Lintian Reports

P source-contains-empty-directory

A subset of the reports of source-contains-empty-directory for the archive. Unfortunately the full list is too long, so only 1024 instances are listed on this page. At most 3 tags are shown per package. If you need the full list of tags, please download the lintian.log.gz file and extract the data you need.

The extended description of this tag is:

The upstream source tree of this package contains an empty directory.

Having an empty directory in itself does not cause problems but empty directories cannot be stored in Git.

Keeping the empty directory in the source package can prevent others from contributing to the package when using tools like git-buildpackage(1). In this workflow the empty directory would be lost potentially causing errors if the installed binary package or its tests subsequently rely upon them.

Please ask upstream to remove these directories prior to release or to include an empty .gitignore file where necessary.

Severity: pedantic, Certainty: certain

Check: cruft, Type: source

Evolution of the source-contains-empty-directory Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the source-contains-empty-directory tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 14356, overridden: 151, total: 14507

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

0ad 0.0.23-1 (source)

3dldf 2.0.3+dfsg-7 (source)

a2ps 1:4.14-3 (source)

a7xpg 0.11.dfsg1-10 (source)

ableton-link 3.0.2+dfsg-1 (source)

abntex 0.9~beta2-5.1 (source)

acbuild 0.4.0+dfsg-2 (source)

ace-of-penguins 1.5~rc2-2 (source)

acedb 4.9.39+dfsg.02-3 (source)

acl2 8.0dfsg-1 (source)

acm 5.0-29.2 (source)

acpica-unix 20180508-1 (source)

acpid 1:2.0.28-1 (source)

activemq 5.15.4-2 (source)

actor-framework 0.13.2-3 (source)

aegean 0.15.2+dfsg-1 (source)

aff4 0.24.post1-4 (source)

aghermann 1.1.2-1 (source)

agrep 4.17-9 (source)

airstrike 0.99+1.0pre6a-8 (source)

algobox 1.0.2+dfsg-1 (source)

alsaplayer 0.99.81-2 (source)

amap-align 2.2-6 (source)

amide 1.0.5-10 (source)

ampliconnoise 1.29-7 (source)

androguard 3.1.0~rc2-2 (source)

android-framework-23 6.0.1+r72-4 (source)

android-platform-development 7.0.0+r33-1 (source)

android-platform-libcore 8.1.0+r23-1 (source)

android-platform-system-extras 7.0.0+r33-1 (source)

android-platform-tools-base 2.2.2-3 (source)

androidsdk-tools 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-4 (source)

angband 1:3.5.1-2.2 (source)

ann 1.1.2+doc-7 (source)

anna 1.67 (source)

ansible 2.5.5+dfsg-1 (source)

ant 1.10.3-2 (source)

ant-contrib 1.0~b3+svn177-9 (source)

antelope 3.5.1-4 (source)

antlr4 4.5.3-2 (source)

aoflagger 2.11.0-1 (source)

apache-directory-api 1.0.0-1 (source)

apache-directory-server 2.0.0~M24-1 (source)

apache-log4j1.2 1.2.17-8 (source)

apache2 2.4.33-3 (source)

apertium-br-fr 0.5.0~r61325-3 (source)

apertium-es-pt 1.1.5+svn~57507-3 (source)

apertium-oc-ca 1.0.6~r57551-2 (source)

apertium-swe 0.7.0~r69513-1 (source)

apf-firewall 9.7+rev1-5.1 (source)

apktool 2.3.3-1 (source)

appmenu-gtk-module 0.6.94-1 (source)

apr 1.6.3-2 (source)

ardentryst 1.71-6 (source)

arduino 2: (source)

arduino 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4.1 (source)

aroarfw 0.1~beta5-4 (source)

aseba 1.6.0-4 (source)

asedriveiiie 3.7-7 (source)

asis 2015-1 (source)

asis 2017-3 (source)

asis 2017-2 (source)

asm 6.0-1 (source)

asm3 3.3.2-3 (source)

aspectj 1.8.9-2 (source)

aspell-sk 2.02-0-1.1 (source)

