Lintian Reports

I missing-xs-go-import-path-for-golang-package

This source package does not specify a XS-Go-Import-Path control field.

The XS-Go-Import-Path exposes the import path of the Go package to the Debian archive in an easily machine-readable form which is then used by tools such as dh-make-golang(1) to resolve dependencies, avoid accidental duplication in the archive, or in

For packages using dh-golang, the field should be set to the same value as the DH_GOPKG variable in debian/rules. dh-golang will automatically set DH_GOPKG to the XS-Go-Import-Path value.

For packages which do not use dh-golang (or where upstream does not publish the source in a way that is compatible with go get and hence does not have a canonical import path) it is preferred to set a fake import path. Please contact the pkg-go team at for more specific advice in this situation.

Visibility: info

Check: debian/control

These source packages in the archive trigger the tag.