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E php-script-but-no-php-cli-dep

All reports of php-script-but-no-php-cli-dep for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

Packages with PHP scripts must depend on the php-cli package. Note that a dependency on a php-cgi package (such as php-cgi or php7.0-cgi) is needlessly strict and forces the user to install a package that isn't needed.

In some cases a weaker relationship, such as Suggests or Recommends, will be more appropriate.

Severity: important, Certainty: certain

Check: scripts, Type: binary

Emitted (non-overridden): 111, overridden: 7, total: 118

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arcanist 0~git20190207-1 (binary) (Sylvestre Ledru <>)

davical 1.1.8-1 (binary) (Davical Development Team <>) overridden

dtc-common 0.35.5-1 (binary) (Thomas Goirand <>)

dtc-stats-daemon 0.35.5-1 (binary) (Thomas Goirand <>)

fusionforge-common 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-db-local 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-lists 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-plugin-hudson 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-plugin-mediawiki 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-plugin-moinmoin 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-plugin-scmhook 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-scm 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-shell 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

fusionforge-web-vhosts 6.0.5-2 (binary) (Roland Mas <>)

libphutil 0~git20190207-1 (binary) (Sylvestre Ledru <>)