assimp 4.1.0~dfsg-4 (source)

assimp 3.3.1~dfsg-5 (source)

astrodendro 0.2.0+dfsg1-1 (source)

atinject-jsr330 1.0+ds1-5 (source)

atitvout 0.4-13 (source)

ats-lang-anairiats 0.2.11-1 (source)

audiolink 0.05-3 (source)

augeas 1.10.1-2 (source)

augustus 3.3.1+dfsg-1 (source)

autocutsel 0.10.0-2 (source)

autodocksuite 4.2.6-5 (source)

avahi 0.7-4 (source)

avalon-framework 4.2.0-10 (source)

avis 1.2.2-4 (source)

avis-client-c 1.2.4-9 (source)

avro-java 1.7.7-3 (source)

axis 1.4-27 (source)

bacula-doc 9.0.8-1 (source)

bali-phy 3.1.5+dfsg-1 (source)

bamf 0.5.3-2 (source)

basic256 (source)

batik 1.10-1 (source)

bbdb 2.36-4.1 (source)

bdfproxy 0.3.9-1 (source)

bdii 5.2.23-2 (source)

beads 1.1.18+dfsg-1 (source)

beast-mcmc 1.8.4+dfsg.1-3 (source)

beast2-mcmc 2.4.4+dfsg-1 (source)

beignet 1.3.2-2 (source)

berusky2-data 0.9-2 (source)

bindex 2.2+svn101-3 (source)

bintray-client-java 0.8.1-3 (source)

binutils-arm-none-eabi 9 (source)

biococoa 2.2.2-3 (source)

biojava-live 1:1.7.1-7 (source)

biosquid 1.9g+cvs20050121-10 (source)

bison++ 1.21.11-4 (source)

bist 0.5.2-1.1 (source)

bittorrent 3.4.2-12 (source)

blasr 5.3+0-2 (source)

bleachbit 2.0-2 (source)

blender 2.79.b+dfsg0-2 (source)

blobandconquer 1.11-dfsg+20-1.1 (source)

blobby 1.0-3 (source)

blt 2.5.3+dfsg-4 (source)

blt 2.5.3+dfsg-5 (source)

bnd 3.5.0-1 (source)

boilerpipe 1.2.0-1 (source)

boinc 7.10.3+dfsg-1exp1 (source)

boinc 7.10.3+dfsg-1 (source)

boinc-app-seti 8.00~svn3725-3 (source)

boost1.62 1.62.0+dfsg-5.1 (source)

boost1.63 1.63.0+dfsg-1.1 (source)

boswars 2.7+svn160110-4 (source)

botch 0.21-5 (source)

bouncycastle 1.59-2 (source)

brailleutils 1.2.3-3 (source)

breezy 3.0.0~bzr6988-1 (source)

brig 0.95+dfsg-1 (source)

bristol 0.60.11-3 (source)

brltty 5.6-4 (source)

bro 2.5.3-1 (source)

broccoli 1.100-1 (source)

broctl 1.4-1 (source)

brotli 1.0.4-1 (source)

bsh 2.0b4-19 (source)

bugs-everywhere 1.1.1-4 (source)

build-essential 12.5 (source)

bundler 1.16.1-2 (source)

byobu 5.112-1 (source)

byte-buddy 1.7.11-1 (source)

bzr 2.7.0+bzr6622-11 (source)

bzr-xmloutput 0.8.8+bzr162-5 (source)

bzrtools 2.6.0-4 (source)

c3p0 (source)

cacti 1.1.38+ds1-1 (source)

cadencii 3.3.9+svn20110818.r1732-6 (source)

cadvisor 0.27.1+dfsg2-4 (source) overridden

cairomm 1.12.2-3 (source)

calamares 3.2.0-1 (source)

calamares-settings-debian 10.0.3-1 (source)

caldav-tester 7.0-3 (source) 0.8.0-11 (source)

cardpeek 0.8.4-1 (source)

cargo 0.27.0-2 (source)

carmetal 3.5.2+dfsg-1.1 (source)

