Lintian Reports

W binary-without-manpage

A subset of the reports of binary-without-manpage for the archive. Unfortunately the full list is too long, so only 1024 instances are listed on this page. At most 3 tags are shown per package. If you need the full list of tags, please download the lintian.log.gz file and extract the data you need.

The extended description of this tag is:

Each binary in /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /bin, /sbin or /usr/games should have a manual page

Note that though the man program has the capability to check for several program names in the NAMES section, each of these programs should have its own manual page (a symbolic link to the appropriate manual page is sufficient) because other manual page viewers such as xman or tkman don't support this.

If the name of the man page differs from the binary by case, man may be able to find it anyway; however, it is still best practice to make the case of the man page match the case of the binary.

If the man pages are provided by another package on which this package depends, Lintian may not be able to determine that man pages are available. In this case, after confirming that all binaries do have man pages after this package and its dependencies are installed, please add a Lintian override.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 12.1 (Manual pages) for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

Check: manpages, Type: binary

Evolution of the binary-without-manpage Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the binary-without-manpage tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 12206, overridden: 3713, total: 15919

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

0install-core 2.12.3-1 (binary)

389-ds-base (binary)

389-dsgw 1.1.11-2+b4 (binary)

4store 1.1.6+20151109-2+b3 (binary)

aapt 1:8.1.0+r23-2 (binary)

aapt 1:7.0.0+r33-1 (binary)

abcde 2.9.2-1 (binary)

abci 0.0~git20170124.0.f94ae5e-2+b2 (binary)

abigail-tools 1.4-1 (binary)

abinit 8.8.4-1 (binary)

abootimg 0.6-1+b2 (binary)

abw2epub 0.9.6-2 (binary)

abw2odt 0.9.6-2 (binary)

abyss 2.1.1-1 (binary)

accountwizard 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

aces3 3.0.8-5.1+b4 (binary)

acfax 981011-17+b1 (binary)

acpi-fakekey 0.142-8+b1 (binary)

acr 1.7.0-1 (binary)

activemq 5.15.6-1 (binary)

adlint 3.2.14-4 (binary)

adns-tools 1.5.0~rc1-1.1 (binary)

aeson-pretty 0.8.7-1+b1 (binary)

aevol 5.0-2 (binary)

afew 1.3.0-1 (binary)

afuse 0.4.1-1+b3 (binary)

agda-bin 2.5.3-5+b1 (binary)

aho-corasick 0.6.8-1 (binary)

akonadi-backend-mysql 4:17.12.3-3 (binary)

akonadi-backend-mysql 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

akonadi-import-wizard 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

akonadi-server 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

akonadiconsole 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

akregator 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

alienblaster 1.1.0-9 (binary) overridden

alliance 5.1.1-3 (binary)

alljoyn-gateway-1504 15.04~git20160606-4 (binary)

alljoyn-services-1504 15.04-8 (binary)

alljoyn-services-1509 15.09-6 (binary)

alljoyn-services-1604 16.04-5 (binary)

allure (binary)

alsa-firmware-loaders 1.1.3-1 (binary)

alsa-tools 1.1.3-1 (binary)

alsa-tools-gui 1.1.3-1 (binary)

alsa-utils 1.1.6-1 (binary)

alt-ergo 1.30+dfsg1-1 (binary)

amarok 2.9.0-1+b1 (binary)

amarok-utils 2.9.0-1+b1 (binary)

amavisd-new 1:2.11.0-3 (binary)

amora-applet 1.2~svn+git2015.04.25-1+b2 (binary)

androguard 3.2.1-1 (binary)

android-androresolvd 1.3-1+b1 (binary)

android-platform-tools-base 2.2.2-3 (binary)

android-sdk-ext4-utils 8.1.0+r23-1 (binary)

android-sdk-libsparse-utils 1:8.1.0+r23-1~stage1.2 (binary)

android-tools-adbd 5.1.1.r38-1.1 (binary)

android-tools-fsutils 5.1.1.r38-1.1 (binary)

android-tools-mkbootimg 5.1.1.r38-1.1 (binary)

anjuta 2:3.28.0-4 (binary)

anope 2.0.6-1 (binary)

ansible 2.6.5+dfsg-1 (binary)

anthy 1:0.3-7 (binary)

ants 2.2.0-1+b2 (binary)

aodh-common 7.0.0-2 (binary)

