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I build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any

All reports of build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The given package appears to have a Python development package (python-dev, python-all-dev or pythonX.Y-dev) listed in its Build-Depends or Build-Depends-Indep fields, but only "Architecture: all" packages are built by this source package. Python applications and modules do not usually require those dev packages, so you should consider removing them in favour of python, python-all or pythonX.Y.

If you are building a Python extension instead, you should have development packages listed in Build-Depends, but normally there should be at least one Architecture: any package.

Severity: minor, Certainty: possible

Check: fields, Type: binary, udeb, source

Evolution of the build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 48, overridden: 4, total: 52

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bicyclerepair 0.9-6.2 (source)

cdbs 0.4.158 (source) overridden

dictclient (source)

dictdlib (source)

ditrack 0.8-1.2 (source)

driconf 0.9.1-4 (source)

fibranet 10-3.1 (source)

gastables 0.3-2.2 (source)

genetic 0.1.1b-11 (source)

htmlgen 2.2.2-12.3 (source)

imediff2 1.1.2-3 (source) 0.5.0-1.6 (source)

lqa 20180702.0-1 (source)

moap 0.2.7-2 (source)

moin 1.9.9-1 (source)

nuitka (source) overridden

ocr4gamera 1.2.2-5 (source) overridden

ooo2dbk 2.1.0-1.1 (source)

open-build-service 2.7.4-3 (source)

opendict-lingvosoft 0.8-2.1 (source)

plastex 0.9.2-1.2 (source)

pmock 0.3.1+s20140625-3 (source)

py-libmpdclient 0.11.1-5 (source)

py3c 1.0-1 (source)

pybliographer 1.3.2-1.2 (source)

pycollada 0.4-3 (source)

pyrex 0.9.9-1 (source)

python-authkit 0.4.3-2 (source)

python-cdd 0.0.11+nmu1 (source)

python-gwebsockets 0.4-3 (source)

python-htmltmpl 1.22-10.1 (source)

python-id3 1.2-6.3 (source)

python-jenkinsapi 0.2.30-1 (source)

python-pbr 4.2.0-4 (source) overridden

python-pcs 0.5+debian-2 (source)

python-ptrace 0.9.3-2.1 (source)

python-pychart 1.39-7.1 (source)

python-reno 2.9.2-1 (source)

python-tgext.admin 0.2.6-3 (source)

python-toscawidgets (source)

python-webflash 0.1a9-5 (source)

ros-rosdep 0.12.2-2 (source)

sgp4 1.4-1 (source)

sugar 0.112-6 (source)

supybot 0.84.0.ds-1 (source)

swap-cwm 1.2.1-7 (source)

unattended-upgrades 1.6 (source)

vistrails 2.2.4-1 (source)

xgridfit 2.3-3 (source)

yapps2 2.2.1-1 (source)

yapps2 2.1.1-17.5 (source)

yappy 1.9.4-2 (source)