Lintian Reports

W script-not-executable

All reports of script-not-executable for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

This file starts with the #! sequence that marks interpreted scripts, but it is not executable.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: scripts, Type: binary

Evolution of the script-not-executable Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the script-not-executable tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 935, overridden: 820, total: 1755

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afterstep 2.2.12-11 (binary) overridden

amanda-common 1:3.5-2 (binary)

anjuta-common 2:3.26.0-2 (binary)

apertium 3.4.2~r68466-2 (binary)

aptly 1.1.1-2 (binary)

arcanist 0~git20170812-1 (binary) overridden

asterisk-testsuite 0.0.0+svn.5781-2 (binary)

asymptote 2.41-4 (binary)

autopkgtest 5.1 (binary) overridden

backup-manager 0.7.12-4 (binary)

bedtools-test 2.26.0+dfsg-5 (binary)

blkreplay 1.0-3+b1 (binary)

bmt 0.6-1 (binary) overridden

bootstrap-vz 0.9.11+20170811git-1 (binary) overridden

borgbackup 1.1.3-2 (binary)

btrfsmaintenance 0.3.1-1~exp1 (binary) overridden

cacti 1.1.28+ds1-2 (binary) overridden

cakephp 2.8.5-1 (binary) overridden

calamares 3.1.10-1 (binary) overridden

cgns-convert 3.3.0-4+b1 (binary)

civicrm-common 4.7.24+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

cobbler-common 2.6.6+dfsg1-13 (binary)

codeblocks-common 16.01+dfsg-2.1 (binary) overridden

context 2017.05.15.20170613-2 (binary)

context-modules 20170613-2 (binary) overridden

courier-base 0.78.0-2 (binary)

critcl 3.1.9-1 (binary)

crm114 20100106-7 (binary)

ctdb 2:4.7.3+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

cwltool 1.0.20170810192106-2 (binary)

debci 1.7.1 (binary) overridden

debian-edu-config 1.941 (binary) overridden

debian-installer-9-netboot-armel 20170615+deb9u2.b1 (binary)

debian-installer-launcher 28 (binary)

debmake 4.2.9-1 (binary) overridden

debops 0.4.3-1 (binary) overridden

debuerreotype 0.4-2 (binary)

desktop-profiles 1.4.25 (binary) overridden

dh-kpatches 0.99.36+nmu4 (binary)

dh-kpatches 0.100.1+nmu1 (binary)

dh-lua 24 (binary)

dh-php 0.28 (binary)

docbook-xsl-ns 1.79.1+dfsg-2 (binary)

docker-compose 1.17.1-1 (binary) 1.11.2~ds1-6 (binary) 1.13.1~ds2-3 (binary)

dotlrn 2.5.0+dfsg2-1 (binary) overridden

drupal7-mod-civicrm 4.7.24+dfsg-1 (binary)

epic4 1:2.10.6-1+b4 (binary)

epic5 2.0.1-1+b4 (binary)

erlang-examples 1:20.1.7+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

erlang-src 1:20.1.7+dfsg-1 (binary)

faumachine-data 20160511-1 (binary)

fcitx-bin 1: (binary)

fenrir 1.06+really1.5.1-1 (binary)

ferret-vis 7.2-1+b1 (binary)

fityk 1.3.1-3 (binary)

fonts-gfs-baskerville 1.1-5 (binary)

fonts-sil-gentium-basic 1.1-7 (binary)

fusionforge-plugin-scmhook 6.0.5-2 (binary) overridden

fwbuilder-common 5.3.7-1 (binary)

gauche-dev 0.9.5-1 (binary)

gauche-gtk 0.6+git20160927-1 (binary)

gbrowse 2.56+dfsg-3 (binary)

gcompris-sound-kn 15.10-1 (binary)

gem2deb 0.36 (binary) overridden

gjs-tests 1.50.2-2 (binary)

global 6.5.7-4 (binary) overridden

gnome-blog 0.9.1-8 (binary)

gnome-builder 3.26.2-2 (binary) overridden

gnome-control-center 1:3.26.2-1 (binary)

gnome-devel-docs 3.26.0-1 (binary)

gnucash-common 1:2.6.18-1 (binary)