aolserver4-daemon 4.5.1-18.1+b1 (binary)

aom-tools 1.0.0-3 (binary)

apachedex 1.6.2-1 (binary)

apertium 3.5.2-1 (binary)

apertium-apy 0.11.4-1 (binary)

apertium-dev 3.5.2-1 (binary)

apertium-lex-tools 0.2.1-1 (binary)

apertium-separable 0.3.2-1 (binary)

apitrace 7.1+git20170623.d38a69d6+repack-3+b2 (binary) overridden

apitrace-gui 7.1+git20170623.d38a69d6+repack-3+b2 (binary) overridden

appc-spec 0.8.11+dfsg-2 (binary)

append2simg 1:7.0.0+r33-2 (binary)

apport-notify 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-notify 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apport-retrace 2.20.4-5 (binary)

apport-retrace 2.17.2-1 (binary)

apt-offline-gui 1.8.1 (binary)

apticron-systemd 1.2.1 (binary) overridden

aqbanking-tools 5.7.8-2 (binary)

arc-gui-clients 0.4.6-6 (binary)

archipel-agent-hypervisor-platformrequest 0.6.0-1 (binary)

argonaut-freeradius 1.2-2 (binary)

argonaut-fusioninventory 1.2-2 (binary)

argus-client 1: (binary)

artikulate 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

asciijump 1.0.2~beta-10 (binary)

aseba 1.6.0-4 (binary)

assaultcube (binary) overridden

asterisk 1:13.23.1~dfsg-1 (binary)

atheme-services 7.2.9-3 (binary)

atlc 4.6.1-2 (binary)

atm-tools 1:2.5.1-2 (binary)

atomicparsley 0.9.6-1+b1 (binary)

autodeb-server 0.20.0-1 (binary)

autodeb-worker 0.20.0-1 (binary)

autofdo 0.18-1 (binary)

automoc 1.0~version-0.9.88-5+b2 (binary)

avce00 2.0.0-7 (binary)

avfs 1.0.6-1 (binary)

avogadro 1.2.0-4 (binary)

avro-bin 1.8.2-1 (binary)

awesfx 0.5.1e-2 (binary)

aws-shell 0.2.1-1 (binary)

awscli 1.16.26-1 (binary)

ax25-tools 0.0.10-rc4-3 (binary)

ax25-xtools 0.0.10-rc4-3 (binary)

backintime-qt4 1.1.24-0.1 (binary)

bagel 1.1.1-2 (binary)

baloo-kf5 5.49.0-1+b1 (binary) overridden

baloo-utils 4:4.14.3-3+b4 (binary)

baloo4 4:4.14.3-3+b4 (binary)

banshee 2.9.1-5 (binary)

banshee 2.6.2-6.2 (binary)

barbican-common 1:7.0.0-1 (binary)

barnowl 1.10-1 (binary)

barrier 2.1.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

baycomusb 0.10-14 (binary)

bcfg2-server 1.4.0~pre2+git141-g6d40dace6358-1 (binary)

bcftools 1.9-1 (binary)

beads 1.1.18+dfsg-1 (binary)

beast-mcmc 1.8.4+dfsg.1-3 (binary)

bedops 2.4.35+dfsg-1 (binary)

bedtools 2.26.0+dfsg-5 (binary)

bedtools 2.27.1+dfsg-2 (binary)

bind-utils 1:9.13.3-1 (binary)

bind9 1:9.11.4.P2+dfsg-3 (binary)

bind9utils 1:9.11.4.P2+dfsg-3 (binary)

bindgraph 0.2a-6 (binary) overridden

binpac 0.50-1 (binary)

binutils 2.31.1-6 (binary) overridden

binutils-arm-none-eabi 2.31.1-2+10 (binary) overridden

binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu 2.31.1-6 (binary) overridden

binutils-msp430 2.22~msp20120406-5.1+b1 (binary)

binutils-msp430 2.24~ti+exp0 (binary)

binutils-multiarch 2.31.1-6 (binary) overridden

binutils-z80 2.28-5+4+b4 (binary) overridden

bio-tradis 1.4.1+dfsg-1 (binary)

biom-format-tools 2.1.6+dfsg-2+b1 (binary)

bioperl 1.7.2-2 (binary)

bitmeter 1.2-4 (binary)

bitseq 0.7.5+dfsg-3 (binary)