carrotsearch-randomizedtesting 2.1.17-1 (source)

casacore-data 1.0 (source)

castor 1.3.2-6 (source)

caveexpress 2.4+git20160609-4 (source)

cb2bib 1.9.7-2 (source)

cbflib (source)

cdbs 0.4.156 (source)

cddlib 094h-1 (source)

cdist 4.10.0-1 (source)

cdk 1:1.2.10-7 (source)

cdrdao 1:1.2.3-4 (source)

cduce 0.6.0-5 (source)

cecil 0.9.5+dfsg-5 (source) 4.0.6+ds1-2 (source)

cgview 0.0.20100111-3 (source)

charliecloud 0.2.5-1 (source) 0.3~rc1-3 (source)

check 0.10.0-3 (source)

chessx 1.4.6-1 (source)

chezscheme 9.5+dfsg-5 (source)

childsplay 3.3-2 (source)

chromium-browser 68.0.3440.7-1 (source)

chromium-browser 67.0.3396.79-2 (source)

chronicle 4.6-2 (source)

cinnamon 3.6.7-8 (source)

cinnamon-control-center 3.8.0-1 (source)

cinnamon-control-center 3.6.5-2 (source)

cinnamon-desktop 3.6.2-2 (source)

cinnamon-desktop 3.8.1-1 (source)

cinnamon-menus 3.6.0-1 (source)

cinnamon-screensaver 3.6.1-2 (source)

cinnamon-session 3.6.1-1 (source)

cinnamon-session 3.8.1-1 (source)

cinnamon-settings-daemon 3.6.2-1 (source)

cinnamon-translations 3.6.4-1 (source)

cipux-rbac 3.4.0~svn2868-1 (source)

circos-tools 0.22-2 (source)

circus 0.12.1+dfsg-1 (source)

citadel-client 916-1 (source)

civicrm 4.7.30+dfsg-1 (source)

cjs 3.2.0-3 (source)

ckbuilder 2.3.2+dfsg-2 (source) overridden

ckeditor 4.9.2+dfsg-2 (source) overridden

cl-markdown 20101006-2 (source)

clamsmtp 1.10-17 (source)

cloc 1.76-1 (source)

clod 1.0.2-3 (source)

cloudcompare 2.9.1+git20180223-1 (source)

cobertura 2.1.1-1 (source)

coccinelle 1.0.6.deb-3 (source)

coccinelle 1.0.4.deb-3 (source)

cockpit 170-1 (source)

cod-tools 2.1+dfsg-1 (source)

codeblocks 16.01+dfsg-2.1 (source)

codecgraph 20120114-3 (source)

codfis 0.4.7-2 (source)

coinmp 1.8.3-2 (source)

coinor-flopc++ 1.0.6-3.1 (source)

coinor-ipopt 3.11.9-2.1 (source)

collada2gltf 20140924-5 (source)

collada2gltf 20140924-4 (source)

colmap 3.4-2 (source)

colord-kde 0.5.0-2 (source)

command-not-found 0.2.38-4 (source)

commons-httpclient 3.1-14 (source)

compass-blend-modes-plugin 0.0.3+20150331~dfsg-2 (source)

compiz 1: (source)

compreffor 0.4.6-1 (source)

concavity 0.1+dfsg.1-1 (source)

confclerk 0.6.4-1 (source)

conkeror 1.0.4-1 (source)

containerd 0.2.3+git20170126.85.aa8187d~ds1-2 (source)

cookiecutter 1.6.0-2 (source)

coquelicot 0.9.6-1 (source)

cothreads 0.10-4 (source)

cp2k 5.1-4 (source)

cpluff 0.1.4+dfsg1-1 (source)

cpptasks 1.0~b5-2 (source)

cppunit 1.14.0-3 (source)

critterding 1.0-beta12.1-1.3 (source)

critterding 1.0-beta14+dfsg-2 (source)

cronometer 0.9.9+dfsg-2 (source)

cross-toolchain-base 27 (source)

cross-toolchain-base-ports 22 (source)

