Lintian Reports

I debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk

All reports of debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The latest entry in NEWS.Debian appears to use asterisks to present changes in a bulleted list, similar to the normal changelog syntax. The Debian Developer's Reference recommends using regular paragraphs in NEWS.Debian rather than a bulleted list.

Refer to Debian Developer's Reference section 6.3.4 (Supplementing changelogs with NEWS.Debian files) for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: possible

Check: changelog-file, Type: binary

Evolution of the debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the debian-news-entry-uses-asterisk tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 859, overridden: 3, total: 862

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

am-utils 6.2+rc20110530-3.2+b1 (binary)

apt-cacher 1.7.19 (binary)

apt-cacher-ng 3.2-1 (binary)

arno-iptables-firewall 2.0.1.f-1.1 (binary)

autopkgtest 5.5 (binary)

bacula-client 9.0.8-1 (binary)

bacula-common 9.0.8-1 (binary)

bacula-server 9.0.8-1 (binary)

bitlbee-common 3.5.1-1 (binary)

borgbackup 1.1.7-1 (binary)

borgbackup-doc 1.1.7-1 (binary)

boxbackup-client 0.13~~git20180313.g16a11e86-1 (binary)

boxbackup-server 0.13~~git20180313.g16a11e86-1 (binary)

cdbs 0.4.156 (binary)

chromium 69.0.3497.92-1 (binary)

chromium-common 69.0.3497.92-1 (binary)

chromium-driver 69.0.3497.92-1 (binary)

chromium-l10n 69.0.3497.92-1 (binary)

chromium-shell 69.0.3497.92-1 (binary)

clang 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-3.8-doc 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-3.8-examples 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-3.9-doc 1:3.9.1-19 (binary)

clang-3.9-examples 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-4.0-doc 1:4.0.1-10 (binary)

clang-4.0-examples 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-5.0-doc 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-5.0-examples 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-6.0-doc 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-6.0-examples 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-7 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-7-doc 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-7-examples 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-8-doc 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-8-examples 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-format 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang-format 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-format-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-format-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-format-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-format-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-format-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-format-7 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-format-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-tidy 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang-tidy 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-tidy-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-tidy-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-tidy-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-tidy-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-tidy-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-tidy-7 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-tidy-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-tools 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang-tools 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-tools-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-tools-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

clang-tools-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-tools-7 1:7-2 (binary)

clang-tools-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clc-intercal 1:1.0~4pre1.-94.-2-5 (binary)

compass-h5bp-plugin 1.0.0-4 (binary)

compass-normalize-plugin 7.0.0-1 (binary)

configure-debian 1.0.3 (binary)

conkeror 1.0.4-1 (binary)

context 2018.04.04.20180416-1 (binary)

courier-mta 0.78.0-2+b1 (binary)

darktable 2.4.4-1 (binary)

dash (binary)

debian-keyring 2018.07.24 (binary)

dictionaries-common 1.28.0 (binary)

dillo 3.0.5-4 (binary)

dosage 2.15-2 (binary)

dose-builddebcheck 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

dose-distcheck 5.0.1-11+b1 (binary)

eeepc-acpi-scripts 1.1.13 (binary)

emscripten 1.22.1-1 (binary)

emscripten-doc 1.22.1-1 (binary)

encfs 1.9.5-1+b1 (binary)

epic4 1:2.10.6-1+b5 (binary)

fetchyahoo 2.14.7-1 (binary)

file-rc 0.8.18 (binary)

filetraq 0.3 (binary)

firefox 62.0.2-1 (binary)

firefox-esr 60.2.1esr-1 (binary)

fluid 1.3.4-7 (binary)

freeipmi-common 1.5.7-2 (binary)

fsl 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsl-5.0 5.0.8-5 (binary)

fsl-5.0-core 5.0.8-5+b1 (binary)

fsl-core 5.0.8-5 (binary)

geneweb 6.08+git20180420+dfsg-2 (binary)

geneweb-gui 6.08+git20180420+dfsg-2 (binary)

ghostscript 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

ghostscript-dbg 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

ghostscript-doc 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

ghostscript-x 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

gitolite3 3.6.9-1 (binary)

glimpse 4.18.7-3 (binary)

gnuit 4.9.5-3+b3 (binary)

gwsetup 6.08+git20180420+dfsg-2 (binary)

gwtp 6.08+git20180420+dfsg-2 (binary)

html2ps 1.0b7-3 (binary)

icewm-common (binary)

icu-devtools-dbg 57.1-9 (binary)

icu-doc 57.1-9 (binary)

imwheel 1.0.0pre12-12 (binary)

initramfs-tools 0.132 (binary)