blasr 5.3+0-2 (binary)

blender 2.79.b+dfsg0-4 (binary)

blogilo 4:17.08.3-2 (binary)

bluedevil 4:5.13.4-1 (binary) overridden

bluez-test-tools 5.50-1 (binary)

bnfc 2.8.1-6 (binary)

boinc-screensaver 7.12.0+dfsg-1exp2 (binary)

boinc-screensaver 7.12.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

bomber 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

bonnie++ 1.97.3 (binary)

boot-info-script 0.77-1 (binary)

bowtie 1.2.2+dfsg-4 (binary) overridden

bpfcc-lua 0.6.0-2 (binary)

bpfcc-tools 0.6.0-2 (binary)

breeze 4:5.13.4-1 (binary) overridden

brig 0.95+dfsg-2 (binary)

brltty 5.6-5 (binary)

bro 2.5.5-1 (binary)

btest 0.57-1 (binary)

btfs 2.18-1+b1 (binary) overridden

bugwarrior 1.5.1-2 (binary)

bumblebee 3.2.1-17 (binary)

bup 0.29-3 (binary)

buzztrax 0.10.2-6 (binary)

bzr-git 0.6.13+bzr1649-3 (binary)

ca-certificates-mono (binary)

cabal-install (binary)

caca-utils 0.99.beta19-2+b3 (binary)

caffe-tools-cpu 1.0.0-8+b1 (binary) overridden

caffe-tools-cuda 1.0.0-8 (binary) overridden

cairo-dock-core 3.4.1-3 (binary)

cairo-perf-utils 1.15.12-1 (binary)

calamares-settings-debian 10.0.10-2 (binary) overridden

calcurse 4.3.0-2.1 (binary)

calendarserver 9.1+dfsg-1 (binary)

calibre 3.32.0+dfsg-1 (binary)

calligra-gemini 1:3.1.0+dfsg-3 (binary)

calligraplan 1:3.1.0-3 (binary)

caml-crush-server 1.0.8-1+b1 (binary)

camlp4 4.05+1-2 (binary)

can-utils 2018.02.0-1 (binary)

caneda 0.3.1-1 (binary)

canna 3.7p3-14 (binary) overridden

canna-utils 3.7p3-14 (binary) overridden

cantor 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

cantor-backend-python3 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

cantor-backend-r 4:18.08.1-1 (binary)

capiutils 1:3.25+dfsg1-9+b2 (binary)

capstone-tool 3.0.5-3 (binary)

captagent (binary)

carbon-c-relay 3.2-1 (binary)

carettah 0.5.1-1 (binary)

caribou 0.4.21-5 (binary)

catkin 0.7.14-5 (binary)

cb2bib 1.9.9-1 (binary) overridden

cba 0.3.6-4.1+b2 (binary)

cbedic 4.0-4+b1 (binary)

cc1111 2.9.0-8 (binary)

cc65 2.17-1 (binary)

cd-hit 4.6.8-2 (binary)

cdftools 3.0.2-3+b1 (binary)

cdo 1.9.5-2 (binary)

cdr2odg 0.9.6-2 (binary)

ceilometer-agent-notification 1:11.0.0-2 (binary)

ceilometer-common 1:11.0.0-2 (binary)

ceph-common 10.2.7-0exp1 (binary)

ceph-common 10.2.5-7.2 (binary)

ceph-mds 10.2.7-0exp1 (binary)

ceph-mds 10.2.5-7.2 (binary)

ceph-osd 10.2.7-0exp1 (binary)

ceph-osd 10.2.5-7.2 (binary)

certspotter 0.9-1 (binary)

cfengine3 3.10.2-4 (binary) overridden

cgns-convert 3.3.0-6+b1 (binary)

charmtimetracker 1.12.0-1 (binary)

charon-systemd 5.7.1-1 (binary)

charybdis 4.1.1-1+b1 (binary)

check-all-the-things 2017.05.20 (binary)

check-mk-agent 1.4.0p9-1 (binary)

check-mk-agent 1.2.8p26-1 (binary)

check-mk-livestatus 1.4.0p9-1 (binary)

check-mk-livestatus 1.2.8p26-1 (binary)

check-mk-server 1.4.0p9-1 (binary)

check-mk-server 1.2.8p26-1 (binary)

checkbox-ng 0.23-2 (binary)

