Lintian Reports

W spelling-error-in-changelog

All reports of spelling-error-in-changelog for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

Lintian found a spelling error in the latest entry of the Debian changelog. Lintian has a list of common misspellings that it looks for. It does not have a dictionary like a spelling checker does.

When writing a changelog entry for a spelling fix that includes the misspelling, ensure the word "spelling" is on the same line as the misspelled word to avoid triggering this warning.

Severity: minor, Certainty: certain

Check: changelog-file, Type: binary

Evolution of the spelling-error-in-changelog Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the spelling-error-in-changelog tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 552, overridden: 2, total: 554

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

abcmidi 20171110-1 (binary)

aldo 0.7.7-1+b4 (binary)

altos 1.8.3-1 (binary)

amavisd-milter 1.5.0-5 (binary)

apt-show-versions 0.22.7 (binary)

ballview 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

beep 1.3-4+b1 (binary)

bluewho 0.1-2 (binary)

bootparamd 0.17-9+b2 (binary)

ccnet 6.1.3-1 (binary)

cecilia 5.2.1-1 (binary)

chirashi 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

cl-rt 20040621-4 (binary)

clojure 1.8.0-3 (binary)

coreutils 8.28-1 (binary)

cryptcat 20031202-4+b2 (binary)

cstream 3.0.0-1+b2 (binary)

cyclades-serial-client 0.93 (binary)

dacco-common 0.9+20071227-5 (binary)

dc3dd 7.2.646-1 (binary)

debian-xcontrol 0.0.4-1.1+b6 (binary)

diod 1.0.24-3+b1 (binary)

dl10n 3.00 (binary)

dns-browse 1.9-8 (binary)

doctorj 5.0.0-5 (binary)

dpkg-www 2.57 (binary)

draai 20160601-1 (binary)

dvbsnoop 1.4.50-5+b1 (binary)

dvi2ps-fontdata-ja 1.0.1-3 (binary)

erlang-esdl 1.3.1-3 (binary)

erlang-esdl-dev 1.3.1-3 (binary)

erlang-esdl-doc 1.3.1-3 (binary)

famfamfam-silk 1.3-1 (binary)

feed2imap 1.2.5-1 (binary)

fish 2.6.0-2 (binary)

fish-common 2.6.0-2 (binary)

fonts-noto-color-emoji 0~20171204-1 (binary)

fonts-taml 2:1.3 (binary)

fonts-telu 2:1.2 (binary)

fookb 4.0-1 (binary)

fookb-plainx 4.0-1 (binary)

fookb-wmaker 4.0-1 (binary)

fp-compiler 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-compiler-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-docs 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-docs-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-ide 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-ide-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-base 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-base-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-db 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-db-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-fcl 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-fcl-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-fv 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-fv-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-gfx 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-gfx-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-gtk2 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-gtk2-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-i386 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-i386-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-math 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-math-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-misc 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-misc-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-multimedia 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-multimedia-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-net 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-net-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-rtl 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-units-rtl-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-utils 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fp-utils-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fpc 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fpc-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fpc-source 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fpc-source-3.0.4 3.0.4+dfsg-7 (binary)

fpga-icestorm 0~20160913git266e758-3 (binary)

fpga-icestorm-chipdb 0~20160913git266e758-3 (binary)

fsl 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsl-5.0 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsl-5.0-core 5.0.8-5+b1 (binary)

fsl-core 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsprotect 1.0.7 (binary)

fwlogwatch 1.4-1 (binary)

gadmin-proftpd 1:0.4.2-1+b2 (binary)

gadmin-proftpd-dbg 1:0.4.2-1+b2 (binary)

galera-3 25.3.22-1 (binary)

galera-3-dbg 25.3.22-1 (binary)

galera-arbitrator-3 25.3.22-1 (binary)

galera-arbitrator-3-dbg 25.3.22-1 (binary)

gdb 8.0-1 (binary)

gdb-minimal 8.0-1 (binary)

gdb-python2 8.0-1 (binary)

gdb-source 8.0-1 (binary)

gdbserver 8.0-1 (binary)

gnuift 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

gnuift-doc 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

gnuift-perl 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

golang-github-coreos-rkt-dev 1.21.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

golang-github-docker-libkv-dev 0.2.1-1 (binary)

golang-github-pierrec-xxhash-dev 0.1.1-1 (binary)

gsetroot 1.1-3 (binary)

guessnet 0.56+b2 (binary)

hpsockd 0.17+b3 (binary)

