Lintian Reports

I arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share

All reports of arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The package has a significant amount of architecture-independent data (over 4MB, or over 2MB and more than 50% of the package) in /usr/share but is an architecture-dependent package. This is wasteful of mirror space and bandwidth since it means distributing multiple copies of this data, one for each architecture.

If the data in /usr/share is not architecture-independent, this is a Policy violation that should be fixed by moving the data elsewhere (usually /usr/lib).

Refer to Debian Developer's Reference section 6.7.5 (Architecture-independent data) for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: huge-usr-share, Type: binary

Evolution of the arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share Lintian tag over the past 366 days:

The beforementioned graph for the arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share tag

Emitted (non-overridden): 503, overridden: 16, total: 519

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

3depict 0.0.19-1+b2 (binary)

advi 1.10.2-3+b1 (binary)

aisleriot 1:3.22.6-1 (binary)

alliance 5.1.1-3 (binary)

altos 1.8.6-2 (binary)

avogadro 1.2.0-4 (binary)

bagel 1.1.1-2 (binary)

balsa 2.5.6-1 (binary)

banshee 2.9.1-5 (binary)

banshee 2.6.2-6.2 (binary)

bash 4.4.18-3.1 (binary)

bash 5.0~alpha1-1 (binary)

basic256 (binary)

binutils-common 2.31.1-6 (binary)

birdfont 2.23.0-1 (binary)

blockattack 2.3.0-1 (binary)

blockout2 2.4+dfsg1-8 (binary)

boinc-server-maker 7.12.0+dfsg-1exp2 (binary)

breeze 4:5.13.4-1 (binary)

brewtarget 2.3.1-3 (binary)

cairo-dock-core 3.4.1-3 (binary)

cc65 2.17-1 (binary)

cervisia 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

check-mk-multisite 1.4.0p9-1 (binary)

check-mk-multisite 1.2.8p26-1 (binary)

check-mk-server 1.4.0p9-1 (binary)

check-mk-server 1.2.8p26-1 (binary)

cloudcompare 2.9.1+git20180223-2 (binary)

coq-theories 8.6-5 (binary)

coreutils 8.30-1 (binary)

coz-profiler 0.1.0-2 (binary)

cpl-plugin-fors 5.3.32+dfsg-1 (binary)

cpl-plugin-kmos 2.0.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

cqrlog 2.0.5-3 (binary)

dbench 4.0-2+b2 (binary)

dispcalgui (binary)

dolphin 4:18.08.0-1 (binary)

dpdk-dev 18.08-3 (binary)

dpdk-dev 17.11.4-1 (binary)

dpkg (binary) overridden

drkonqi 5.13.4-1 (binary)

ekiga 4.0.1-9+b1 (binary)

emscripten 1.22.1-1 (binary)

eog 3.28.3-1 (binary)

ergo 3.5-1+b1 (binary)

esys-particle 2.3.5+dfsg1-2+b1 (binary)

eviacam 2.1.3-4 (binary)

evolution-dev 3.30.0-1 (binary)

fcitx-modules 1: (binary)

fcitx-pinyin 1: (binary) overridden

ffrenzy 1.0.2~svn20150731-1+b1 (binary)

focuswriter 1.6.16-1 (binary)

gcc-7-test-results 7.3.0-29 (binary)

gcc-8-test-results 8.2.0-7 (binary)

gcc-msp430 4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7.1+b1 (binary)

gcc-snapshot 1:20180908-1 (binary)

gentle 1.9+cvs20100605+dfsg1-7 (binary)

geomview 1.9.5-2 (binary)

gerbv 2.6.1-3 (binary)

gettext (binary)

gnome-calculator 3.30.0-1 (binary)

gnome-disk-utility 3.30.0-1 (binary)

gnome-mahjongg 1:3.22.0-3 (binary)

gnome-nibbles 1:3.24.1-1 (binary)

gnome-system-tools 3.0.0-8 (binary)

gnome-taquin 3.28.0-2 (binary)

gnome-tetravex 1:3.22.0-2 (binary)

gnote 3.28.0-1 (binary)

gnuradio (binary)

golang-1.10-src 1.10.4-2 (binary)

golang-1.7-src 1.7.6-2 (binary)

golang-1.8-src 1.8.5-1 (binary)

golang-1.9-src 1.9.4-1 (binary)

goldendict 1.5.0~rc2+git20180707+ds-1+b1 (binary)

golly 2.8-1 (binary)

gparted 0.32.0-2 (binary)

gpredict 2.0-4 (binary)

gpsd-clients 3.17-5+b1 (binary)

grads 3:2.2.1-1 (binary)

graphicsmagick 1.3.30-1 (binary)

groff 1.22.3-10 (binary)

