Lintian Reports

W init.d-script-does-not-source-init-functions

All reports of init.d-script-does-not-source-init-functions for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The /etc/init.d script does not source /lib/lsb/init-functions. The systemd package provides /lib/lsb/init-functions.d/40-systemd to redirect /etc/init.d/$script calls to systemctl.

Please add a line like this to your /etc/init.d script:

     . /lib/lsb/init-functions

Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

Check: systemd, Type: binary

Emitted (non-overridden): 71, overridden: 5, total: 76

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

am-utils 6.2+rc20110530-3.2+b1 (binary) (Tim Cutts <>)

apcupsd 3.14.14-3 (binary) (Thorsten Alteholz <>) overridden

avis 1.2.2-4 (binary) (Debian Middleware Maintainers <>)

bootparamd 0.17-10+b1 (binary) (Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta <>)

bootparamd 0.17-10 (binary) (Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta <>)

bopm 3.1.3-3+b2 (binary) (Martin Wuertele <>)

captagent (binary) (Debian VoIP Team <>)

codeville 0.8.0-2.1 (binary) (Michael Janssen <>)

couriergraph 0.25-4.4 (binary) (Jose Luis Tallon <>)

das-watchdog 0.9.0-3.2+b3 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

dhcp-helper 1.2-1+b1 (binary) (Simon Kelley <>)

dhis-client 5.5-5+b1 (binary) (Guus Sliepen <>)

dhis-server 5.3-2.1+b2 (binary) (Guus Sliepen <>)

digitools 1.03-1.2+b1 (binary) (Cyril Lacoux (Yack) <>)

dynalogin-server 1.0.0-3+b3 (binary) (Debian Authentication Maintainers <>)

ez-ipupdate 3.0.11b8-13.4.1+b2 (binary) (Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) <>)

flow-tools 1:0.68-12.5+b4 (binary) (Radu Spineanu <>)

freewnn-cserver 1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

freewnn-jserver 1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

freewnn-kserver 1.1.1~a021+cvs20130302-7+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

ganglia-monitor 3.6.0-7+b2 (binary) (Debian Monitoring Maintainers <>)

gkrellmd 2.3.10-2+b1 (binary) (Sandro Tosi <>)

globus-scheduler-event-generator-progs 6.1-2 (binary) (Mattias Ellert <>)

gmetad 3.6.0-7+b2 (binary) (Debian Monitoring Maintainers <>)

hpsockd 0.17+b3 (binary) (LaMont Jones <>)

ipfm 0.11.5-4.2+b1 (binary) (Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) <>)

ipip 1.1.9+b1 (binary) (Bdale Garbee <>)

live-config-sysvinit 5.20190519 (binary) (Live Systems Maintainers <>) overridden

lnpd 0.9.0-11+b2 (binary) (Michael Tautschnig <>)

loggerhead 1.19~bzr494-1 (binary) (Debian Breezy Maintainers <>)

lpr 1:2008.05.17.3 (binary) (Adam Majer <>)

mason 1.0.0-13 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

mgetty-fax 1.2.1-1 (binary) (Andreas Barth <>)

mimedefang 2.84-3+b1 (binary) (Christoph Martin <>)

mimedefang 2.84-3+b2 (binary) (Christoph Martin <>)

nas 1.9.4-6+b1 (binary) (Steve McIntyre <>)

nbd-client 1:3.20-1 (binary) (Wouter Verhelst <>)

nbd-server 1:3.20-1 (binary) (Wouter Verhelst <>)

net-acct 0.71-9.1 (binary) (Stéphane Glondu <>)

netplan 1.10.1-6 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

ntlmaps (binary) (David Watson <>)

ocsigenserver 2.7-1+b5 (binary) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

ocsigenserver 2.7-1+b6 (binary) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

openrc 0.40.3-1 (binary) (OpenRC Debian Maintainers <>) overridden

pcaputils 0.8-1+b2 (binary) (Robert S. Edmonds <>)

pommed 1.39~dfsg-5 (binary) (Debian Mactel <>)

pommed 1.39~dfsg-5+b1 (binary) (Debian Mactel <>)

pppconfig 2.3.23 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

quickml 0.7-5.1 (binary) (Kenshi Muto <>)

randomsound 0.2-5+b2 (binary) (Stephen Gran <>)

rbootd 2.0-10+b2 (binary) (Martin Schulze <>)

remote-tty 4.0-13+b2 (binary) (Jonathan McDowell <>)

restartd 0.2.3-1+b1 (binary) (Alexandre J. Raymond <>)

rrdcollect 0.2.10-2+b3 (binary) (Artur R. Czechowski <>)

rtirq-init 20150216-2 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

sauce 0.9.0+nmu3 (binary) (Ian Jackson <>)

sbrshd 7.6.1+b2 (binary) (Riku Voipio <>)

scanlogd 2.2.5-3.3 (binary) (Michael Vogt <>)

screen 4.7.0-1 (binary) (Axel Beckert <>) overridden

siproxd 1:0.8.1-4.1+b2 (binary) (Debian VoIP Team <>)

snmptrapfmt 1.16+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

spamass-milter 0.4.0-1+b1 (binary) (Don Armstrong <>)

sphinxsearch 2.2.11-2+b1 (binary) (Radu Spineanu <>)

squidtaild 2.1a6-6 (binary) (Alberto Capella Silva <>)

sysrqd 14-1+b2 (binary) (Julien Danjou <>)

tetrinetx 1.13.16-14+b1 (binary) (Julien Danjou <>)

thin 1.7.2-1 (binary) (Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers <>)

uruk 20190121-1 (binary) (Joost van Baal-Ilić <>) overridden

userv 1.2.0 (binary) (Ian Jackson <>)

vzctl 4.9.4-6 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

whereami 0.3.34-0.4 (binary) (Andrew McMillan <>)

xtide 2.13.2-1+b3 (binary) (Peter S Galbraith <>)

zephyr-clients 3.1.2-1+b3 (binary) (Karl Ramm <>)

zephyr-server 3.1.2-1+b3 (binary) (Karl Ramm <>)

zephyr-server-krb5 3.1.2-1+b3 (binary) (Karl Ramm <>)