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W debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version

All reports of debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The version of this package contains dfsg, ds, or debian, which normally indicates that the upstream source has been repackaged to comply with the Debian Free Software Guidelines (or similar reason), but there is no version mangling in the debian/watch file. Since the dfsg string is not part of the upstream version, the debian/watch file should use the dversionmangle option to remove the dfsg before version number comparison.

Refer to the uscan(1) manual page and for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: watch-file, Type: source

Evolution of the debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 49, overridden: 14, total: 63

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attal-themes 1.0~rc2.dfsg1-1 (source)

binaryornot 0.4.0+dfsg-0.1 (source)

cbp2make 147+dfsg-1 (source)

coin3 3.1.4~abc9f50+dfsg1-2 (source)

csound 1:6.08.0~dfsg-1 (source)

csound-manual 1:6.08.0~dfsg-1 (source)

dash-el 2.13.0+dfsg-0.1 (source)

djagios 0.1.3+dfsg-8 (source) overridden

ecl 15.3.7+dfsg1-2 (source)

flowcanvas 0.7.1+dfsg0-0.4 (source)

frama-c 20161101+silicon+dfsg-5 (source)

fxlinuxprint 1.1.0+ds-2 (source) overridden

gcc-3.3 1:3.3.6ds1-28 (source)

gengetopt 2.22.6+dfsg0-1 (source)

gnoemoe 2.2.0+dfsg-2.3 (source)

golang-github-xtaci-kcp 2.14+git20170120+ds-1~exp1 (source) overridden

golang-github-xtaci-smux 1.0.4+git20170307+ds-1~exp1 (source) overridden

haskell-double-conversion (source)

hime 0.9.10+git20150916+dfsg1-8 (source)

hsqldb1.8.0 (source)

jenkins-htmlunit-core-js 2.6-hudson-1-1 (source) overridden

kcptun 20170303+ds-1~exp1 (source) overridden

krita 1:3.1.1+dfsg-1 (source) overridden

labltk 8.06.0+dfsg-3 (source)

latex2html 2015-debian1-1 (source) overridden

ledger 3.1.2~pre1+g3a00e1c+dfsg1-2 (source)

libcork 0.15.0+ds-11 (source) overridden

libfixbuf 1.7.1+ds-1 (source)

libfonts-java 1.1.6.dfsg-3 (source)

libformula 1.1.7.dfsg-2 (source)

libfortune-perl 0.2+ds-1 (source)

libjs-jquery-jstree 3.3.3+dfsg1-1 (source)

libloader 1.1.6.dfsg-4 (source)

librandom123 1.09+dfsg-1 (source)

minc-tools 2.3.00+dfsg-1.1 (source)

mokomaze 0.5.5+git8+dfsg0-4 (source)

morse2ascii 0.2+dfsg-3 (source)

nwall 1.32+debian-4.2 (source)

openni2 (source)

openscenegraph 3.2.3+dfsg1-2 (source)

oscache 2.4.1+ds1-5 (source)

pilot-link 0.12.5-dfsg-2 (source)

poretools 0.6.0+dfsg-2 (source) overridden

previsat (source)

python-rtslib-fb 2.1.57+debian-4 (source)

python-weberror 0.13.1+dfsg-1 (source)

qtdeclarative-render2d-opensource-src 5.7.1+dfsg-1 (source)

raul 0.8.0+dfsg0-0.1 (source)

readline5 5.2+dfsg-3 (source)

ruby-binding-of-caller 0.7.2+debian1-3 (source)

seed-webkit2 4.0.0+20161014+6c77960+dfsg1-4 (source)

shadowsocks-libev 3.0.2+ds-1~exp2 (source) overridden

shadowsocks-libev 2.6.3+ds-1 (source) overridden

spandsp 0.0.6+dfsg-0.1 (source)

sprai (source) overridden

stk 4.5.2+dfsg-4 (source)

svrcore 1:4.1.2+dfsg1-3 (source)

sysvinit 2.88dsf-59.9 (source) overridden

tangerine-icon-theme 0.26.debian-4 (source)

torcs 1.3.3+dfsg-0.4 (source)

vcdimager 0.7.24+dfsg-0.2 (source)

vmtk 1.3+dfsg-2.1 (source)

wml 2.0.12ds1-10 (source)