chef-zero 13.1.0-2 (binary)

chiark-backup 6.0.2 (binary)

chiark-scripts 6.0.2 (binary)

chiark-utils-bin 6.0.2 (binary)

chipmunk-dev 6.1.5-1+b1 (binary)

chrome-gnome-shell 10.1-1 (binary)

chromium-driver 70.0.3538.67-1 (binary)

chromium-shell 70.0.3538.67-1 (binary)

cicero 0.7.2-4 (binary)

cinder-backup 2:13.0.0-3 (binary)

cinder-common 2:13.0.0-3 (binary)

cinder-volume 2:13.0.0-3 (binary)

cinnamon 3.8.8-1 (binary)

cinnamon-control-center 3.8.1-1 (binary)

cinnamon-screensaver 3.8.2-1 (binary)

circle-backend 0.173320-1 (binary)

citadel-client 916-1 (binary)

citadel-server 917-2+b1 (binary)

cjs 3.8.0-4 (binary)

clang 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-7 1:7-6 (binary)

clang-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-8 1:8~svn343154-1 (binary)

clang-format-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-format-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-format-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-format-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-format-7 1:7-6 (binary)

clang-format-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-format-8 1:8~svn343154-1 (binary)

clang-tidy 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang-tidy 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-tidy-3.8 1:3.8.1-27 (binary)

clang-tidy-3.9 1:3.9.1-19+b1 (binary)

clang-tidy-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-tidy-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-tidy-7 1:7-6 (binary)

clang-tidy-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-tidy-8 1:8~svn343154-1 (binary)

clang-tools 1:7.0-44~exp2 (binary)

clang-tools 1:6.0-43 (binary)

clang-tools-4.0 1:4.0.1-10+b1 (binary)

clang-tools-6.0 1:6.0.1-9 (binary)

clang-tools-7 1:7-6 (binary)

clang-tools-8 1:8~svn342638-1 (binary)

clang-tools-8 1:8~svn343154-1 (binary)

clementine 1.3.1+git565-gd20c2244a+dfsg-1+b1 (binary) overridden

clevis 10-2 (binary)

clevis-luks 10-2 (binary)

clevis-tpm2 10-2 (binary)

cli-common-dev 0.9+nmu1 (binary)

clonalorigin 1.0-2 (binary)

clonezilla 3.27.16-3 (binary)

closure-linter 2.3.19-1 (binary)

cloud-guest-utils 0.29-1 (binary)

cloud-image-utils 0.29-1 (binary)

cloud-init 18.3-3 (binary)

cloud-utils-euca 0.29-1 (binary)

cnvkit 0.9.5-1 (binary)

code-aster-run 1.13.1-2.1 (binary)

coffeescript 1.12.8~dfsg-1 (binary)

coinst-viewer 1.9.3-1+b1 (binary)

colord 1.4.3-3 (binary)

colord-kde 0.5.0-3 (binary)

command-not-found 0.2.38-4 (binary)

compiz-core 1: (binary) overridden

compton-conf 0.4.0-1 (binary) overridden

congress-common 8.0.0+dfsg1-1 (binary)

conmux 0.12.0-1 (binary)

connectome-workbench 1.3.2-1 (binary)

connectomeviewer 2.1.0-1.1 (binary) overridden

connman 1.36-1 (binary) overridden

connman-vpn 1.36-1 (binary) overridden

console-braille 1.7 (binary)

consul 1.0.7~dfsg1-5 (binary)

consulfs 0.2-1 (binary)

containerd 0.2.3+git20170126.85.aa8187d~ds1-2 (binary) overridden

context 2018.04.04.20180416-1 (binary)

converseen 0.9.7-1 (binary)

coop-computing-tools 7.0.0-1 (binary)

coq 8.6-5 (binary)

couchapp 1.0.2+dfsg1-1 (binary)

courier-authdaemon 0.69.0-1 (binary)

courier-authlib-dev 0.69.0-1 (binary)

courier-authlib-userdb 0.69.0-1 (binary)

courier-imap 4.18.1+0.78.0-2+b2 (binary)

courier-mlm 0.78.0-2+b2 (binary)

couriergraph 0.25-4.4 (binary)

cp2k 5.1-4+b1 (binary)

cplay 1.50-2 (binary)

cpluff-loader 0.1.4+dfsg1-1+b2 (binary)