gnumeric-plugins-extra 1.12.35-1 (binary) overridden

gobgpd 1.25-1 (binary) overridden

gobgpd 1.26-1 (binary) overridden

golang-1.7-src 1.7.6-2 (binary)

golang-1.8-src 1.8.5-1 (binary)

golang-1.9-src 1.9.2-4 (binary)

golang-github-appc-spec-dev 0.8.9+dfsg-1 (binary)

golang-github-hashicorp-atlas-go-dev 0.0~git20170619.0.1ea2527-1 (binary) overridden

golang-github-tendermint-tendermint-dev 0.8.0+git20170113.0.764091d-2 (binary)

golang-github-ugorji-go-codec-dev 0.0~git20151130.0.357a44b-1 (binary)

golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v24-dev 0.24+git20161003.0.2209188-1 (binary)

golang-gopkg-mgo.v2-dev 2016.02.04-1 (binary)

gquilt 0.25-5 (binary) overridden

graphdefang 2.83-1 (binary)

grc 1.11.1-1 (binary)

gridengine-common 8.1.9+dfsg-6 (binary) overridden

groff 1.22.3-9 (binary)

grr-server (binary) overridden

gtypist 2.9.5-2+b1 (binary) overridden

gulp 3.9.1-6 (binary) overridden

hhvm-dev 3.21.0+dfsg-2+b1 (binary) overridden

hplip-data 3.17.10+repack0-1 (binary) overridden

httraqt 1.4.9-1 (binary)

ikiwiki 3.20171001 (binary) overridden

ikiwiki-hosting-web 0.20170622 (binary)

inn 1:1.7.2q-45+b2 (binary)

inn2 2.6.1-4 (binary)

intercal 30:0.30-2 (binary)

irssi-scripts 20170711 (binary) overridden

isdnutils-base 1:3.25+dfsg1-9 (binary) overridden

jison 0.4.17+dfsg-3 (binary)

jxplorer 3.3.2+dfsg-4 (binary) overridden

kea-admin 1.1.0-1 (binary)

kernel-patch-scripts 0.99.36+nmu4 (binary)

kernel-patch-scripts 0.100.1+nmu1 (binary)

keyboard-configuration 1.173 (binary)

lava-dispatcher 2017.12-1 (binary) overridden

libclips-dev 6.30-4 (binary)

libdancer2-perl 0.205002+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

libghc-filestore-data (binary)

libghc-shake-data 0.15.11-1 (binary)

libglib2.0-tests 2.54.2-1 (binary) overridden

libglib2.0-tests 2.54.2-2 (binary) overridden

libgtksourceview2.0-common 2.10.5-3 (binary)

libguestfs-tools 1:1.36.11-1 (binary)

libintl-perl 1.26-2 (binary)

libkf5purpose-bin 1.1-5 (binary) overridden

libkonq5-templates 4:16.08.3-1 (binary)

libmodule-starter-plugin-cgiapp-perl 0.44-1 (binary) overridden

libmojolicious-plugin-assetpack-perl 2.01-1 (binary)

libphutil 0~git20170812-1 (binary) overridden

libpoet-perl 0.16-1 (binary) overridden

libqpid-proton8-dev-examples 0.14.0-5.1 (binary) overridden

librarian-puppet 2.2.3-2 (binary)

libreoffice-dev-common 1:5.4.3-4 (binary)

libreoffice-dev-common 1:6.0.0~beta2-1 (binary)

libroar-dev 1.0~beta11-10 (binary) overridden

libruby2.5 2.5.0~preview1-1 (binary)

libseed-gtk4-0 4.0.0+20161014+6c77960+dfsg1-4 (binary)

libtokyocabinet-perl 1.34-2+b5 (binary)

libtool 2.4.6-2 (binary)

libufo-bin 0.14.0-2 (binary)

libvirt-tck 0.1.0~2.git890d1c-1 (binary)

lightsquid 1.8-5 (binary)

lmod 6.6-0.2 (binary) overridden

loganalyzer 4.1.5+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

ltsp-server 5.5.10-1 (binary)

lua5.1-policy-dev 33 (binary)

luakit 2012.09.13-r1-8+b1 (binary)