hyperv-daemons 4.14.2-1 (binary)

icli 0.48-1 (binary)

ident2 1.07-1.1+b2 (binary)

jodreports-cli 2.4.0-3 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11-486 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11-686 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11-amd64 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11-xen 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11.0-0-486 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11.0-0-686 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11.0-0-amd64 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-image-11.0-0-xen 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

kfreebsd-source-11.0 11.0~svn265310-1 (binary)

lib3ds-1-3 1.3.0-9+b1 (binary)

lib3ds-dev 1.3.0-9+b1 (binary)

libaio-ocaml 1.0.1-1+b2 (binary)

libaio-ocaml-dev 1.0.1-1+b2 (binary)

libajaxtags-java 1.5.1-3 (binary)

libb2-1 0.97-4 (binary)

libb2-dev 0.97-4 (binary)

libball1.4 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libball1.4-data 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libball1.4-dev 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libball1.4-doc 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libballview1.4 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libballview1.4-dev 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

libcatmandu-atom-perl 0.04-1 (binary)

libccnet-dev 6.1.3-1 (binary)

libccnet0 6.1.3-1 (binary)

libchart-perl 2.4.10ds1-2 (binary)

libclass-std-perl 0.013-1 (binary)

libclojure-java 1.8.0-3 (binary)

libconfig-model-openssh-perl 1.238-1 (binary)

libcpupower-dev 4.14.2-1 (binary)

libcpupower1 4.14.2-1 (binary)

libdaemon-control-perl 0.001008-1 (binary)

libemail-localdelivery-perl 1.200-1 (binary)

libenv-path-perl 0.19-1 (binary)

libgnuift0-dev 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

libgnuift0c2a 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

libhepmcinterface8 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

libhepmcinterface8-dev 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

libiterator-perl 0.03+ds1-1 (binary)

libiterator-util-perl 0.02+ds1-1 (binary)

libjodreports-java 2.4.0-3 (binary)

libjodreports-java-doc 2.4.0-3 (binary)

libjs-wax 5.0.1+ds2-1 (binary)

libliggghts-dev 3.7.0+repack1-1 (binary)

libliggghts3 3.7.0+repack1-1 (binary)

liblocale-maketext-fuzzy-perl 0.11-1 (binary)

liblockdep-dev 4.14.2-1 (binary)

liblockdep4.14 4.14.2-1 (binary)

libltdl7 2.4.6-2 (binary)

liblwp-useragent-chicaching-perl 0.04-1 (binary)

libmoosex-types-json-perl 1.00-1 (binary)

libmrml1-dev 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

libmrml1c2a 0.1.14+ds-1 (binary)

libnet-whois-raw-perl 2.43-1 (binary)

libnetwork-ipv4addr-perl 0.10.ds-2 (binary)

libnifti-dev 2.0.0-2+b2 (binary)

libnifti-doc 2.0.0-2 (binary)

libnifti2 2.0.0-2+b2 (binary)

libodb-api-0d 0.17.4-3 (binary)

libodb-api-bin 0.17.4-3 (binary)

libodb-api-dev 0.17.4-3 (binary)

libopenni-dev (binary)

libopenni-java (binary)

libopenni0 (binary)

libopenturns-dev 1.10-1 (binary)

libopenturns0.11 1.10-1 (binary)

libphp-simplepie 1.3.1+dfsg-3.1 (binary)

libplexus-cli-java 1.2-7 (binary)

libplexus-cli-java-doc 1.2-7 (binary)

libpythia8-dev 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

libpythia8v5 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

librdf-rdfa-parser-perl 1.097-1 (binary)

librep-dbg 0.92.6-1 (binary)

librep-dev 0.92.6-1 (binary)

librep16 0.92.6-1 (binary)

libshhmsg1 1.4.2-1 (binary)

libshhmsg1-dev 1.4.2-1 (binary)

libsndfile1 1.0.28-4 (binary)

libsndfile1-dev 1.0.28-4 (binary)

libstatistics-basic-perl 1.6611-1 (binary)

libsteptalk-dev 0.10.0-6+b4 (binary)

libsteptalk0 0.10.0-6+b4 (binary)

libstrictures-perl 2.000003-1 (binary)

libtie-dbi-perl 1.06-1 (binary)

libtool 2.4.6-2 (binary)

libtool-bin 2.4.6-2 (binary)

libtool-doc 2.4.6-2 (binary)

libtoolkit-perl 0.0.2-2 (binary)

libxml-feed-perl 0.53+dfsg-1 (binary)

