.1 (binary)

python-parted 3.11.1-12 (binary)

python3-parted 3.11.1-12 (binary)

qiime 1.9.1+dfsg-1 (binary)

rainbow 0.8.7-2 (binary)

remembrance-agent 2.12-7+b2 (binary)

s3switch 0.1-1 (binary)

sandboxgamemaker 2.8.2+dfsg-1+b3 (binary)

scalable-cyrfonts-tex 4.17 (binary)

screen 4.6.2-3 (binary) overridden

sgml-base-doc 1.99.2 (binary)

simba 0.8.4-4.3 (binary)

sl-modem-daemon 2.9.11~20110321-12 (binary)

smart-notifier 0.28-5 (binary)

smartpm 1.4-2 (binary)

smbldap-tools 0.9.9-1 (binary)

snort-rules-default (binary)

sopel 6.5.3-1 (binary) overridden

stardict 3.0.6-0.2 (binary)

stardict-common 3.0.6-0.2 (binary)

systraq 20160803-3 (binary)

t1-cyrillic 4.17 (binary)

tapecalc 20070214-2+b3 (binary)

tftpd-hpa 5.2+20150808-1+b1 (binary)

tinyhoneypot 0.4.6-10 (binary)

tor (binary)

tor (binary)

tumgreyspf 1.36-4.1 (binary)

turnin-ng 1.3-1 (binary)

uswsusp 1.0+20120915-6.1+b1 (binary)

vim-syntax-gtk 20110314-1 (binary)

virtuoso-opensource 6.1.6+dfsg2-4 (binary)

vrrpd 1.0-2+b2 (binary)

vsftpd 3.0.3-11 (binary)

w3c-markup-validator 1.3+dfsg-4 (binary)

wondershaper 1.1a-10 (binary)

wpasupplicant 2:2.6-18 (binary)

wpasupplicant 2:2.7~git20181004+1dd66fc-1 (binary)

xbuffy (binary)

xcftools 1.0.7-6 (binary)

xli 1.17.0+20061110-5 (binary) overridden

xmonad 0.13-14 (binary)

xsnow 1:1.42-9 (binary)

zabbix-proxy-pgsql 1:4.0.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

zabbix-server-pgsql 1:4.0.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

zsnes 1.510+bz2-8+b3 (binary)