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E clean-should-be-satisfied-by-build-depends

All reports of clean-should-be-satisfied-by-build-depends for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The specified package is required to run the clean target of debian/rules and therefore must be listed in Build-Depends, not Build-Depends-Indep, even if no architecture-dependent packages are built.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 7.7 (Relationships between source and binary packages - Build-Depends, Build-Depends-Indep, Build-Depends-Arch, Build-Conflicts, Build-Conflicts-Indep, Build-Conflicts-Arch) for details.

Severity: important, Certainty: certain

Check: rules, Type: source

Evolution of the clean-should-be-satisfied-by-build-depends Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the clean-should-be-satisfied-by-build-depends tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 13, overridden: 0, total: 13

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checksecurity 2.0.16+nmu1 (source) (Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <>)

dh-kpatches 0.100.1+nmu1 (source) (Yann Dirson <>)

gav-themes 0.7.3-2.2 (source) (Ari Pollak <>)

htmlgen 2.2.2-12.3 (source) (Kevin Coyner <>)

libcgi-ssi-parser-perl 0.01-1.2 (source) (Jason Thomas <>)

manpages-es-extra 0.8a-19 (source) (Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <>)

mpi-specs 20040719-3 (source) (Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>)

pybliographer 1.3.2-1.2 (source) (Chris Lawrence <>)

python-htmltmpl 1.22-10.1 (source) (Sergio Talens-Oliag <>)

xpilot-extra 4.7.3 (source) (Debian QA Group <>)

yaret 2.1.0-5.1 (source) (Marco Nenciarini <>)