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The given maintainer script calls ldconfig, but such calls in maintainer scripts should be replaced instead by a dpkg trigger.

Please replace the ldconfig call with an activate-noawait ldconfig trigger. With Debhelper, it is usually sufficient to add that line to debian/<package>.triggers.

This warning may appear if the package was compiled with Debhelper older than version 9.20151004. Assuming all ldconfig invocations were added by Debhelper, this tag should disappear when the package is rebuilt with a newer version of Debhelper.

For more information please consult:

The tag is present in Lintian version 2.114.163. That is the most recent version we know about.

We use semantic versions. The patch number is a commit step indicator relative to the 2.114.0 release tag in our Git repository.

You can find the detection logic for this version at commit 2ff4e94. For merge requests, please use the latest version in the Lintian check maintainer-scripts/ldconfig.

Visibility: warning


The following 48 source packages in the archive triggered the tag 77 times (in any Lintian version).

The tag was masked 2 times through screens.

There were no overrides.