Lintian Reports

W emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa

All reports of emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The package uses the emacsen-common infrastructure but the package was not built with dh-elpa. Please consider transitioning the package build to use dh-elpa, unless the package is required to work with XEmacs.

dh-elpa centralises the emacsen-common maintscripts, which makes for fewer bugs, and significantly easier cross-archive updates to emacsen packages.

In addition, a package built with dh-elpa integrates with the GNU Emacs package manager, for a better user experience.

Refer to the dh_elpa(1) manual page, the dh-make-elpa(1) manual page, and for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: elpa, Type: binary

Evolution of the emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the emacsen-common-without-dh-elpa tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 168, overridden: 3, total: 171

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a2ps 1:4.14-3 (binary)

acl2-emacs 8.0dfsg-1 (binary)

anthy-el 1:0.3-7 (binary)

anything-el 1.287-2.1 (binary)

apel 10.8+0.20120427-18 (binary)

auctex 11.91-1 (binary)

auto-install-el 1.58-1 (binary)

bbdb 2.36-4.1 (binary)

bbdb3 3.2-4 (binary)

bhl 1.7.3-3 (binary)

cdargs 1.35-11.1 (binary)

cmake-data 3.12.1-1 (binary)

cmuscheme48-el 1.9.2-1 (binary)

commit-patch 2.5-1 (binary)

coq 8.6-5 (binary)

crypt++el 2.94-3 (binary)

cvc3-el 2.4.1-5.1 (binary)

cxref-emacs 1.6e-3 (binary)

ddskk 16.2-4 (binary)

develock-el 0.47-2 (binary)

dictem 1.0.4-4 (binary)

dictionaries-common 1.28.0 (binary)

dictionary-el 1.10-3 (binary)

e2wm 1.4-1 (binary)

ecasound-el 2.9.1-7 (binary)

ecb 2.40+git20140216-2 (binary)

edb 1.31-3 (binary)

edict-el 1.06-11 (binary)

egg 4.2.0-1.1 (binary)

el-get 3.1-1.1 (binary)

eldav 0.8.1-7 (binary)

elscreen 1.4.6-5.2 (binary)

emacs-calfw 1.6+git20170704-1 (binary)

emacs-calfw-howm 1.6+git20170704-1 (binary)

emacs-goodies-el 41.0 (binary)

emacs-mozc 2.23.2815.102+dfsg-2 (binary)

emacs-window-layout 1.4-1 (binary)

emacsen-common 3.0.4 (binary)

emacspeak 47.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

emacspeak-ss 1.12.1-7 (binary)

emms 5.0-1 (binary)

epix 1.2.18-1 (binary)

erlang-mode 1: (binary)

erlang-mode 1:21.0.8+dfsg-1~exp1 (binary)

eweouz 0.11+b5 (binary)

ferret-vis 7.4.3-1 (binary)

flim 1:1.14.9+0.20120428-21 (binary)

gcl 2.6.12-77 (binary) overridden

gettext-el (binary)

gforth 0.7.3+dfsg-7 (binary)

ghc-mod-el (binary)

git-el 1:2.19.0-1 (binary)

git-el 1:2.19.0+next.20180914-1 (binary)

global 6.6.2-3 (binary)

gnu-smalltalk-el 3.2.5-1.1 (binary)

gnuplot-mode 1:0.7.0-1 (binary)

gnuserv 3.12.8-7 (binary)

goby 1.1+0.20180214-3 (binary)

goo 0.155-15 (binary)

gramadoir 0.7-4 (binary)

gri-el 2.12.26-1 (binary)

haml-elisp 1:3.1.0-3.1 (binary)

haskell-mode 16.1-3 (binary)

idl-font-lock-el 1.5-9 (binary)

ilisp 5.12.0+cvs.2004.12.26-26 (binary)

inform-mode 1.5.8-4 (binary)

initz 0.0.11+20030603cvs-17.2 (binary)