crossroads 2.81-2 (source)

crtmpserver 1.0~dfsg-5.4 (source)

css3pie 1.0.0+dfsg-2 (source)

cubew 4.4~rc2-1 (source)

cup 0.11a+20060608-8 (source)

curtain 0.3-1.1 (source)

cvs-fast-export 1.43-1 (source)

cvxopt 1.1.9+dfsg-3 (source)

cxref 1.6e-3 (source)

d-itg 2.8.1-r1023-3 (source)

d52 3.4.1-1.1 (source)

dacco 0.9+20071227-6 (source)

dacs 1.4.40-1 (source)

dact 0.8.42-4 (source)

daemonfs 1.1-1 (source)

daisy-player 11.4-1 (source)

dares 0.6.5+repack-1 (source)

darkplaces 0~20180412~beta1-2 (source)

dasher 5.0.0~beta~repack-6 (source)

datalad 0.10.1-1 (source)

davix 0.6.7-4 (source)

davmail (source)

db4o (source)

db5.3 5.3.28-13.1 (source)

dcm2niix 1.0.20171215-1 (source)

dcontainers 0.8.0~alpha.6-1 (source)

ddnet 11.1.8-1 (source)

debbugs 2.6.0 (source)

debci 1.11 (source)

debian-installer 20180610 (source)

debocker 0.2.1 (source)

debomatic 0.23+git20180514-1 (source)

debram (source)

debsums 2.2.2 (source)

debtags 2.1.5 (source)

delaboratory 0.8-2 (source)

derby (source)

dewalls 1.0.0+ds1-6 (source)

dh-haskell 0.4 (source)

dh-python 3.20180607 (source)

dh-python 3.20180326 (source)

dhcpd-pools 2.28-1 (source)

dialign-t 1.0.2-11 (source)

dianara 1.4.1-2 (source)

dicomnifti 2.32.1-1 (source)

dino-im 0.0.git20180603-1 (source)

diploma 1.2.14 (source)

dirb 2.22+dfsg-3 (source)

disper 0.3.1-2 (source)

disulfinder 1.2.11-7 (source)

ditaa 0.10+ds1-1.2 (source)

dmtcp 2.3.1-6 (source)

dnprogs 2.65 (source)

docbook-dsssl 1.79-9.1 (source)

docbook-xsl 1.79.1+dfsg-2 (source)

docbook2odf 0.244-1.1 (source)

docker-swarm 1.2.5+dfsg-2 (source) 18.03.1+dfsg1-3 (source) overridden

docky (source)

dojo 1.13.0+dfsg1-3 (source) overridden

dom4j 2.1.0-2 (source)

doublecmd 0.8.3-1 (source)

doxia 1.7-1 (source)

doxygen 1.8.13-10 (source)

dpkg (source)

dpuser 3.3+p1+dfsg-2 (source)

drc 3.2.2~dfsg0-2 (source)

drgeo-doc 1.5-7 (source)

drobo-utils 0.6.1+repack-2 (source)

drpython 1:3.11.4-1.1 (source)

dsdp 5.8-9.4 (source)

dtd-parser 1.2~svn20110404-1 (source)

dublin-traceroute 0.4.2-1 (source)

dwarf-fortress 0.44.10-2 (source)

dwgsim 0.1.12-1 (source)

dynare 4.5.4-1 (source)

dynare 4.5.5-3 (source)

dynare 4.5.3-1 (source)

e2fsprogs 1.44.2-1 (source)

ebook-tools 0.2.2-4 (source)

ebview (source)

eclipse-wtp 3.6.3-3 (source)

editorconfig-core 0.12.1-1.1 (source)

edk2 0~20180503.ebafede9-1 (source)

efl 1.20.7-5 (source)

eggdrop 1.6.21-4 (source)

ehcache 2.6.11-3 (source)

eigenbase-farrago 0.9.0-2 (source)

eigenbase-resgen (source)

electric 9.07+dfsg-5 (source)

elkcode 4.0.15-2 (source)

emu8051 1.1.1-1 (source)

