Lintian Reports

I spelling-error-in-copyright

A subset of the reports of spelling-error-in-copyright for the archive. Unfortunately the full list is too long, so only 1024 instances are listed on this page. At most 3 tags are shown per package. If you need the full list of tags, please download the lintian.log.gz file and extract the data you need.

The extended description of this tag is:

Lintian found a spelling error in the copyright file. Lintian has a list of common misspellings that it looks for. It does not have a dictionary like a spelling checker does. If this is a spelling error in the upstream license, in supporting email messages, or a case of Lintian being confused by non-English text, add an override.

Severity: minor, Certainty: possible

Check: copyright-file, Type: binary

Evolution of the spelling-error-in-copyright Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the spelling-error-in-copyright tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 2274, overridden: 482, total: 2756

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

4g8 1.0-3.2 (binary)

aces3 3.0.8-5.1+b3 (binary)

aces3-data 3.0.8-5.1 (binary)

adanaxisgpl 1.2.5.dfsg.1-6+b2 (binary)

adanaxisgpl-data 1.2.5.dfsg.1-6 (binary)

adwaita-icon-theme 3.30.0-1 (binary)

amule-emc 0.5.2-3+b2 (binary)

animals 201207131226-2.1 (binary)

aolserver4-nsldap 0.8-4+b2 (binary)

aolserver4-nsxml 1.5-2.1+b1 (binary)

apache2 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-bin 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-data 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-dev 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-doc 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-suexec-custom 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-suexec-pristine 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apache2-utils 2.4.34-1 (binary)

apbs 1.4-1+b1 (binary)

apport 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-gtk 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-gtk 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-kde 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-kde 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-notify 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-notify 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-retrace 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-retrace 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-valgrind 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-valgrind 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apsfilter 7.2.6-1.3 (binary)

apt-cacher 1.7.19 (binary)

apt-cudf 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

aqsis 1.8.2-11 (binary)

aqsis-examples 1.8.2-11 (binary)

aravis-tools 0.5.12-1 (binary)

arb 6.0.6-4 (binary)

arb-common 6.0.6-4 (binary)

arb-doc 6.0.6-4 (binary)

arcanist 0~git20180509-2 (binary)

ardour 1:5.12.0-3 (binary) overridden

ardour-data 1:5.12.0-3 (binary) overridden

ardour-video-timeline 1:5.12.0-3 (binary) overridden

aspell-de-1901 1:2-33 (binary) overridden

assaultcube (binary)

assaultcube-data (binary)

asterisk-prompt-it 1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3 (binary)

asterisk-prompt-it-menardi 1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3 (binary)

asterisk-prompt-it-menardi-alaw 1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3 (binary)

asterisk-prompt-it-menardi-gsm 1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3 (binary)

asterisk-prompt-it-menardi-wav 1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3 (binary)

atmel-firmware 1.3-4 (binary)

attal 1.0~rc2-2 (binary)

attal-themes-medieval 1.0~rc2.dfsg1-1 (binary)

autoclass 3.3.6.dfsg.1-1+b2 (binary)

autodns-dhcp 0.9 (binary)

ax25-apps 0.0.8-rc4-2+b1 (binary)

bacula-client 9.0.8-1 (binary) overridden

bacula-common 9.0.8-1 (binary) overridden

bacula-doc 9.0.8-1 (binary)

bacula-server 9.0.8-1 (binary) overridden

bareos 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-bat 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-bconsole 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-client 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-common 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-database-common 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-database-mysql 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-database-postgresql 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-database-sqlite3 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-database-tools 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-dbg 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-devel 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-director 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-director-python-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-filedaemon 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-filedaemon-ceph-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-filedaemon-glusterfs-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-filedaemon-ldap-python-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-filedaemon-python-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage-ceph 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage-fifo 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage-glusterfs 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage-python-plugin 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-storage-tape 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-tools 16.2.6-4 (binary)

bareos-traymonitor 16.2.6-4 (binary)

basket 2.10~beta+git20160425.b77687f-1+b2 (binary)

basket-data 2.10~beta+git20160425.b77687f-1 (binary)

bauble 0.9.7-2.1 (binary)

baycomusb 0.10-14 (binary)