liggghts 3.7.0+repack1-1 (binary)

liggghts-doc 3.7.0+repack1-1 (binary)

linux-compiler-gcc-7-x86 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-cpupower 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-doc-4.14 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-headers-4.14.0-1-all 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-headers-4.14.0-1-all-amd64 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-headers-4.14.0-1-all-i386 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-headers-4.14.0-1-common 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-headers-4.14.0-1-common-rt 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-686 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-686-dbg 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-686-pae 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-686-pae-dbg 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-amd64 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-amd64-dbg 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-rt-686-pae 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-rt-686-pae-dbg 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-rt-amd64 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-image-4.14.0-1-rt-amd64-dbg 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-kbuild-4.14 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-libc-dev 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-perf-4.14 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-source-4.14 4.14.2-1 (binary)

linux-support-4.14.0-1 4.14.2-1 (binary)

lockdep 4.14.2-1 (binary)

lpctools 1.06-1+b2 (binary)

lua-sec 0.6-3 (binary)

lua-sec-dev 0.6-3 (binary)

magicor 1.1-4 (binary)

magicor-data 1.1-4 (binary)

maki 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

maki-plugins 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

mathomatic 15.8.2-2+b2 (binary)

mathomatic-primes 15.8.2-2+b2 (binary)

mdf2iso 0.3.1-1+b1 (binary)

memlockd 1.2 (binary)

microcom 2016.01.0-1+b2 (binary)

mpgtx 1.3.1-6 (binary)

mpqc3 0.0~git20170114-4 (binary)

mpqc3 0.0~git20170114-4+b1 (binary)

mpqc3-data 0.0~git20170114-4 (binary)

mrtrix 0.2.12-2.1 (binary)

mrtrix-doc 0.2.12-2.1 (binary)

mugshot 0.3.1-1 (binary)

mustang-plug 1.2-1+b1 (binary)

nautilus-scripts-manager 2.0-1 (binary)

nifti-bin 2.0.0-2+b2 (binary)

nigiri 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

nn 6.7.3-10+b1 (binary)

node-compression 1.1.0-1 (binary)

node-cookie-parser 1.3.3-1 (binary)

node-dryice 0.4.10-2 (binary)

node-vary 1.0.0-1 (binary)

ocsinventory-reports 2.2+dfsg-0.1 (binary)

ocsinventory-server 2.2+dfsg-0.1 (binary)

openjdk-8-doc 8u151-b12-1 (binary)

openjdk-8-jre-headless 8u151-b12-1 (binary)

openni-doc (binary)

openni-utils (binary)

openshot 1.4.3-1.2 (binary)

openshot-doc 1.4.3-1.2 (binary)

openturns-examples 1.10-1 (binary)

openturns-validation 1.10-1 (binary)

pd-wiimote 0.3.2-2 (binary)

pflogsumm 1.1.5-3 (binary)

phonon-backend-vlc 0.9.0-2 (binary)

phonon4qt5-backend-vlc 0.9.0-2 (binary)

php-ast 0.1.2-3 (binary)

php-geshi (binary)

pipenightdreams 0.10.0-14+b1 (binary)

pipenightdreams-data 0.10.0-14 (binary)

policyd-rate-limit 0.7.1-1 (binary)

policykit-1-gnome 0.105-6 (binary)

puppet-module-asciiduck-sssd 0.3.0-1 (binary)

puppet-module-puppetlabs-apache 1.10.0-1 (binary)

puppet-module-puppetlabs-firewall 1.8.1-1 (binary)

pythia8-data 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

pythia8-doc-html 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

pythia8-doc-worksheet 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

pythia8-examples 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

pythia8-root-interface 8.1.86-1.2 (binary)

python-amqplib 1.0.2-1 (binary)

python-amqplib-doc 1.0.2-1 (binary)

python-ball 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

python-ballview 1.4.3~beta1-4 (binary)

python-distributed-doc 1.20.2+ds.1-1 (binary)

python-django-piston 0.2.3-2 (binary)

python-feed 1.0~prerelease-1 (binary)

python-gluon 2.12.3-1 (binary)

python-moksha.common 1.2.3-3 (binary)

python-openssl 17.5.0-1 (binary)

python-openssl-doc 17.5.0-1 (binary)

python-openstack.nose-plugin 0.11-2 (binary)

python-openturns 1.10-1 (binary)

python-overpass 0.5.6-1 (binary)

python-pastedeploy 1.5.2-4 (binary)

python-pastedeploy-tpl 1.5.2-4 (binary)

