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The package contains D-Bus policy configuration that matches broad classes of messages. This will cause strange side-effects, is almost certainly unintended, and is a probable security flaw.

For instance,

<policy user="daemon"> <allow send_type="method_call"/> <allow send_destination="com.example.Bees"/> </policy>

in any system bus policy file would allow the daemon user to send any method call to any service, including method calls which are meant to be restricted to root-only for security, such as org.freedesktop.systemd1.Manager.StartTransientUnit. (In addition, it allows that user to send any message to the com.example.Bees service.)

The intended policy for that particular example was probably more like

<policy user="daemon"> <allow send_type="method_call" send_destination="com.example.Bees"/> </policy>

which correctly allows method calls to that particular service only.

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