binutils-m68hc1x 1:2.18-9 (binary)

bitmeter 1.2-4 (binary)

boswars 2.7+svn160110-4 (binary)

boswars-data 2.7+svn160110-4 (binary)

bplay 0.991-10+b2 (binary)

btyacc 3.0-5+b2 (binary)

bugsx 1.08-13 (binary)

bugsx 1.08-12 (binary)

c2hs 0.28.5-1 (binary)

c2hs-doc 0.28.5-1 (binary)

calendar-google-provider 1:60.0-3 (binary) overridden

calendar-google-provider 1:52.9.1-1 (binary) overridden

ccal 4.0-3+b2 (binary)

charon-cmd 5.6.3-1 (binary)

charon-systemd 5.6.3-1 (binary)

chewmail 1.3-1 (binary)

chrpath 0.16-2+b1 (binary)

cinnamon-screensaver 3.8.2-1 (binary)

cinnamon-screensaver-webkit-plugin 3.8.2-1 (binary)

cinnamon-screensaver-x-plugin 3.8.2-1 (binary)

cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.8.4-2 (binary)

cinnamon-settings-daemon-dev 3.8.4-2 (binary)

cl-containers 20170403-1 (binary)

cl-lml 2.5.7-4 (binary)

cl-lml2 1.6.6-4 (binary)

cloudcompare 2.9.1+git20180223-2 (binary)

coccinelle 1.0.4.deb-3+b4 (binary)

coccinelle 1.0.6.deb-3 (binary)

coccinelle-doc 1.0.4.deb-3 (binary)

coccinelle-doc 1.0.6.deb-3 (binary)

common-lisp-controller 7.11 (binary)

compface 1:1.5.2-5+b2 (binary)

context-doc-nonfree 2012.06.27-4 (binary)

context-nonfree 2007.03.22-1 (binary)

cowbell (binary)

cryptcat 20031202-4+b2 (binary)

cups-browsed 1.21.2-1 (binary)

cups-filters 1.21.2-1 (binary)

cups-filters-core-drivers 1.21.2-1 (binary)

darktable 2.4.4-1 (binary)

dbus-test-runner 16.10.0~bzr100+repack1-3 (binary)

dh-apport 2.17.2-1 (binary)

dh-apport 2.20.4-5 (binary)

dkimproxy 1.4.1-3 (binary)

dkimpy-milter 1.0.0-1 (binary)

dl10n 3.00 (binary)

doc-linux-fr-html 2013.01-3 (binary)

doc-linux-fr-pdf 2013.01-3 (binary)

doc-linux-fr-ps 2013.01-3 (binary)

doc-linux-fr-text 2013.01-3 (binary)

dose-builddebcheck 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

dose-distcheck 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

dose-doc 5.0.1-11 (binary)

dose-extra 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

durep 0.9-3 (binary)

dustracing2d 2.0.1-1 (binary)

dustracing2d-data 2.0.1-1 (binary)

dvidvi 1.0-8.2+b1 (binary)

dvidvi 1.0-10 (binary)

eb-doc 4.4.3-12 (binary)

eb-utils 4.4.3-12 (binary)

efax 1:0.9a-19.1 (binary)

emacs 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-bin-common 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-common 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-el 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-gtk-dbg 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-intl-fonts 1.2.1-10 (binary)

emacs-lucid-dbg 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs-nox-dbg 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs23 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs23-lucid 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs23-nox 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs24 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs24-lucid 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs24-nox 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs25 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs25-bin-common 25.2+1-6+b3 (binary)

emacs25-common 25.2+1-6 (binary)

emacs25-common-non-dfsg 25.2+1-1 (binary)

emacs25-dbg 25.2+1-6+b3 (binary)

emacs25-el 25.2+1-6 (binary)

emacs25-lucid 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs25-lucid-dbg 25.2+1-6+b3 (binary)

emacs25-nox 1:25.2+1-11 (binary)

emacs25-nox-dbg 25.2+1-6+b3 (binary)

epic5 2.0.1-1+b5 (binary)

erlang 1: (binary)

erlang 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-asn1 1: (binary)

erlang-asn1 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-base 1: (binary)

erlang-base 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-base-hipe 1: (binary)

