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P license-problem-gfdl-non-official-text

A subset of the reports of license-problem-gfdl-non-official-text for the archive. Unfortunately the full list is too long, so only 301 instances are listed on this page. At most 3 tags are shown per package. If you need the full list of tags, please download the lintian.log.gz file and extract the data you need.

The extended description of this tag is:

The given source file is licensed under GFDL, but using a non-official text for the "no invariant sections" part.

Please ask upstream to always use (case insensitive): with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

Severity: pedantic, Certainty: possible

Check: cruft, Type: source

Evolution of the license-problem-gfdl-non-official-text Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the license-problem-gfdl-non-official-text tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 1415, overridden: 10, total: 1425

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aplus-fsf 4.22.1-10 (source)

ats2-lang 0.3.11-2 (source)

autoconf 2.69-11 (source)

autoconf2.64 2.64+dfsg-1 (source)

automake-1.15 1:1.15.1-5 (source)

automake-1.16 1:1.16.1-1.1 (source)

automake1.11 1:1.11.6-4 (source)

binutils 2.31.1-7 (source)

binutils 2.31.1-6 (source)

binutils-h8300-hms 2.16.1-10 (source)

bitlbee 3.5.1-1 (source)

bkchem 0.13.0-6 (source)

c2hs 0.28.5-2 (source)

cl-hyperobject 2.12.0-1 (source)

cl-uffi 2.1.2-1 (source)

clisp 1:2.49.20170913-4 (source)

clisp 1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3 (source)

coreutils 8.30-1 (source)

cvs 2:1.12.13+real-26 (source) overridden

dateutils 0.4.5-1 (source)

dateutils 0.4.3-1 (source)

dc3dd 7.2.646-2 (source)

dico 2.6-1 (source)

dico 2.5-1 (source)

dict-foldoc 20170105-1 (source)

diffutils 1:3.6-1 (source)

doc-linux-fr 2013.01-3 (source)

ecl 16.1.2-4 (source)

eclipse-cdt 8.6.0-2 (source)

emboss 6.6.0+dfsg-7 (source)

festival-freebsoft-utils 0.10-7 (source)

ffcall 2.1-2 (source)

findutils 4.6.0+git+20180808-2 (source)

flim 1:1.14.9+0.20120428-21 (source)

freefem 3.5.8-7 (source)

freetds 1.00.82-2 (source)

gcal 4.1-1 (source)

gcc-h8300-hms 1:3.4.6+dfsg2-4 (source)

gdbm 1.14.1-6 (source)

gdbm 1.18-2 (source)

gettext (source)

global 6.6.2-3 (source)

gnu-smalltalk 3.2.5-1.1 (source)

gnu-standards 2010.03.11-1 (source)

gnuchess 6.2.5-1 (source)

gnuit 4.9.5-3 (source)

gnulib 20140202+stable-3 (source)

gnumach 2:1.8+git20180728-2 (source)

gnumach 2:1.8+git20180728-1 (source)

gosa 2.7.4+reloaded3-6 (source)

graphviz-dot-mode 0.4+41+gc456a2b-1 (source)

grep 3.1-2 (source)

gtypist 2.9.5-3 (source)

gzip 1.9-2.1 (source)

hello 2.10-1 (source)

hello-traditional 2.10-3 (source)

id-utils 4.6+git20120811-4 (source)

intercal 30:0.30-2 (source)

jedit 5.5.0+dfsg-1 (source)

kde4libs 4:4.14.38-1 (source)

kde4libs 4:4.14.38-2 (source)

kdiff3 0.9.98-4 (source)

kdoctools 5.49.0-1 (source)

kimwitu++ 2.3.13-2 (source)

kmymoney (source)

kst 2.0.8-3 (source) overridden

ktikz 0.12+ds1-3 (source)

lcdproc 0.5.9-2 (source)

libcdio 1.0.0-2 (source)

libcdio 2.0.0-2 (source)

libcdio-paranoia 10.2+0.94+2-4 (source)

libcgicc 3.2.19-0.2 (source)

libdbi 0.9.0-5 (source)

libdbi-drivers 0.9.0-6 (source)

libgetdata 0.10.0-5 (source)

libiberty 20180614-1 (source)

libnss-pgsql 1.4.0debian-8 (source)

libtool 2.4.6-6 (source)

libunistring 0.9.10-1 (source)

libxslt 1.1.32-2 (source)

licenseutils 0.0.9-2 (source) overridden

lilypond 2.19.81+really-2.18.2-13 (source)

lilypond 2.19.82-1~exp1 (source)

logidee-tools 1.2.18 (source)

m17n-docs 1.6.2-2 (source)

m4 1.4.18-1 (source)

mailutils 1:3.4-2 (source)

man-pages-it 3.73-2 (source)

manpages-pl 1:0.7-1 (source)

mdbtools 0.7.1-6 (source)

mit-scheme 9.1.1-5 (source)

mp3fs 0.91-1 (source)

mpclib3 1.1.0-1 (source)

mpfr4 4.0.1-1 (source)

mtools 4.0.18-2.1 (source)

mumble 1.3.0~2868~g44b9004+dfsg-1 (source)

nescc 1.3.5-1.1 (source)

nvptx-tools 0.20180301-1 (source)

oidentd 2.3.1-1 (source) overridden

opencollada 0.1.0~20160714.0ec5063+dfsg1-2 (source)

opencollada 0.1.0~20180719.619d942+dfsg0-1 (source)

openocd 0.10.0-4 (source)

parallel 20161222-1 (source)

parsewiki 0.4.3-2 (source)

parted 3.2-22 (source)

partimage-doc 20050720-4 (source)

rapidsvn 0.12.1dfsg-3.1 (source)

rcs 5.9.4-4 (source)

recutils 1.7-2 (source)

riece 9.0.0-8 (source)

rrep 1.3.6-1 (source)

sane-backends 1.0.27-3 (source)

sdcc 3.7.0+dfsg2-0.1 (source)

sdlbasic 0.0.20070714-6 (source)

sharutils 1:4.15.2-3 (source)

shishi 1.0.2-6.1 (source)

shorewall-doc (source)

smbc 1.2.2-4 (source)

source-highlight 3.1.8-1.2 (source)

speech-dispatcher 0.8.8-6 (source)

speechd-el 2.8-2 (source)

speechd-up 0.5~20110719-7 (source)

sylpheed 3.7.0-4 (source)

texi2html 1.82+dfsg1-5 (source)

texlive-base 2018.20181009-1 (source)

texlive-extra 2018.20181009-1 (source)

texlive-lang 2018.20181009-1 (source)

the 3.3~rc1-3 (source)

tla 1.3.5+dfsg1-2 (source)

units 2.17-3 (source)

user-mode-linux-doc 20060501-3 (source)

valgrind 1:3.13.0-2.1 (source)

valkyrie 2.0.0-1 (source)

vera 1.23-1 (source)

wget 1.19.5-2 (source)

wget2 1.99.1-2 (source)

whitedune 0.30.10-2.1 (source)

xemacs21-packages 2009.02.17.dfsg.2-4 (source)