groff 1.22.4~rc2-2 (binary)

grr-server (binary)

gtk-4-examples 3.91.2-1 (binary)

gtk-gnutella 1.1.8-2+b1 (binary)

gtranslator 2.91.7-5 (binary)

gwenview 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

handbrake 1.1.2+ds1-1 (binary)

hol-light 20170109-2 (binary) overridden

horizon-eda 0.20180331-3+b1 (binary)

ibus 1.5.19-1 (binary)

ibus-anthy 1.5.10-1 (binary)

ibus-array 0.2.1-1 (binary)

ibus-table-extraphrase (binary)

icinga-cgi-bin 1.14.2+ds-3 (binary)

idjc 0.8.17-1+b1 (binary)

infernal 1.1.2-2 (binary)

inkscape 0.92.3-3 (binary)

ipe 7.2.7-3 (binary)

jacktrip 1.1~repack-5+b2 (binary)

julia 0.7.0-2 (binary)

kaffeine 2.0.15-2 (binary)

kalarm 4:18.07.90-1 (binary)

kalarm 4:17.12.3-2 (binary)

kanagram 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

kbounce 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kbreakout 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kbruch 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

kdiamond 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kfourinline 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kget 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

kgoldrunner 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kgpg 4:18.07.90-1 (binary)

kgpg 4:17.12.3-1 (binary)

kgpg 4:17.12.3-1+b1 (binary)

khangman 4:17.08.3-2 (binary)

khard 0.12.2-4 (binary)

khelpcenter 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

kig 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

kigo 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kinfocenter 4:5.13.4-1 (binary)

kino 1.3.4+dfsg0-1 (binary)

kio 5.49.0-1 (binary)

kiten 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

kleopatra 4:18.07.90-1 (binary)

kleopatra 4:17.12.3-1 (binary)

klines 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kmahjongg 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kmail 4:18.07.90-1 (binary)

kmail 4:17.12.3-1 (binary)

kmplot 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

knights 2.5.0-2+b1 (binary)

kolourpaint 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

konqueror 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

korganizer 4:18.07.90-1 (binary)

korganizer 4:17.12.3-2 (binary)

kpat 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kphotoalbum 5.3-2 (binary)

kradio4 4.0.8+git20180527-1+b1 (binary)

krusader 2:2.7.1-1 (binary)

ksirk 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

ksystemlog 4:18.08.0-1 (binary)

ktuberling 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kturtle 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

kwave 18.08.1-1 (binary)

kwordquiz 4:17.08.3-1 (binary)

libapr1-dev 1.6.3-3 (binary)

libassa-3.5-5-dev 3.5.1-6+b1 (binary)

libboost1.67-tools-dev 1.67.0-7 (binary)

libcamomile-ocaml-dev 0.8.5-1+b1 (binary)

libcore-extended-ocaml-dev 113.00.00-2 (binary)

libcore-kernel-ocaml-dev 113.00.00-3 (binary)

libcore-ocaml-dev 113.00.00-4 (binary)

libcrypto++-utils 5.6.4-8 (binary)

libcrypto++-utils 7.0.0-1 (binary)

libgimp2.0 2.10.6-3 (binary)

libgirepository1.0-dev 1.58.0-1 (binary)

libgstreamer1.0-dev 1.14.3-1 (binary)

libgtk-3-dev 3.24.1-1 (binary)

libgtk-3-dev 3.24.0-3 (binary)

libgtk-4-dev 3.91.2-1 (binary)

libgtkada17.0-dev 17.0.2017-3 (binary)

libgtkada18-dev 18-1 (binary)

libguestfs-java 1:1.38.4-1 (binary)

libgutenprint2 5.2.13-2+b1 (binary)

liblcms2-dev 2.9-3 (binary)

liblinphone-dev 3.12.0-2 (binary)

libmlv3-dev 3.1.0-2 (binary)

libncarg-dev 6.4.0-10+b1 (binary)

libnm-dev 1.12.2-3 (binary)

libnm-dev 1.14.0-1 (binary)

libobus-ocaml-dev 1.1.5-6+b2 (binary)

libocas-tools 0.97+dfsg-3 (binary) overridden

libopencc2 1.0.5-2 (binary)

libopenscap8 1.2.16-2+b1 (binary)

libpocl2 1.1-7 (binary)

libpocl2 1.2~rc2-1 (binary)

libpolyorb4-dev 2.11~20140418-5 (binary)

libpyzy-1.0-0v5 1.0.1-6 (binary)

librime-data-cangjie5 0.38.20180515-2 (binary)

librime-data-luna-pinyin 0.38.20180515-2 (binary)

librime-data-stroke 0.38.20180515-2 (binary)

librime-data-terra-pinyin 0.38.20180515-2 (binary)