erlang-base-hipe 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-common-test 1: (binary)

erlang-common-test 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-corba 1: (binary)

erlang-crypto 1: (binary)

erlang-crypto 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-debugger 1: (binary)

erlang-debugger 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-dev 1: (binary)

erlang-dev 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-dialyzer 1: (binary)

erlang-dialyzer 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-diameter 1: (binary)

erlang-diameter 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-doc 1: (binary)

erlang-doc 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-edoc 1: (binary)

erlang-edoc 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-eldap 1: (binary)

erlang-eldap 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-erl-docgen 1: (binary)

erlang-erl-docgen 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-et 1: (binary)

erlang-et 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-eunit 1: (binary)

erlang-eunit 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-examples 1: (binary)

erlang-examples 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-ftp 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-ic 1: (binary)

erlang-ic-java 1: (binary)

erlang-inets 1: (binary)

erlang-inets 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-jinterface 1: (binary)

erlang-jinterface 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-manpages 1: (binary)

erlang-manpages 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-megaco 1: (binary)

erlang-megaco 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-mnesia 1: (binary)

erlang-mnesia 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-mode 1: (binary)

erlang-mode 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-nox 1: (binary)

erlang-nox 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-observer 1: (binary)

erlang-observer 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-odbc 1: (binary)

erlang-odbc 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-os-mon 1: (binary)

erlang-os-mon 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-parsetools 1: (binary)

erlang-parsetools 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-public-key 1: (binary)

erlang-public-key 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-reltool 1: (binary)

erlang-reltool 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-runtime-tools 1: (binary)

erlang-runtime-tools 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-snmp 1: (binary)

erlang-snmp 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-src 1: (binary)

erlang-src 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-ssh 1: (binary)

erlang-ssh 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-ssl 1: (binary)

erlang-ssl 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-syntax-tools 1: (binary)

erlang-syntax-tools 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-tftp 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-tools 1: (binary)

erlang-tools 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-wx 1: (binary)

erlang-wx 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-x11 1: (binary)

erlang-x11 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

erlang-xmerl 1: (binary)

erlang-xmerl 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

etqw 59 (binary) overridden

etqw-server 59 (binary) overridden

evolution 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-common 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-dev 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-plugin-bogofilter 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-plugin-pstimport 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-plugin-spamassassin 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-plugins 3.30.0-1 (binary)

evolution-plugins-experimental 3.30.0-1 (binary)

exmh 1:2.8.0-7 (binary)

fasm 1.73.04-1 (binary)

fastqtl 2.184+dfsg-6 (binary) overridden

fastqtl-doc 2.184+dfsg-6 (binary) overridden

fdpowermon 1.18 (binary)

fdpowermon-icons 1.18 (binary)

ffrenzy 1.0.2~svn20150731-1+b1 (binary)

file-rc 0.8.18 (binary)

firmware-atheros 20180825+dfsg-1 (binary)

firmware-qcom-media 20180825+dfsg-1 (binary)

flameshot 0.6.0-3 (binary) overridden

flare 0.19-1 (binary)

flare-data 0.19-1 (binary)

flmsg (binary)

fonts-maitreya 7.0.7-1 (binary) overridden

foomatic-db 20180917-1 (binary)

foomatic-db-compressed-ppds 20180917-1 (binary)

fossil 1:2.6-1 (binary)

fp-compiler 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-compiler-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-docs 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-docs-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-ide 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-ide-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-base 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-base-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-db 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-db-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-fcl 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-fcl-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-fv 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-fv-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-gfx 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-gfx-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-gtk2 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-gtk2-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-i386 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-i386-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-math 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-math-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-misc 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-misc-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-multimedia 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-multimedia-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-net 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-net-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-rtl 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-units-rtl-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-utils 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fp-utils-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fpc 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fpc-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fpc-source 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

fpc-source-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-20 (binary) overridden

freedink-data 1.08.20140901-1 (binary)

freedink-data 1.08.20170409-1 (binary)

freetuxtv 0.6.8~dfsg1-1+b2 (binary) overridden

fuseext2 0.4-1.1+b1 (binary)

fvwm1 1.24r-56+b1 (binary)

g15composer 3.2-2+b2 (binary)