enchant 2.1.2-1~exp1 (source)

enjarify 1:1.0.3-4 (source)

equalx 0.7.1-4 (source)

eric 18.05-1 (source)

erlang 1:20.3.8+dfsg-1 (source)

erlang 1:21.0~rc2+dfsg-1 (source)

erlang-cowboy 2.0.0~pre.1+dfsg1-4 (source)

erlang-p1-sip 1.0.23-1 (source) overridden

erlang-p1-xml 1.1.30-1 (source) overridden

eso-midas 17.02pl1.2-2 (source)

espresso 6.0-3.1 (source)

esys-particle 2.3.5+dfsg1-2 (source)

etbemon 1.3.2-3 (source)

etoile 0+20080616+dfsg-2 (source)

etoys 5.0.2408-1 (source)

eukleides 1.5.4-4.1 (source)

eureka 1.21-2 (source)

evqueue-core 2.0-1 (source)

exim4 4.91-5 (source)

exiv2 0.25-3.1 (source)

extsmail 2.0-2.1 (source)

exuberant-ctags 1:5.9~svn20110310-12 (source)

eztrace 1.1-7-4 (source)

eztrace-contrib 1.1-7-5 (source)

f2j 0.8.1+dfsg-3 (source)

fact++ 1.6.5~dfsg-1 (source)

falcon 1.8.8-1 (source)

fastinfoset 1.2.12-3 (source)

fbreader 0.12.10dfsg2-2 (source)

feed2exec 0.12.0 (source)

felix-bundlerepository 2.0.10-3 (source)

felix-gogo-command 0.14.0-2 (source)

felix-resolver 1.14.0-1 (source)

felix-shell 1.4.3-2 (source)

fenix-plugins 0.0.20070803-7 (source)

fenrir 1.9-1 (source)

festvox-czech-ph 0.1-5 (source)

fet 5.35.7-1 (source)

fex 20160919-1 (source)

ffmpeg 7:4.0-3 (source)

ffmpeg 7:3.4.2-2 (source)

figtree 1.4.3+dfsg-5 (source)

filezilla 3.33.0-1 (source)

filter 2.6.3+ds1-3 (source)

firebird3.0 (source)

firefox 61.0~b8-1 (source)

firefox 60.0.2-1 (source)

firefox-esr 60.0.2esr-1 (source)

firefox-esr 52.8.1esr-2 (source)

firejail 0.9.54-1 (source)

firmware-nonfree 20170823-1 (source)

fizmo 0.7.10-2 (source)

flac 1.3.2-3 (source)

flannel 0.9.1~ds1-1 (source)

flask-autoindex 0.6+0git20160725-02b454-6 (source)

flask-limiter 1.0.1-1 (source)

flask-oauthlib 0.9.5-1 (source)

flask-oldsessions 0.10+git20121007-2 (source)

flower 0.8.3+dfsg-3 (source)

fltk1.1 1.1.10-25 (source)

fltk1.3 1.3.4-7 (source)

flute 1:1.1.6-4 (source)

fluxbox 1.3.5-2 (source)

fluxbox 1.3.7-1~exp1 (source)

fonts-anonymous-pro 1.002-1 (source)

fonts-arphic-uming 0.2.20080216.2-10 (source)

fonts-dseg 0.44-1 (source)

fonts-inconsolata 001.010-5 (source)

fonts-paktype 0.0svn20121225-2 (source)

fop 1:2.1-8 (source)

form-history-control (source)

fortune-mod 1:1.99.1-7 (source)

fpc 3.0.4+dfsg-19 (source)

frama-c 20171101+sulfur+dfsg-1 (source)

fraqtive 0.4.8-6 (source)

freebayes 1.2.0-1 (source)

freebsd-buildutils 10.3~svn296373-7 (source)

freebsd-manpages 11.1-3 (source)

freecell-solver 4.18.0-1 (source)

freecol 0.11.6+dfsg2-1 (source)

freedom-maker 0.18 (source)

freedv 1.3-1 (source)

freegish 1.53+git20140221+dfsg-1 (source)

