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The tag is present in Lintian version 2.109.6. That is the most recent version we know about.

The indicated program run in a maintainer script has a prepended path. Programs called from maintainer scripts normally should not have a path prepended. dpkg ensures that the PATH is set to a reasonable value, and prepending a path may prevent the local administrator from using a replacement version of a command for some local reason.

If the path is used to test a program for existence, please use if which $program > /dev/null; then ….

If you intend to override this tag, please make sure that you are in control of the installation path of the according program and that you won't forget to change this maintainer script, too, if you ever move that program around.

Please refer to Debian Policy Manual section 6.1, Debian Developer's Reference section 6.4, Bug#769845, Bug#807695, and for details.

Visibility: warning

Check: scripts

The following 104 source packages in the archive triggered the tag 213 times.

We found 31 overrides. The tag performed 85% of the time.