g15macro 1.0.3-3+b2 (binary)

g15stats 1.9.2-2+b3 (binary)

game-data-packager 59 (binary) overridden

game-data-packager-runtime 59 (binary) overridden

gap-atlasrep 1.5.1-1 (binary)

gap-character-tables 1r2p2.dfsg.0-3 (binary)

gatos 0.0.5-19 (binary)

gcin-voice 0~20170223-2 (binary)

gcompris 1:0.91-1 (binary)

gcompris-qt 0.91-1 (binary)

gcompris-qt-data 0.91-1 (binary)

geomview 1.9.5-2 (binary)

ghdl 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

ghdl-gcc 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

ghdl-llvm 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

ghdl-mcode 0.35+git20180503+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-aravis-0.6 0.5.12-1 (binary)

gir1.2-goffice-0.10 0.10.43-1 (binary)

gir1.2-govirt-1.0 0.3.4-2 (binary)

gir1.2-ibus-1.0 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-libmsi-1.0 0.97-1 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-mate-menu 1.20.1-1 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-matemenu-2.0 1.20.1-1 (binary) overridden

gir1.2-meta-muffin-0.0 3.8.2-1 (binary)

gir1.2-rest-0.7 0.8.0-2 (binary)

gir1.2-rest-extras-0.7 0.8.0-2 (binary)

gir1.2-sugarext-1.0 0.112-2 (binary)

gir1.2-ufo-0.0 0.15.1-1 (binary)

gir1.2-ukuimenu-2.0 1.1.3-1 (binary)

gjs 1.52.3-2 (binary)

gjs-tests 1.52.3-2 (binary)

gle-doc 3.1.0-7.2 (binary)

gmpc 11.8.16-14 (binary)

gmpc-data 11.8.16-14 (binary)

gnome-mastermind 0.3.1-2+b1 (binary)

gnome-session 3.30.0-2 (binary)

gnome-session-bin 3.30.0-2 (binary)

gnome-session-common 3.30.0-2 (binary)

gnomekiss 2.0-6 (binary)

gnuais 0.3.3-8 (binary)

gnuaisgui 0.3.3-8 (binary)

golang-github-go-ini-ini-dev 1.32.0-2 (binary)

golang-gopkg-ini.v1-dev 1.37.0-1 (binary)

gostsum (binary)

gpac 0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-4+b1 (binary)

gpac-modules-base 0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-4+b1 (binary)

grafana 2.6.0+dfsg-3 (binary)

grafana-data 2.6.0+dfsg-3 (binary)

granule 1.4.0-7-9 (binary) overridden

gtans 1.99.0-2+b1 (binary)

gthumb 3:3.6.1-1+b1 (binary)

gthumb-data 3:3.6.1-1 (binary)

gthumb-dev 3:3.6.1-1+b1 (binary)

gwhois 20120626-1.2 (binary)

hamfax 0.8.1-1+b1 (binary)

hashalot 0.3-8 (binary) overridden

hashrat 1.8.12+dfsg-2 (binary)

haskell98-report 20080907-9 (binary)

heroes 0.21-17 (binary)

hexcurse 1.58-1.1+b1 (binary)

hol-light 20170109-2 (binary)

hunt 1.5-6.1+b1 (binary)

hylafax-client 3:6.0.6-8 (binary)

hylafax-client-dbg 3:6.0.6-8 (binary)

hylafax-server 3:6.0.6-8 (binary)

hylafax-server-dbg 3:6.0.6-8 (binary)

ibus 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

ibus-doc 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

ibus-gtk 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

ibus-gtk3 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

ibus-pinyin 1.5.0-4 (binary)

ibus-wayland 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

icedtea-7-jre-jamvm 7u161-2.6.12-1 (binary)

ifscheme 1.7-5 (binary)

ikarus 0.0.3+bzr.2010.01.26-4 (binary)

ikarus 0.0.3+bzr.2010.01.26-4+b1 (binary)

impressive 0.12.0-2 (binary)

indi-bin 1.7.4+dfsg-1 (binary)

iogerman 1:2-33 (binary) overridden

iproute2 4.18.0-2 (binary)

iproute2-doc 4.18.0-2 (binary)