freehep-export 2.1.1-4 (source)

freehep-graphics2d 2.1.1-6 (source)

freehep-graphicsio 2.1.1-5 (source)

freehep-graphicsio-java 2.1.1-3 (source)

freehep-graphicsio-pdf 2.1.1+dfsg-3 (source)

freehep-graphicsio-ps 2.1.1-3 (source)

freehep-graphicsio-svg 2.1.1-5 (source)

freehep-graphicsio-swf 2.1.1+dfsg-3 (source)

freehep-io 2.0.2-6 (source)

freehep-xml 2.1.2+dfsg1-5 (source)

freeipa 4.6.3-1 (source)

freemedforms-project 0.9.4-2 (source)

freespace2 3.7.2+repack-1 (source)

freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher 0.11.0+dfsg-1 (source)

freewheeling 0.6-2.1 (source)

freewnn 1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7 (source)

fritzing 0.9.3b+dfsg-5 (source)

frobby 0.9.0-5 (source)

fsarchiver 0.8.4-1 (source)

fsharp (source)

ftnchek 3.3.1-5 (source)

funguloids 1.06-13 (source)

funnelweb 3.2-5 (source)

fweb 1.62-13 (source)

fwlogwatch 1.4-1 (source)

g15mpd 1.2svn.0.svn319-3.2 (source)

g15stats 1.9.2-2 (source)

ga 5.4~beta~r10636+dfsg-5.1 (source)

gadmin-openvpn-client 0.1.9-1 (source)

gadmin-samba 0.2.9-3 (source)

gall 1.3-1 (source)

galleta 1.0+20040505-8 (source)

galternatives 1.0.0 (source)

gamazons 0.83-8 (source)

gambas3 3.9.2-2 (source)

gamin 0.1.10-5 (source)

gant 1.9.11-7 (source)

gargoyle-free 2011.1b-1 (source)

gauche 0.9.5-1 (source)

gcc-5-cross 32 (source)

gcc-5-cross-ports 20 (source)

gcc-6-cross 30 (source)

gcc-6-cross-ports 28 (source)

gcc-7-cross 23 (source)

gcc-7-cross-ports 19 (source)

gcc-defaults 1.177 (source)

gcin 2.8.6+dfsg2-1 (source)

gcompris-qt 0.91-1 (source)

gdata-sharp (source)

gecode 4.4.0-5 (source)

geda-gaf 1:1.8.2-6 (source)

genwqe-user 4.0.18-3 (source)

geophar 16.08.4~dfsg1-2 (source)

geronimo-commonj-spec 1.1.1-3 (source)

geronimo-jcache-1.0-spec 1.0~alpha-1-1 (source)

geronimo-validation-1.0-spec 1.1-3 (source)

geronimo-validation-1.1-spec 1.0-2 (source)

gettext (source)

gfarm 2.6.15+dfsg-1 (source)

gff2aplot 2.0-9 (source)

giada 0.15.0+repack1-2 (source)

giella-core 0.1.1~r129227+svn121148-1 (source)

giella-sme 0.0.20150917~r121176-2 (source)

gip 1.7.0-1-4 (source)

git 1:2.18.0~rc2+next.20180619-1 (source)

git 1:2.18.0~rc2-2 (source)

git-crypt 0.6.0-1 (source)

git-hub 1.0.1-1 (source)

gitaly 0.96.1+debian-2 (source)

gitaly 0.96.2+debian-1 (source)

gitano 1.1.1-1 (source)

gitlab-ci-multi-runner 10.8.0+dfsg1-3 (source) overridden

gitlab-shell 7.1.2+dfsg-2 (source)

gitso 0.6.2+svn158+dfsg-1 (source)

glaurung 2.2-2 (source)

glew 2.0.0-6 (source)

glewmx 1.13.0-4 (source)

glhack 1.2-4 (source)

glide 2002.04.10ds1-13 (source)

globus-xio 5.17-1 (source)

gluegen2 2.3.2-7 (source)

glusterfs 4.0.2-1 (source)

gmorgan 0.40-1 (source)

