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W obsolete-field-in-dep5-copyright

All reports of obsolete-field-in-dep5-copyright for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The machine-readable copyright file uses a field, that used to be defined by the specification, but has been renamed since then.

Please use Format instead of Format-Specification.

Please use Upstream-Contact instead of Contact, Maintainer or Upstream-Maintainer.

Please use Upstream-Name instead of Name.

Refer to for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

Check: source-copyright, Type: source

Evolution of the obsolete-field-in-dep5-copyright Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the obsolete-field-in-dep5-copyright tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 57, overridden: 0, total: 57

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critterding 1.0-beta12.1-1.3 (source) (Debian Science Maintainers <>)

cutycapt 0.0~svn10-0.1 (source) (David Paleino <>)

doxypy 0.4.2-1.1 (source) (David Paleino <>)

fuseiso 20070708-3.2 (source) (David Paleino <>)

gio-sharp 2.22.3-3 (source) (Debian CLI Libraries Team <>)

gliv 1.9.7-2 (source) (Lorenzo De Liso <>)

gmtkbabel 0.1-1 (source) (David Paleino <>)

gtk-sharp-beans 2.14.1-4 (source) (Debian CLI Libraries Team <>)

haskell-cabal-install (source) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

haskell-hjsmin (source) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

jack-stdio 1.4-1 (source) (Debian Multimedia Team <>)

javacc-maven-plugin 2.6-4 (source) (Ludovico Cavedon <>)

kxml2 2.3.0+ds1-2 (source) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

libewf 20140608-6.1 (source) (Debian Forensics <>)

libnet-z3950-simple2zoom-perl 1.04-1 (source) (Debian Perl Group <>)

libnetsds-perl 1.301-3 (source) (Debian Perl Group <>)

libx86 1.1+ds1-10.2 (source) (Anibal Monsalve Salazar <>)

localizer 1.13-3 (source) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

mono.reflection 1.0+git20110407+d2343843-3 (source) (Debian CLI Libraries Team <>)

netbeans-cvsclient 6.5-2 (source) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

obexpushd 0.11.2-1.1 (source) (Gabriele Giacone <>)

portlet-api-2.0-spec 1.0-2.1 (source) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

python-couchdb 0.10-1.1 (source) (David Paleino <>)

python-espeak 0.5-1 (source) (Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals <>)

python-geohash 0.8.3-1.1 (source) (Davide Cavalca <>)

radeontool 1.6.3-1 (source) (Luigi Gangitano <>)

reportbug 7.5.1 (source) (Reportbug Maintainers <>)

syslog-ocaml 1.4-6 (source) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

user-manager 4:5.14.3-1 (source) (Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers <>)

v4l2ucp 2.0.2-4 (source) (Alessio Treglia <>)

visolate 2.1.6~svn8+dfsg1-1.1 (source) (Christian M. Amsüss <>)

zope.fixers 1.0-1 (source) (Debian/Ubuntu Zope Team <>)