ipsec-tools 1:0.8.2+20140711-12 (binary)

jabberd2 2.6.1-3+b1 (binary) overridden

jclassinfo 0.19.1-7+b1 (binary)

jgraph 83-23+b1 (binary)

jvim-canna 3.0-2.1b-3+b3 (binary)

jvim-doc 3.0-2.1b-3 (binary)

jython 2.7.1+repack-3 (binary)

jython-doc 2.7.1+repack-3 (binary)

kanjipad 2.0.0-8+b1 (binary)

kde-config-touchpad 4:5.13.5-1 (binary)

kdesvn 2.0.0-5 (binary)

kdesvn-kio-plugins 2.0.0-5 (binary)

keepass2 2.39.1+dfsg-1 (binary)

kiki 0.5.6-8.1 (binary)

kio 5.49.0-1 (binary)

kio-dev 5.49.0-1 (binary)

kmenuedit 4:5.13.4-1 (binary)

kopete 4:18.04.2-1 (binary)

kopete-data 4:18.04.2-1 (binary)

kpat 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kross 5.49.0-1 (binary)

kross-dev 5.49.0-1 (binary)

ktexteditor-data 5.49.0-2 (binary)

ktexteditor-katepart 5.49.0-2 (binary)

lammps 0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 (binary)

lammps-data 0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 (binary)

lammps-doc 0~20180822.gitb47e49223+dfsg1-2 (binary)

latex2rtf 2.3.16-1 (binary)

latex2rtf-doc 2.3.16-1 (binary)

lazarus 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-doc 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-doc-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide-gtk2 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide-gtk2-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide-qt5 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-ide-qt5-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-src 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lazarus-src-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-gtk2 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-gtk2-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-nogui 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-nogui-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-qt5 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-qt5-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-units 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-units-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-utils 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

lcl-utils-1.8 1.8.4+dfsg-2 (binary)

libaprutil1 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dbd-mysql 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dbd-odbc 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dbd-pgsql 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dbg 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-dev 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaprutil1-ldap 1.6.1-3 (binary)

libaqsis-dev 1.8.2-11 (binary)

libaqsis1 1.8.2-11 (binary)

libaravis-0.6-0 0.5.12-1 (binary)

libaravis-dev 0.5.12-1 (binary)

libarb 6.0.6-4 (binary)

libarb-dev 6.0.6-4 (binary)

libaudio-cd-perl 0.05-11 (binary) overridden

libaudio-xmmsclient-perl 0.8+dfsg-18.1+b6 (binary)

libavifile-0.7-bin 1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1+b1 (binary)

libavifile-0.7-common 1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1 (binary)

libavifile-0.7-dev 1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1+b1 (binary)

libavifile-0.7c2 1:0.7.48~20090503.ds-20.1+b1 (binary)

libbjack-ocaml 0.1.4-2+b3 (binary)

libbjack-ocaml-dev 0.1.4-2+b3 (binary)

libbloom-filter-perl 1.2-2 (binary)

libcairo-perl 1.106-2+b1 (binary) overridden

libccp4-data 6.5.1-1 (binary)

libccp4-dev 6.5.1-1+b1 (binary)

libccp4c0 6.5.1-1+b1 (binary)

libccp4f0 6.5.1-1+b1 (binary)

libcfitsio-bin 3.450-1 (binary)

libcfitsio-bin 3.430-3 (binary)

libcfitsio-dev 3.450-1 (binary)

libcfitsio-dev 3.430-3 (binary)

libcfitsio-doc 3.450-1 (binary)

libcfitsio-doc 3.430-3 (binary)

libcfitsio5 3.430-3 (binary)

libcfitsio7 3.450-1 (binary)

libcgi-ssi-parser-perl 0.01-1.2 (binary)

libcharon-extra-plugins 5.6.3-1 (binary)

libclipper-dev 2.1.20160809-2 (binary)

libclipper-doc 2.1.20160809-2 (binary)

libclipper2 2.1.20160809-2 (binary)

libcomedi-dev 0.10.2-4+b6 (binary)

libcomedi0 0.10.2-4+b6 (binary)

libcompfaceg1 1:1.5.2-5+b2 (binary)