initramfs-tools-core 0.132 (binary)

integrit 4.1-1.1+b1 (binary)

ipsvd 1.0.0-3.1 (binary)

ircmarkers 0.15-2 (binary)

jbig2dec 0.15-1 (binary)

jmol-applet 14.6.4+2016.11.05+dfsg1-3.1 (binary)

klone-package 0.3 (binary)

ldirectord 1:4.1.1-3 (binary)

libapache2-mod-auth-plain 2.0.52 (binary)

libc++-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libc++-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libc++-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libc++1 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libc++1-7 1:7-2 (binary)

libc++1-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libc++abi-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libc++abi-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libc++abi-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libc++abi1 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libc++abi1-7 1:7-2 (binary)

libc++abi1-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libc-client2007e 8:2007f~dfsg-5 (binary)

libc-client2007e-dev 8:2007f~dfsg-5 (binary)

libclang-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libclang-3.9-dev 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libclang-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libclang-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libclang-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

libclang-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libclang-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libclang-common-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libclang-common-3.9-dev 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libclang-common-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libclang-common-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libclang-common-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

libclang-common-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libclang-common-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libclang-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libclang-dev 1:6.0-43 (binary)

libclang1 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libclang1 1:6.0-43 (binary)

libclang1-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libclang1-3.8-dbg 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libclang1-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libclang1-3.9-dbg 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libclang1-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libclang1-4.0-dbg 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libclang1-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libclang1-5.0-dbg 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libclang1-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

libclang1-7 1:7-2 (binary)

libclang1-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libdrm2 2.4.94-1 (binary)

libfltk1.1-dev 1.1.10-25 (binary)

libfltk1.3-dev 1.3.4-7 (binary)

libfuzzer-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libfuzzer-3.9-dev 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libfuzzer-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libfuzzer-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libfuzzer-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

libfuzzer-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libfuzzer-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libghc-pandoc-dev 2.2.1-2+b1 (binary)

libghc-pandoc-doc 2.2.1-2 (binary)

libghc-pandoc-prof 2.2.1-2+b1 (binary)

libgs-dev 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

libgs9 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

libgs9-common 9.25~dfsg-2 (binary)

libhsm-bin 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

libicu57 57.1-9 (binary)

libicu57-dbg 57.1-9 (binary)

libimage-imlib2-perl 2.03-1+b7 (binary)

libjbig2dec0 0.15-1 (binary)

libjbig2dec0-dev 0.15-1 (binary)

libjs-json 0~20160510-1 (binary)

libjs-leaflet 0.7.7+20160312-1 (binary)

libjs-leaflet 1.0.3~dfsg-1 (binary)

libjs-leaflet-markercluster 1.2.0~dfsg-1 (binary)

liblld-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

liblld-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

liblld-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

liblld-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

liblld-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

liblld-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

liblld-7 1:7-2 (binary)

liblld-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

liblld-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

liblld-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

liblldb-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

liblldb-3.8-dbg 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

liblldb-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

liblldb-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

liblldb-3.9-dbg 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

liblldb-3.9-dev 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

liblldb-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

liblldb-4.0-dbg 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

liblldb-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

liblldb-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

liblldb-5.0-dbg 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

liblldb-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

liblldb-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

liblldb-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

liblldb-7 1:7-2 (binary)

liblldb-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

liblldb-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

liblldb-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

liblldb-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

liblldb-dev 1:6.0-43 (binary)

libllvm3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libllvm3.8-dbg 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

libllvm3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libllvm3.9-dbg 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

libllvm4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libllvm4.0-dbg 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

libllvm5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libllvm5.0-dbg 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

libllvm6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

libllvm7 1:7-2 (binary)

libllvm8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

liblpsolve55-dev (binary)

libmbt1 3.2.16-1+b1 (binary)

libmbt1-dev 3.2.16-1+b1 (binary)

libodbcinstq4-1 2.3.0-4+b1 (binary)

libomp-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

libomp-7-doc 1:7-2 (binary)

libomp-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libomp-8-doc 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libomp-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libomp5 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

libomp5-7 1:7-2 (binary)

libomp5-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

libpam-cracklib 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam-doc 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam-modules 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam-modules-bin 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam-runtime 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam0g 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libpam0g-dev 1.1.8-3.8 (binary)

libprocps-dev 2:3.3.15-2 (binary)

libprocps6 2:3.3.14-1+b1 (binary)

libprocps7 2:3.3.15-2 (binary)

libpulse-dev 12.2-2 (binary)

libpulse-mainloop-glib0 12.2-2 (binary)

libpulse0 12.2-2 (binary)

libpulsedsp 12.2-2 (binary)

libreoffice-writer2latex 1.4-5 (binary)

