Lintian Reports

I unusual-documentation-package-name

All reports of unusual-documentation-package-name for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The specified package appears to be a documentation package that ends with the string "-docs". It is recommended that such packages use the more usual "-doc" suffix instead.

Please remove the superfluous trailing "s" from the package name.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 12.3 (Additional documentation) for details.

Severity: wishlist, Certainty: certain

Check: fields/package, Type: binary

Emitted (non-overridden): 37, overridden: 1, total: 38

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

clamav-docs 0.101.4+dfsg-1 (binary) (ClamAV Team <>)

cmucl-docs 21d-1 (binary) (Debian Common Lisp Team <>)

dar-docs 2.6.6-1 (binary) (Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>)

dcl-f77-docs 7.3.3-1 (binary) (Youhei SASAKI <>)

fftw-docs 2.1.5-4.2 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

fonts-cwtex-docs 1.0-3 (binary) (Debian Fonts Task Force <>)

fp-docs 3.0.4+dfsg-22 (binary) (Pascal Packaging Team <>)

fte-docs 0.50.2b6-20110708-2 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

gnome-api-docs 1:3.30+2 (binary) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnome-devel-docs 3.32.1-1 (binary) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnome-getting-started-docs 3.34.0-2 (binary) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnome-user-docs 3.34.0-2 (binary) (Debian GNOME Maintainers <>)

gnucash-docs 3.7-2 (binary) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

granule-docs 1.1.0+dfsg-3 (binary) (Barak A. Pearlmutter <>)

heimdal-docs 7.5.0+dfsg-3 (binary) (Brian May <>)

inform-docs 6.31.1+dfsg-2 (binary) (Ben Finney <>)

jmagick6-docs 6.6.9~20130201-svn99-4 (binary) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

libargtable2-docs 13-1 (binary) (Shachar Shemesh <>)

libcombblas-docs 1.6.2-4 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

libjs-jquery-flot-docs 0.8.3+dfsg-1 (binary) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

libjs-jquery-ui-docs 1.12.1+dfsg-5 (binary) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

libjs-spectre-docs 0.5.3-1 (binary) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

libsrtp2-docs 2.2.0-1 (binary) (Debian VoIP Team <>)

libunicap-docs 0.9.12+repack20150328.0.git2c600ae-2 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

m17n-docs 1.6.2-2 (binary) (Harshula Jayasuriya <>)

maradns-docs 2.0.13-1.2 (binary) (Dariusz Dwornikowski <>)

mgetty-docs 1.2.1-1 (binary) (Andreas Barth <>)

packagekit-docs 1.1.12-5 (binary) (Matthias Klumpp <>)

python-liblo-docs 0.10.0-3 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

python-netaddr-docs 0.7.19-1 (binary) (Vincent Bernat <>)

python-petsc4py-docs 3.12.0-1 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

python-slepc4py-docs 3.12.0-1 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

python-slepc4py-docs 3.11.0-2 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

python-xlrd-docs 1.1.0-3 (binary) (Debian Python Modules Team <>)

tomcat8-docs 8.5.39-1 (binary) (Debian Java Maintainers <>)

tomcat9-docs 9.0.27-1 (binary) (Debian Java Maintainers <>) overridden

whitedune-docs 0.30.10-2.2 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

xorg-docs 1:1.7.1-1.1 (binary) (Debian X Strike Force <>)