libcompfaceg1-dev 1:1.5.2-5+b2 (binary)

libcrypt-blowfish-perl 2.14-1+b6 (binary)

libcrypt-des-perl 2.07-1+b6 (binary)

libcrypt-unixcrypt-xs-perl 0.11-1+b2 (binary)

libcscreensaver0 3.8.2-1 (binary)

libcupsfilters-dev 1.21.2-1 (binary)

libcupsfilters1 1.21.2-1 (binary)

libdap-bin 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdap-dev 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdap-doc 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdap25 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdapclient6v5 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdapserver7v5 3.19.1-2 (binary)

libdbustest1 16.10.0~bzr100+repack1-3 (binary)

libdbustest1-dev 16.10.0~bzr100+repack1-3 (binary)

libdnet 2.65+b1 (binary)

libdnet-dev 2.65+b1 (binary)

libdns-zoneparse-perl 1.10-1 (binary)

libdose3-ocaml 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

libdose3-ocaml-dev 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

libeb16 4.4.3-12 (binary)

libeb16-dev 4.4.3-12 (binary)

libemos-bin 2:4.5.5-2 (binary)

libemos-data 2:4.5.5-2 (binary)

libemos-dev 2:4.5.5-2 (binary)

libemos0d 2:4.5.5-2 (binary)

libengine-gost-openssl1.1 (binary)

libevolution 3.30.0-1 (binary)

libexosip2-11 4.1.0-2.1 (binary)

libexosip2-dev 4.1.0-2.1 (binary)

libextunix-ocaml 0.1.6-1 (binary)

libextunix-ocaml-dev 0.1.6-1 (binary)

libfannj-java 0.3-1 (binary)

libfileutils-ocaml-dev 0.5.3-1 (binary)

libfontembed-dev 1.21.2-1 (binary)

libfontembed1 1.21.2-1 (binary)

libforms-bin 1.2.3-1.3+b1 (binary)

libforms-dev 1.2.3-1.3+b1 (binary)

libforms-doc 1.2.3-1.3 (binary)

libforms2 1.2.3-1.3+b1 (binary)

libformsgl-dev 1.2.3-1.3+b1 (binary)

libformsgl2 1.2.3-1.3+b1 (binary)

libg15render-dev 1.3.0~svn316-2.3 (binary)

libg15render1 1.3.0~svn316-2.3 (binary)

libgatos-dev 0.0.5-19 (binary)

libgatos0 0.0.5-19 (binary)

libgeo-coordinates-osgb-perl 2.20-1 (binary) overridden

libgeomview-1.9.5 1.9.5-2 (binary)

libgeomview-dev 1.9.5-2 (binary)

libghc-mountpoints-dev 1.0.2-4 (binary)

libghc-mountpoints-doc 1.0.2-4 (binary)

libghc-mountpoints-prof 1.0.2-4 (binary)

libghc-vector-algorithms-dev (binary)

libghc-vector-algorithms-doc (binary)

libghc-vector-algorithms-prof (binary)

libgjs-dev 1.52.3-2 (binary)

libgjs0g 1.52.3-2 (binary)

libgle3 3.1.0-7.2 (binary)

libgle3-dev 3.1.0-7.2 (binary)

libgnome2-vfs-perl 1.082-1+b4 (binary)

libgoffice-0.10-10 0.10.43-1 (binary)

libgoffice-0.10-10-common 0.10.43-1 (binary)

libgoffice-0.10-dev 0.10.43-1 (binary)

libgoffice-0.10-doc 0.10.43-1 (binary)

libgovirt-common 0.3.4-2 (binary)

libgovirt-dev 0.3.4-2 (binary)

libgovirt2 0.3.4-2 (binary)

libgpac-dev 0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-4+b1 (binary)

libgpac4 0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-4+b1 (binary)

libhugs-haxml-bundled 98.200609.21-5.4+b4 (binary)

libibtk-dev 0.0.14-12.1 (binary)

libibtk0 0.0.14-12.1 (binary)

libibus-1.0-5 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

libibus-1.0-dev 1.5.19-1 (binary) overridden

libical-parser-perl 1.21-1 (binary) overridden

libice-dev 2:1.0.9-2 (binary)