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W incomplete-creative-commons-license

All reports of incomplete-creative-commons-license for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The package appears to be licensed under a Creative Commons license but only includes the human-readable summary in the debian/copyright file which is not the actual licence. The Creative Commons webpages contains the following disclaimer:

     This deed highlights only some of the key features and terms of the
     actual license. It is not a license and has no legal value. You should
     carefully review all of the terms and conditions of the actual license
     before using the licensed material.
     Creative Commons is not a law firm and does not provide legal
     services. Distributing, displaying, or linking to this deed or the
     license that it summarizes does not create a lawyer-client or any
     other relationship.

Please use the full, plain-text version of the license text which may be found here:

Refer to and for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

Check: source-copyright, Type: source

Evolution of the incomplete-creative-commons-license Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the incomplete-creative-commons-license tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 69, overridden: 0, total: 69

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3depict 0.0.19-1 (source) (Debian Science Team <>)

astromenace-data 1.3.2+repack-3 (source) (Debian Games Team <>)

audacity 2.2.2-1 (source) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

cmark 0.28.3-1 (source) (Peter Eisentraut <>)

deja-dup 38.0-1 (source) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

freemedforms-project 0.9.4-2 (source) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

galera-3 25.3.24-1 (source) (Debian MySQL Maintainers <>)

gcc-python-plugin 0.16-2 (source) (Debian GCC Maintainers <>)

giggle 0.7-3 (source) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

gnome-devel-docs 3.30.2-1 (source) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnome-user-docs 3.30.2-1 (source) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnumed-client 1.7.3+dfsg-1 (source) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

golang-github-docker-go-metrics 0.0~git20180209.399ea8c-1 (source) (Debian Go Packaging Team <>)

golang-github-opencontainers-go-digest 1.0.0~rc1-1 (source) (Debian Go Packaging Team <>)

haskell-network-multicast 0.2.0-3 (source) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

jigzo 0.6.1-7 (source) (Elías Alejandro Año Mendoza <>)

kbounce 4:18.04.1-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

ksirk 4:18.04.1-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

ktuberling 4:18.04.1-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

libcerf 1.3-2 (source) (Debian Science Team <>)

libjaba-client-java 0+dfsg-1 (source) (Vincent Fourmond <>)

libjs-jsxc 3.0.0+dfsg3-2 (source) (Pirate Praveen <>)

libkf5kmahjongg 4:17.08.3-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

libmaxminddb 1.3.2-1 (source) (Faidon Liambotis <>)

maitreya 7.0.7-1 (source) (Paul Elliott <>)

marble 4:18.08.0-0~exp0+nmu1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

marble 4:17.08.3-3.1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

midicsv 1.1+dfsg.1-1 (source) (Kamal Mostafa <>)

minetest-mod-mobf 2.5.0-1 (source) (Debian Games Team <>)

moka-icon-theme 5.3.6-1 (source) (David Mohammed <>)

node-groove 2.5.0-3 (source) (Debian QA Group <>)

node-spdx-exceptions 2.0.0-1 (source) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

node-spdx-expression-parse 1.0.4-1 (source) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

openscad 2015.03-2+dfsg-2 (source) (Christian M. Amsüss <>)

openscad-mcad 2014.03-1 (source) (Christian M. Amsüss <>)

opensesame 0.27.4-2.1 (source) (Sebastiaan Mathot <>)

phabricator 0~git20180509-2 (source) (Sylvestre Ledru <>)

php-horde-ansel 3.0.9+debian0-1 (source) (Horde Maintainers <>)

phpsysinfo 3.2.5-3 (source) (Bjoern Boschman <>)

pioneers 15.5-1 (source) (Roland Clobus <>)

plm 2.6+repack-3 (source) (Martin Quinson <>)

presentty 0.2.0-1 (source) (Clint Byrum <>)

pysiogame 3.60.814-2 (source) (Miriam Ruiz <>)

python-maxminddb 1.4.1-1 (source) (Faidon Liambotis <>)

python-odf 1.3.6-3 (source) (Debian Python Modules Team <>)

qelectrotech 1:0.6.1-1 (source) (Debian Science Team <>)

qiime 1.9.1+dfsg-1 (source) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

qiime 1.9.1+dfsg-3 (source) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

recommonmark 0.4.0+ds-2 (source) (Debian Python Modules Team <>)

rocs 4:17.08.3-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

ruby-aruba 0.14.6-2 (source) (Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers <>)

sddm 0.18.0-1 (source) (Debian Krap Maintainers <>)

setbfree 0.8.5-1 (source) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

sisu-markup-samples 7.1.3-1 (source) (SiSU Project <>)

starfighter 1.7-1 (source) (Guus Sliepen <>)

supercollider 1:3.8.0~repack-2 (source) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

ublock-origin 1.17.0+dfsg-2 (source) (Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers <>)

visionegg 1.2.1-5 (source) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

wildmidi 0.4.2-1 (source) (Bret Curtis <>)

xia 2.2-3 (source) (François Lafont <>)

xsol 0.31-14 (source) (Mònica Ramírez Arceda <>)

yapsy 1.12.0-1 (source) (Agustin Henze <>)