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W dbg-package-missing-depends

All reports of dbg-package-missing-depends for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The given binary package has a name of the form of "X-dbg", indicating it contains detached debugging symbols for the package X. If so, it should depend on the corresponding package, generally with (= ${binary:Version}) since the debugging symbols are only useful with the binaries created by the same build.

Note that the package being depended upon cannot be "Architecture: all".

If this package provides debugging symbols for multiple other packages, it should normally depend on all of those packages as alternatives. In other words, pkga (= ${binary:Version}) | pkgb (= ${binary:Version}) and so forth.

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: fields, Type: binary, udeb, source

Evolution of the dbg-package-missing-depends Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the dbg-package-missing-depends tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 55, overridden: 16, total: 71

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emacs25 25.2+1-6 (source) (Rob Browning <>)

gst-python1.0 1.14.4-1 (source) (Maintainers of GStreamer packages <>)

linux 4.19.5-1~exp1 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>)

linux 4.18.10-2 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>)

linux 4.18.20-2 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>)

linux 4.18.8-1 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>)

linux 4.17.17-1 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>)

linux-latest 100 (source) (Debian Kernel Team <>) overridden

mono (source) (Debian Mono Group <>)

mono-basic 4.0.1-2 (source) (Debian Mono Group <>)

pdfmod 0.9.1-8.1 (source) (Debian CLI Applications Team <>)

pslib 0.4.5-3.1 (source) (Uwe Steinmann <>)

python-defaults 2.7.15-3 (source) (Matthias Klose <>)

python3-defaults 3.7.1-2 (source) (Matthias Klose <>) overridden

qjson 0.8.1-3 (source) (Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <>) overridden

shibboleth-resolver 3.0.0-2 (source) (Debian Shib Team <>)

symeig 1.5-2 (source) (Yaroslav Halchenko <>)

twisted 18.9.0-3 (source) (Debian Python Modules Team <>)

witty 3.3.6+dfsg-1.1 (source) (Pau Garcia i Quiles <>) overridden