latex-cjk-common 4.8.4+git20170127-2 (binary)

latex-cjk-thai 4.8.4+git20170127-2 (binary)

liece 2.0+0.20030527cvs-11.2 (binary)

lisaac-mode 1:0.39~rc1-3 (binary)

lookup-el 1.4.1-18 (binary)

lsdb 0.11-10.1 (binary)

lyskom-elisp-client 0.48+git.20160707.372be663-1 (binary)

malaga-mode 7.12-7 (binary)

maria 1.3.5-4.1+b1 (binary)

maxima-emacs 5.41.0-3 (binary) overridden

mdk 1.2.9+dfsg-6 (binary)

mew 1:6.8-2 (binary)

mew-beta 7.0.50~6.8+0.20180710-1 (binary)

mh-e 8.5-2.1 (binary)

mhc 1.2.0-1 (binary)

midge 0.2.41-2.1 (binary)

mmm-mode 0.5.7-2 (binary)

mona 1.4-17-1+b1 (binary)

mpg123-el 1:1.58-1 (binary)

mpqc-support 2.3.1-18+b3 (binary)

mu-cite 8.1+0.20180801-2 (binary)

mu4e 1.0-6 (binary)

namazu2 2.0.21-21 (binary)

navi2ch 2.0.0~git20120331-1 (binary)

nethack-el 1:0.9.5-3 (binary)

ocaml-mode 4.05.0-10 (binary)

oneliner-el 0.3.6-8 (binary)

php-elisp 1.13.5-3 (binary)

post-el 1:2.6-1 (binary)

proofgeneral 4.4.1~pre170114-1 (binary)

psgml 1.4.0-7 (binary)

pspp 1.0.1-1 (binary)

pydb 1.26-2 (binary)

pylint 1.9.2-1 (binary)

pymacs 0.25-1 (binary)

python-mode 1:6.2.3-1 (binary)

quilt-el 0.65-2 (binary)

ratpoison 1.4.8-2+b1 (binary)

rdtool-elisp 0.6.38-4 (binary)

riece 9.0.0-8 (binary)

rnc-mode 1.0b3-1 (binary)

sass-elisp 3.0.15-4.2 (binary)

sawfish 1:1.11.90-1.1 (binary)

scala-mode-el 20111005-2.1 (binary)

sdic 2.1.3-22 (binary)

search-ccsb 0.5-4 (binary)

search-citeseer 0.3-2 (binary)

select-xface 0.15-11 (binary)

semi 1.14.7~0.20120428-24 (binary)

sepia 0.992-6 (binary)

speechd-el 2.8-2 (binary)

supercollider-emacs 1:3.8.0~repack-2 (binary)

systemtap-common 3.3-1 (binary)

t-code 2:2.3.1-7 (binary)

tdiary-mode 5.0.9-1 (binary)

tiarra-conf-el 20100212+r39209-7 (binary)

timidity-el 2.14.0-8 (binary)

tpp 1.3.1-6 (binary)

tuareg-mode 1:2.1.0-2 (binary)

twittering-mode 3.1.0-1.1 (binary)

uim-el 1:1.8.8-3 (binary)

urweb-mode 20170720+dfsg-2 (binary)

utop 1.19.3-2+b1 (binary)

verilog-mode 20161124.fd230e6-2 (binary)

vm 8.2.0b-3 (binary)

w3m-el 1.4.569+0.20170110-4 (binary)

w3m-el-snapshot 1.4.631+0.20180620-2 (binary)

whizzytex 1.3.2-1.4 (binary)

why3 1.0.0-2 (binary)

windows-el 2.48-3 (binary)

wl 2.15.9+0.20161228-4 (binary)

wl-beta 2.15.9+0.20180605-1 (binary)

wnn7egg 1.02-8 (binary)

x-face-el (binary)

xcscope-el 1.4-1 (binary)

yatex 1.77+dfsg1-4 (binary)

yc-el 5.0.0-8 (binary)