cpp 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5 5.5.0-12 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-aarch64-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-alpha-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-arm-linux-gnueabi 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-arm-linux-gnueabihf 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-m68k-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-mips-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-mips64-linux-gnuabi64 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-mipsel-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-powerpc-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-powerpc-linux-gnuspe 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-powerpc64-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-powerpc64le-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-s390x-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-sh4-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-5-sparc64-linux-gnu 5.5.0-10cross3 (binary) overridden

cpp-6 6.4.0-22 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-aarch64-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-alpha-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-arm-linux-gnueabi 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-arm-linux-gnueabihf 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-hppa-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-i686-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-m68k-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-mips-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-mips64-linux-gnuabi64 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-mipsel-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-powerpc-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-powerpc-linux-gnuspe 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-powerpc64-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-powerpc64le-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-s390x-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-sh4-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-sparc64-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-x86-64-linux-gnu 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-6-x86-64-linux-gnux32 6.4.0-16cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7 7.3.0-29 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-aarch64-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-alpha-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-arm-linux-gnueabi 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-arm-linux-gnueabihf 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-hppa-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-i686-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-m68k-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-mips-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-mips64-linux-gnuabi64 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-mipsel-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-powerpc-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-powerpc-linux-gnuspe 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-powerpc64-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-powerpc64le-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-riscv64-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-s390x-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-sh4-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-sparc64-linux-gnu 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-x86-64-linux-gnu 7.3.0-28cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-7-x86-64-linux-gnux32 7.3.0-27cross1 (binary) overridden

cpp-8 8.2.0-7 (binary) overridden

cpp-aarch64-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-alpha-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-arm-linux-gnueabi 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-arm-linux-gnueabihf 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-hppa-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-i686-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-m68k-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-mips-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-mips64-linux-gnuabi64 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-mipsel-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-powerpc-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-powerpc-linux-gnuspe 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-powerpc64-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-powerpc64le-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-riscv64-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-s390x-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-sh4-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-sparc64-linux-gnu 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-x86-64-linux-gnu 4:8.2.0-1 (binary) overridden

cpp-x86-64-linux-gnux32 4:8.1.0-1 (binary) overridden

cppcheck-gui 1.84-2 (binary)

crac 2.5.0+dfsg-3 (binary)

createfp 3.4.5-1 (binary)

criticalmass 1:1.0.0-6 (binary)

criu 3.10-1 (binary)

criu 3.8.1-1 (binary)

crm114 20100106-8 (binary)

crossfire-client 1.72.0-1 (binary)

cryptol 2.5.0-1+b2 (binary)

csmith 2.3.0-4 (binary)

csound 1:6.11.0~dfsg-3 (binary)

csound-utils 1:6.11.0~dfsg-3 (binary) overridden

csoundqt 0.9.4-1 (binary)

css2xslfo 1.6.2-2 (binary)

csvkit 1.0.2-1 (binary)

cube2-data 1.1-1 (binary) overridden

cups-filters 1.21.3-1 (binary)

cvm 0.97-0.1 (binary)

cvm-mysql 0.97-0.1 (binary)

cvm-pgsql 0.97-0.1 (binary)

cycfx2prog 0.47-1+b2 (binary)

cylc 7.7.2-3 (binary)

cyrus-admin 2.5.11-1 (binary)

cython 0.28.4-1 (binary)

cython3 0.28.4-1 (binary)

d-itg 2.8.1-r1023-3+b2 (binary)

d52 3.4.1-1.1+b2 (binary)

dahdi 1:2.11.1-3 (binary)

dalvik-exchange 7.0.0+r33-1 (binary)

dans-gdal-scripts 0.24-3 (binary)

darktable 2.4.4-1 (binary)

das-watchdog 0.9.0-3.2+b3 (binary)

datalad (binary) overridden

datovka 4.9.3-2 (binary)

davix 0.6.8-1 (binary)

db-util 5.3.1 (binary)

db4otool (binary)

db5.3-sql-util 5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2 (binary)

db5.3-util 5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2 (binary)

dbus-cpp-bin 5.0.0+18.04.20171031-2 (binary)

dc-qt 0.2.0.alpha-4.3+b2 (binary)

debbugs 2.6.0 (binary)

debfoster 2.7-2.1+b1 (binary)

debian-edu-config 2.10.40 (binary)