lynis 2.5.0-1 (binary) overridden

mariadb-test-data 10.2.7-1 (binary)

mariadb-test-data 10.3.0-0+exp2 (binary)

matita 0.99.3-1+b2 (binary)

mcu8051ide 1.4.7-2 (binary)

megaglest 3.13.0-2 (binary) overridden

mikutter 3.5.15+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

minbif-common 1:1.0.5+git20150505-1+b2 (binary)

monodevelop (binary)

moonshot-trust-router 1.4.1-1+b1 (binary) overridden

mysql-workbench-data 6.3.8+dfsg-1 (binary)

nadoka 0.7.6-1.2 (binary)

nagios-plugins-rabbitmq 1:1.2.0-2.2 (binary)

neutron-common 2:11.0.1-5 (binary)

node-babel-cli 6.25.0+dfsg1-3 (binary)

node-escodegen 1.8.1+dfsg-2 (binary)

node-json5 0.5.0-1 (binary)

nvidia-nsight 8.0.61-3 (binary) overridden

nvidia-visual-profiler 8.0.61-3 (binary) overridden

ocaml-mingw-w64-i686 4.01.0~20140328-1+b2 (binary) overridden

ocaml-mingw-w64-x86-64 4.01.0~20140328-1+b2 (binary) overridden

ocaml-nox 4.05.0-10 (binary) overridden

open-vm-tools 2:10.1.15-1 (binary)

openacs 5.9.0+dfsg-1 (binary) overridden

opennebula 4.12.3+dfsg-3.1 (binary)

opennebula-gate 4.12.3+dfsg-3.1 (binary) overridden

opennebula-sunstone 4.12.3+dfsg-3.1 (binary) overridden

openresolv 3.8.0-1 (binary) overridden

openstack-dashboard 3:12.0.0-5 (binary)

openstack-pkg-tools 62 (binary)

openxenmanager 0.r80+dfsg-4 (binary)

origami-pdf 2.0.0-1 (binary)

oz 0.16.0-1 (binary)

pandora-build 0.98-1.1 (binary)

pass 1.7.1-3 (binary)

passenger 5.0.30-1+b1 (binary)

pcp 3.12.2-1 (binary)

pcp-testsuite 3.12.2-1 (binary)

pd-pddp 0.2.1-1 (binary) overridden

pdmenu 1.3.4+b1 (binary)

perl-cross-debian 0.0.5 (binary) overridden

php-common 1:56 (binary) overridden

php-horde 5.2.17+debian0-1 (binary)

php-horde-turba 4.2.21-1 (binary)

php-swiftmailer 5.4.2-1.1 (binary) overridden

php7.0-dev 7.0.26-1 (binary)

php7.1-dev 7.1.12-1 (binary)

pidgin-lastfm 0.4a-2 (binary)

pirs 2.0.2+dfsg-6 (binary)

piwi 0.8+20041206-4 (binary)

plasma-sdk 5.10.5-2 (binary) overridden

postfixadmin 3.0.2-2 (binary)

prey 0.6.2-1.1 (binary)

psychtoolbox-3-common (binary)

pulseaudio 11.1-4 (binary) overridden

puppet-module-horizon 9.4.0-1 (binary)

puppet-module-nanliu-staging 1.0.4-1 (binary)

puppet-module-puppet-community-mcollective 0.6.2-3 (binary)

puppet-module-puppetlabs-postgresql 4.8.0-1 (binary) overridden

puppet-module-swift 9.4.4-1 (binary)

pyconfigure 0.2.3-1 (binary) overridden

python-cherrypy3 3.5.0-2 (binary)

python-cylc 7.5.0-3 (binary)

python-django-horizon 3:12.0.0-5 (binary)

python-imiptools 0.2-1 (binary)

python-ipatests 4.4.4-4 (binary) overridden

python-murano 1:4.0.0-2 (binary)

python-neutron 2:11.0.1-5 (binary)

python-nova 2:16.0.3-9 (binary)

python-optcomplete 1.2-13 (binary)

python-rdkit 201603.5-2 (binary)

python-sahara 1:7.0.0-2 (binary)

python-taurus 4.0.3+dfsg-1 (binary)

python-tripleo-heat-templates 5.2.0-1 (binary)