libreoffice-writer2xhtml 1.4-5 (binary)

libsensors-applet-plugin-dev 3.0.0+git6-0.1+b1 (binary)

libsensors-applet-plugin0 3.0.0+git6-0.1+b1 (binary)

libtimbl4 6.4.8-1+b1 (binary)

libtimbl4-dev 6.4.8-1+b1 (binary)

libwriter2latex-java 1.4-5 (binary)

libwriter2latex-java-doc 1.4-5 (binary)

linux-base 4.5 (binary)

linux-image-686 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-686-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-686-pae 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-686-pae-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-amd64 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-amd64-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-cloud-amd64 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-cloud-amd64-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-rt-686-pae 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-rt-686-pae-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-rt-amd64 4.18+98 (binary)

linux-image-rt-amd64-dbg 4.18+98 (binary)

lld 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

lld 1:6.0-43 (binary)

lld-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

lld-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

lld-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

lld-7 1:7-2 (binary)

lld-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

lldb 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

lldb 1:6.0-43 (binary)

lldb-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

lldb-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

lldb-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

lldb-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

lldb-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

lldb-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

lldb-7 1:7-2 (binary)

lldb-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

llvm 1:6.0-43 (binary)

llvm-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.8-dev 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.8-doc 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.8-examples 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.8-runtime 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.8-tools 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

llvm-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

llvm-3.9-dev 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

llvm-3.9-doc 1:3.9.1-19 (binary)

llvm-3.9-examples 1:3.9.1-19 (binary)

llvm-3.9-runtime 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

llvm-3.9-tools 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

llvm-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

llvm-4.0-dev 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

llvm-4.0-doc 1:4.0.1-10 (binary)

llvm-4.0-examples 1:4.0.1-10 (binary)

llvm-4.0-runtime 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

llvm-4.0-tools 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

llvm-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-5.0-dev 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-5.0-doc 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-5.0-examples 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-5.0-runtime 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-5.0-tools 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

llvm-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-6.0-dev 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-6.0-doc 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-6.0-examples 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-6.0-runtime 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-6.0-tools 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

llvm-7 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-7-dev 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-7-doc 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-7-examples 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-7-runtime 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-7-tools 1:7-2 (binary)

llvm-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-8-dev 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-8-doc 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-8-examples 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-8-runtime 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-8-tools 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

llvm-dev 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

llvm-dev 1:6.0-43 (binary)

llvm-runtime 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

llvm-runtime 1:6.0-43 (binary)

locales 2.27-6 (binary)

locales-all 2.27-6 (binary)

login 1:4.5-1.1 (binary)

logwatch 7.4.3+git20161207-2 (binary)

lp-solve (binary)

lp-solve-doc (binary)

luarocks 2.4.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

lyskom-server 2.1.2-14 (binary)

maildir-utils 1.0-6 (binary)

mailfront 2.12-0.1 (binary)

mbt 3.2.16-1+b1 (binary)

mldonkey-server 3.1.6-1+b1 (binary)

mlock 8:2007f~dfsg-5 (binary)

mono-runtime-common (binary)

mount 2.32.1-0.1 (binary)

mu4e 1.0-6 (binary)

nbd-client 1:3.18-1 (binary)

nbd-server 1:3.18-1 (binary)

netatalk 2.2.6-1 (binary)

netatalk-dbg 2.2.6-1 (binary)

network-manager 1.12.2-3 (binary)

network-manager 1.14.0-1 (binary)

nfs-kernel-server 1:1.3.4-2.2 (binary)

nmh 1.7.1-2 (binary)

nmh 1.7.1-2+b1 (binary)

notion 3+2017050501-1 (binary)

nullmailer 1:2.1-7 (binary)

nvi 1.81.6-13+b1 (binary)

nvi-doc 1.81.6-13 (binary)

open-infrastructure-container-tools 20180825-2 (binary)

open-infrastructure-storage-tools 20180915-1 (binary)

openafs-fileserver 1.8.2-1 (binary)

opendnssec 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-common 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-doc 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-enforcer 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-enforcer-mysql 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-enforcer-sqlite3 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

opendnssec-signer 1:2.1.3-0.2 (binary)

orage 4.12.1-4 (binary)

pandoc 2.2.1-2+b1 (binary)

pandoc-data 2.2.1-2 (binary)

passwd 1:4.5-1.1 (binary)

php-memcached 3.0.4+2.2.0-3 (binary)

php7.0 7.0.31-1 (binary)

php7.0-common 7.0.31-1 (binary)

php7.0-xsl 7.0.31-1 (binary)

php7.1 7.1.20-1 (binary)

php7.1-common 7.1.20-1 (binary)