librust-csv-dev 1.0.1-1 (binary)

librust-unicode-normalization-dev 0.1.7-1 (binary)

librust-winapi-dev 0.3.5-1 (binary)

libsimbody-dev 3.5.4+dfsg2-1 (binary)

libsundials-dev 3.1.1+dfsg-1+b1 (binary)

libui-utilcpp-dev 1.8.5-3 (binary)

libwibble-dev 1.1-2 (binary)

lokalize 4:17.08.3-4 (binary)

lskat 4:18.04.1-1 (binary)

luminance-hdr 2.5.1+dfsg-3+b2 (binary)

maitreya 7.0.7-1+b1 (binary)

mayavi2 4.5.0-1 (binary)

miceamaze 4.2.1-3+b1 (binary)

monero-tests (binary)

monero-tests (binary)

mpi-testsuite 3.2+dfsg-1 (binary)

mpqc-support 2.3.1-18+b3 (binary)

muse 2.1.2-3+b1 (binary)

mutt 1.10.1-2 (binary) overridden

neomutt 20180716+dfsg.1-1 (binary) overridden

network-manager 1.12.2-3 (binary)

network-manager 1.14.0-1 (binary)

network-manager-gnome 1.8.18-1 (binary)

nip2 8.7.0-1 (binary)

nvidia-nsight 9.1.85-4+b1 (binary) overridden

nvidia-nsight 9.2.148-1 (binary) overridden

nvidia-visual-profiler 9.1.85-4+b1 (binary) overridden

nvidia-visual-profiler 9.2.148-1 (binary) overridden

nyquist 3.12+ds-3 (binary)

okular 4:18.04.0-1 (binary)

okular 4:17.12.2-2 (binary)

openjdk-11-demo 11~28-1 (binary)

openorienteering-mapper (binary)

orage 4.12.1-4 (binary)

performous 1.1-2+b1 (binary)

phasex 0.14.97-3 (binary)

picolisp 18.6-1 (binary)

pitivi 0.999-1 (binary)

pixbros 0.6.3+dfsg-0.1 (binary)

plasma-framework 5.49.0-1 (binary)

plasma-workspace 4:5.13.5-1 (binary)

plume-creator 0.66+dfsg1-3.1+b3 (binary)

pocketsphinx 0.8+5prealpha+1-2+b2 (binary)

postgresql-10 10.5-1 (binary)

postgresql-10-citus 7.5.1.PGDG-1 (binary)

postgresql-10-partman 3.2.1-1 (binary)

postgresql-11 11~beta4-2 (binary)

previsat (binary)

pspp 1.0.1-1 (binary)

qml-module-qtquick-virtualkeyboard 5.11.1+dfsg-2 (binary)

qstopmotion 2.4.0-1 (binary)

quadrapassel 1:3.22.0-2 (binary)

rakarrack 0.6.1-5 (binary)

refind 0.11.2-1 (binary)

rsem 1.3.0+dfsg-2 (binary)

samba 2:4.8.5+dfsg-1 (binary)

scim-pinyin 0.5.92-3+b1 (binary)

seahorse 3.30-1 (binary)

shared-mime-info 1.9-2 (binary)

slashem-gtk 0.0.7E7F3-9+b1 (binary)

smb4k 2.1.1-1 (binary)

spacezero 0.80.06-1+b2 (binary)

sympa 6.2.32~dfsg-2 (binary)

synaptic 0.84.3 (binary)

tads3-dev 1:1.2.3-1+b1 (binary)

tali 1:3.22.0-2 (binary)

telegram-desktop 1.3.14-1 (binary)

texinfo 6.5.0.dfsg.1-4 (binary)

thunderbird 1:60.0-3 (binary)

tomboy 1.14.1-4+b1 (binary)

tomboy 1.15.4-1+b1 (binary)

triplane 1.0.8-2+b1 (binary)

trustedqsl 2.3.1-1+b1 (binary)

tuxfootball 0.3.1-6 (binary)

uhd-host (binary)

urjtag 0.10+r2052-1 (binary)

urjtag 0.10+r2007-1.2+b2 (binary)

vflib3 3.6.14.dfsg-3+nmu4 (binary)

viewmol 2.4.1-25 (binary)

virtualbox-qt 5.2.18-dfsg-2 (binary)

wreport-common 3.15-1 (binary)

wxmaxima 18.02.0-2 (binary)

xfce4-weather-plugin 0.8.10-1 (binary)

xmlcopyeditor (binary)

xppaut 6.11b+1.dfsg-1+b2 (binary)

yap 6.2.2-6+b2 (binary)

zfs-test 0.7.11-1 (binary)

zoneminder 1.30.4+dfsg1-5 (binary)