python-peak.util 20160204-1 (binary)

python-pydot 1.2.3-1 (binary)

python-pygooglechart 0.4.0+git20140622-1 (binary)

python-pyinotify 0.9.6-1 (binary)

python-pyinotify-doc 0.9.6-1 (binary)

python-pysnmp4-apps 0.3.2-1 (binary)

python-pysnmp4-mibs 0.1.3-1 (binary)

python-schedule 0.3.2-1 (binary)

python-sphinx-bootstrap-theme 0.4.13-1 (binary)

python-tabulate 0.7.7-1 (binary)

python-web2py 2.12.3-1 (binary)

python-woo 1.0+dfsg1-1+b5 (binary)

python-xe 1.0~prerelease-1 (binary)

python3-amqplib 1.0.2-1 (binary)

python3-distributed 1.20.2+ds.1-1 (binary)

python3-feed 1.0~prerelease-1 (binary)

python3-odb-api 0.17.4-3 (binary)

python3-openssl 17.5.0-1 (binary)

python3-openstack.nose-plugin 0.11-2 (binary)

python3-openturns 1.10-1 (binary)

python3-overpass 0.5.6-1 (binary)

python3-pastedeploy 1.5.2-4 (binary)

python3-pydot 1.2.3-1 (binary)

python3-pyinotify 0.9.6-1 (binary)

python3-reportbug 7.1.7 (binary)

python3-schedule 0.3.2-1 (binary)

python3-sphinx-bootstrap-theme 0.4.13-1 (binary)

python3-tabulate 0.7.7-1 (binary)

python3-woo 1.0+dfsg1-1+b5 (binary)

python3-xe 1.0~prerelease-1 (binary)

qemulator 1.0.2-1 (binary)

qsstv 9.2.4+repack-3 (binary)

qtcreator 4.3.1-2 (binary)

qtcreator-data 4.3.1-2 (binary)

qtcreator-doc 4.3.1-2 (binary)

quicksynergy 0.9-2+b1 (binary)

r-other-rot 1.10-1 (binary)

rebuildd 0.4.2 (binary)

rep 0.92.6-1 (binary)

rep-doc 0.92.6-1 (binary)

reportbug 7.1.7 (binary)

rig 1.11-1+b2 (binary)

rkt 1.21.0+dfsg-1+b1 (binary)

rnetclient 2017.1-1 (binary)

rt-app 0.3-2 (binary)

rt4-extension-repeatticket 1.10-5 (binary)

ruby-atomic 1.1.16-2+b6 (binary)

ruby-devise-two-factor 3.0.0-2 (binary)

ruby-influxdb 0.2.3-2 (binary)

ruby-integration 0.1.0-1 (binary)

ruby-multibitnums 0.1.4-2+b7 (binary)

ruby-multibitnums-dbg 0.1.4-2+b7 (binary)

ruby-net-scp 1.2.1-5 (binary)

ruby-octokit 4.7.0-3 (binary)

ruby-ref 2.0.0-1 (binary)

ruby-simple-form 3.2.0-1 (binary)

ruby-yajl 1.2.0-3.1 (binary)

ruby-yaml-db 0.3.0-1 (binary)

smbc 1.2.2-4+b2 (binary)

smlsharp 1.2.0-2 (binary)

sndfile-programs 1.0.28-4 (binary)

steptalk 0.10.0-6+b4 (binary)

sushi 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

sushi-plugins 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

syrep 0.9-4.3 (binary)

tekka 1.4.0+git20160822+dfsg-4 (binary)

telegram-desktop 1.2.1-1 (binary)

tetex-brev 4.22.github.20140417-3 (binary)

titantools 4.0.11+notdfsg1-6+b1 (binary)

ttf-sjfonts 2.0.2-1.1 (binary)

usbip 2.0+4.14.2-1 (binary)

veusz 1.21.1-1.3 (binary)

veusz-helpers 1.21.1-1.3 (binary)

veusz-helpers-dbg 1.21.1-1.3 (binary)

vim-ultisnips 3.1-3 (binary)

virt-viewer 6.0-2 (binary)

virtualbricks 1.0.2-1 (binary)

wmdate 0.7-4.1+b1 (binary)

wordpress-xrds-simple 1.2-1 (binary)

xdu 3.0-19 (binary) overridden

xnecview 1.36-1 (binary)

xstarfish 1.1-11.1+b2 (binary)

yorick-spydr 0.8.2-3 (binary) 1.5-1+b3 (binary)