python-tripleo-image-elements 0.7.1-1 (binary)

python3-cherrypy3 3.5.0-2 (binary)

qpsmtpd 0.94-2 (binary) overridden

qt5-qmake 5.9.2+dfsg-6 (binary)

qt5-qmake 5.10.0+dfsg-2 (binary)

qtwebchannel5-examples 5.9.2-3 (binary)

r-cran-domc 1.3.5-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-foreach 1.4.4-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-gdata 2.18.0-1.1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-iterators 1.0.9-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-lubridate 1.7.1-1 (binary)

r-cran-rcpp 0.12.14-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-rcpparmadillo 0.8.300.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-rcppeigen (binary) overridden

r-cran-rcppgsl 0.3.3-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-rpostgresql 0.4-1+b1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-rquantlib 0.4.4-1 (binary) overridden

r-cran-tcltk2 1.2-11-1.1 (binary) overridden

racket-common 6.10.1+dfsg1-1 (binary)

radicale 2.1.5-1 (binary)

radicale 1.1.6-1 (binary)

rally 0.2.0-1.2 (binary)

resource-agents 1:4.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

rex 1.5.0-1 (binary) overridden

rt4-extension-smsnotify 1.04-1 (binary) overridden

ruby-bundler 1.15.1-1 (binary) overridden

ruby-cucumber-rails 1.4.3-2 (binary)

ruby-github-markup 1.5.1+dfsg-1 (binary)

ruby-google-protobuf 3.2.0-2 (binary)

ruby-json-schema 2.8.0-1 (binary)

ruby-rouge 2.2.1-1 (binary) overridden

sagemath-common 8.0-10 (binary)

sagemath-common 8.1~beta7-1 (binary)

sagemath-common 8.1~rc0-1 (binary)

salt-common 2016.11.8+dfsg1-1 (binary) overridden

salt-formula-horizon 2016.12.1-1 (binary) overridden

sawfish-data 1:1.11.90-1 (binary) overridden

sawfish-lisp-source 1:1.11.90-1 (binary) overridden

sbcl 2:1.4.2-1 (binary) overridden

seqan-apps (binary)

seqan-apps 2.3.2+dfsg2-4 (binary)

shelr 0.16.3-2 (binary)

singularity-container 2.4.1-1 (binary)

sisu 7.1.11-1 (binary) overridden

snakemake 4.3.1-1 (binary) overridden

sqlmap 1.1.12-1 (binary)

squid-deb-proxy 0.8.14 (binary)

subtitlecomposer 0.6.5-1 (binary) overridden

subtle 0.11.3224-xi-2.2+b2 (binary)

tcllib 1.18-dfsg-3 (binary)

texlive-base 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

texlive-font-utils 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

texlive-lang-cyrillic 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

texlive-latex-extra 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

texlive-latex-recommended 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

texlive-luatex 2017.20171128-1 (binary) overridden

tj3 3.6.0-4 (binary)

tkabber 1.1-1 (binary)

ufw 0.35-5 (binary) overridden

umbrello 4:17.08.3-1 (binary) overridden

unbound 1.6.7-1 (binary)

util-vserver 0.30.216-pre3120-1.4+b1 (binary) overridden

vagrant 2.0.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

variety 0.6.6-1 (binary) overridden

videotrans 1.6.1-7 (binary) overridden

vim-syntastic 3.7.0-1 (binary)

virtualbricks 1.0.2-1 (binary) overridden

vistrails 2.2.4-1 (binary)

votca-csg-tutorials 1.3.0-3 (binary)

weechat-scripts 20170704-1 (binary) overridden

wesnoth-1.12-tools 1:1.12.6-1 (binary) overridden

wesnoth-1.13-tools 1:1.13.8-1 (binary) overridden

window-size 0.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

wordpress-civicrm 4.7.24+dfsg-1 (binary)

xemacs21-support 21.4.24-4 (binary)

xqf 1.0.6-2 (binary)

zfs-zed 0.7.3-3 (binary)

zgen 0~20150919-3 (binary) overridden

zoneminder 1.30.4+dfsg-2 (binary) overridden

zplug 2.4.1-1 (binary)

zshdb 0.92-3 (binary)