gnarwl 3.6.dfsg-11 (source)

gnat-gps 17.0.2017-2 (source)

gnat-gps 17.0.2017-1 (source)

gnome-do 0.95.3-5 (source)

gnome-do-plugins 0.8.5-4 (source)

gnome-shell-extension-remove-dropdown-arrows 9-1 (source)

gnome-shell-extension-weather 0~20170402.git34506a6-1 (source)

gnumed-client 1.7.2+dfsg-1 (source)

gnumed-server 22.2-1 (source)

gnunet-gtk 0.10.1-5 (source)

gnuradio (source)

gnurobbo 0.68+dfsg-4 (source)

gnustep-dl2 0.12.0-15.1 (source)

goattracker 2.73-1 (source)

gocr 0.49-2 (source)

golang-github-appc-cni 0.3.0+dfsg-1 (source)

golang-github-appc-docker2aci 0.17.2+dfsg-2 (source)

golang-github-appc-spec 0.8.11+dfsg-1 (source)

golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go 1.12.79+dfsg-1 (source)

golang-github-bugsnag-bugsnag-go 1.0.5+dfsg-2 (source)

golang-github-dropbox-dropbox-sdk-go-unofficial 4.1.0-1 (source)

golang-github-google-certificate-transparency 0.0~git20160709.0.0f6e3d1~ds1-3 (source)

golang-github-mesos-mesos-go 0.0.2+dfsg-3 (source)

golang-github-muesli-smartcrop 0.2.0+git20180228.f6ebaa7+dfsg1-1 (source)

golang-github-nightlyone-lockfile 0.0~git20170804.6a197d5-1 (source)

golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang 1.1.0-4 (source)

golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang 1.2.0-4 (source)

golang-github-revel-revel 0.12.0+dfsg-4 (source)

golang-github-yuin-gopher-lua 0.0~git20170915.0.eb1c729-3 (source)

golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v26 0.26+git20170903.0.eb0bf21-1 (source)

golang-gopkg-mgo.v2 2016.08.01-5 (source)

gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-4 (source)

gpac 0.5.2-426-gc5ad4e4+dfsg5-4 (source)

gplcver 2.12a-1.1 (source)

gpr 0.15deb-2 (source)

gprbuild 2017-6 (source)

gprbuild 2018-1 (source)

gprename 20140325-1 (source)

gpsshogi 0.7.0-2 (source)

gr-gsm 0.41.2-2 (source)

gradle 3.4.1-7 (source)

gradle 4.4-1 (source)

gradle-propdeps-plugin 0.0.7-3 (source)

grafana 2.6.0+dfsg-3 (source)

grapefruit 0.1~a3+dfsg-2 (source)

graphviz 2.40.1-3 (source)

greenbone-security-assistant 7.0.2+dfsg.1-3 (source)

gridengine 8.1.9+dfsg-8 (source)

grml-debootstrap 0.82 (source)

groestlcoin 2.16.0~dfsg-1 (source)

groestlcoin 2.16.0+20180616~39a4d75~dfsg-1 (source)

groff 1.22.3-10 (source)

groonga 8.0.3-1 (source)

groonga-normalizer-mysql 1.1.1-4 (source)

groovy 2.4.15-1 (source)

grpc 1.12.0-1 (source)

grpc 1.3.2-1 (source)

grr (source)

gsoap 2.8.60-2 (source)

gspiceui 1.1.00+dfsg-2 (source)

gssproxy 0.8.0-1 (source) 0.42-7 (source)

gtk-d 3.8.2-1 (source)

gtklp 1.3.1-0.1 (source)

gtkmm2.4 1:2.24.5-2 (source)

gts 0.7.6+darcs121130-4 (source)

guacamole-client 0.9.9+dfsg-1 (source)

guice 4.0-4 (source)

gumbo-parser 0.10.1+dfsg-2.2 (source)

gunroar 0.15.dfsg1-9 (source)

gworkspace 0.9.4-1 (source)

h2o 2.2.5+dfsg1-6 (source)