php7.1-xsl 7.1.20-1 (binary)

php7.2 7.2.9-1 (binary)

php7.2-common 7.2.9-1 (binary)

php7.2-xsl 7.2.9-1 (binary)

php7.3 7.3.0~alpha3-1 (binary)

php7.3-common 7.3.0~alpha3-1 (binary)

php7.3-xsl 7.3.0~alpha3-1 (binary)

pkgsync 1.26 (binary)

pmacct 1.7.0-1 (binary)

prayer 1.3.5-dfsg1-4+b1 (binary)

printer-driver-gutenprint 5.2.13-2+b1 (binary)

procps 2:3.3.15-2 (binary)

ptex-jtex 1.7+1-15 (binary)

pulseaudio-equalizer 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-bluetooth 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-gsettings 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-jack 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-lirc 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-raop 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-module-zeroconf 12.2-2 (binary)

pulseaudio-utils 12.2-2 (binary)

python-clang 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

python-clang 1:6.0-43 (binary)

python-clang-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

python-clang-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

python-clang-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

python-clang-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

python-clang-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

python-clang-7 1:7-2 (binary)

python-clang-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

python-lldb 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

python-lldb 1:6.0-43 (binary)

python-lldb-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

python-lldb-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

python-lldb-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

python-lldb-5.0 1:5.0.2-2 (binary)

python-lldb-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

python-lldb-7 1:7-2 (binary)

python-lldb-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

python-mode 1:6.2.3-1 (binary)

python-moinmoin 1.9.9-1 (binary)

python-radicale 1.1.6-1 (binary)

python3-radicale 1.1.6-1 (binary)

python3-radicale 2.1.8-1 (binary)

python3-uno 1:6.1.1-1 (binary)

radicale 1.1.6-1 (binary)

radicale 2.1.8-1 (binary)

resource-agents 1:4.1.1-3 (binary)

rrdcollect 0.2.10-2+b3 (binary)

ruby-compass 1.0.3~dfsg-5 (binary)

ruby-compass-core 1.0.3~dfsg-5 (binary)

ruby-compass-import-once 1.0.5~dfsg-5 (binary)

ruby-sass 3.5.3-1 (binary)

sensors-applet 3.0.0+git6-0.1+b1 (binary)

smbnetfs 0.6.1-1 (binary)

sn 0.3.8-10.1+b1 (binary)

sopel 6.5.3-1 (binary)

stardict 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-common 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-gnome 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-gtk 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-plugin 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-plugin-espeak 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-plugin-festival 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

stardict-plugin-spell 3.0.1-9.4 (binary)

syncmaildir 1.3.0-1 (binary)

systraq 20160803-3 (binary)

tar 1.30+dfsg-2 (binary)

tar-scripts 1.30+dfsg-2 (binary)

tcptrace 6.6.7-5 (binary)

tex-common 6.10 (binary)

texinfo 6.5.0.dfsg.1-4 (binary)

texlive 2018.20180824-1 (binary)

texlive-lang-cjk 2018.20180824-1 (binary)

texlive-latex-extra 2018.20180824-1 (binary)

timbl 6.4.8-1+b1 (binary)

tinyca 0.7.5-6 (binary)

tor (binary)

uidmap 1:4.5-1.1 (binary)

unixodbc-bin 2.3.0-4+b1 (binary)

unscd 0.53-1 (binary)

uruk 20180528-2 (binary)

uw-mailutils 8:2007f~dfsg-5 (binary)

uwsgi (binary)

vdr 2.4.0-1+b1 (binary)

vlan 1.9-3.4 (binary)

vlan 2.0 (binary)

w3-recs 20110107-1 (binary)

whalebuilder 0.6 (binary)

whiptail 0.52.20-7 (binary)

writer2latex 1.4-5 (binary)

writer2latex-manual 1.4-5 (binary)

xbindkeys 1.8.6-1+b1 (binary)

xdg-utils 1.1.3-1 (binary)

xen-tools 4.7-1 (binary) overridden

xhtml2ps 1.0b7-3 (binary)

xinit 1.4.0-1 (binary)

xkb-data 2.23.1-1 (binary)

xserver-xorg 1:7.7+19 (binary)

xserver-xorg-input-synaptics 1.9.1-1 (binary)

xserver-xorg-input-synaptics-dev 1.9.1-1 (binary)

xserver-xorg-video-ati 1:18.1.0-1 (binary)

xserver-xorg-video-ivtv 1.1.2-2+b6 (binary)

xserver-xorg-video-ivtv-dbg 1.1.2-2+b6 (binary)

xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:18.1.0-1 (binary)

yacpi 3.0.1-1+b1 (binary)

zsh-static 5.6.2-3 (binary) overridden