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P example-unusual-interpreter

All reports of example-unusual-interpreter for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

This package contains an example script for an interpreter that is not shipped in the package and is not known to Lintian. It is possible that there is a typo or the interpreter is not executable. If not, please file a wishlist bug against Lintian, so it can be added to the list of known interpreters.

Severity: pedantic, Certainty: possible

Check: scripts, Type: binary

Emitted (non-overridden): 218, overridden: 7, total: 225

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acbuild 0.4.0+dfsg-3+b11 (binary) (Debian Go Packaging Team <>)

argus-server 2: (binary) (Michael Stone <>)

bpfcc-tools 0.8.0-4 (binary) (Ritesh Raj Sarraf <>)

calc-common (binary) (Martin Buck <>)

chiark-backup 6.0.4 (binary) (Ian Jackson <>)

cylc 7.8.3-1 (binary) (Alastair McKinstry <>)

dbconfig-common 2.0.13 (binary) (Paul Gevers <>)

eigensoft 7.2.1+dfsg-1 (binary) (Debian Med Packaging Team <>)

gambc-doc 4.9.3-1 (binary) (Abdelhakim Qbaich <>)

gettext-doc (binary) (Santiago Vila <>)

htdig-doc 1:3.2.0b6-18 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

kamailio 5.2.3-1+b2 (binary) (Debian VoIP Team <>)

lammps-doc 0~20181211.gitad1b1897d+dfsg1-2 (binary) (Debian Science Maintainers <>)

libintl-perl 1.26-2 (binary) (Peter Eisentraut <>)

libmath-planepath-perl 126-1 (binary) (Debian Perl Group <>) overridden

libmozilla-ldap-perl 1.5.3-3 (binary) (Debian FreeIPA Team <>)

lua-cgi 5.2~alpha2-1 (binary) (Enrico Tassi <>)

mayavi2 4.5.0-1+b1 (binary) (Python Applications Packaging Team <>)

menhir-doc 20190626-6 (binary) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

mongrel2-core 1.12.2-1 (binary) (Jan Niehusmann <>)

node-sqlite3 4.1.0+ds1-1 (binary) (Debian Javascript Maintainers <>)

ns2-examples 2.35+dfsg-3 (binary) (Debian Network Simulators Team <>)

o-saft 19.01.19-1 (binary) (Debian Security Tools <>)

paexec 1.1.0-1 (binary) (Andrej Shadura <>)

ploticus 2.42-4 (binary) (Colin Tuckley <>)

plplot-doc 5.15.0+dfsg-3 (binary) (Debian Science Maintainers <>)

psi4-data 1:1.2.1-2 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

python-cyclone 1.1-2 (binary) (Jérémy Bobbio <>) overridden

python3-pywws 18.10.1-1 (binary) (Debian IoT Maintainers <>)

styx-doc 2.0.1-1 (binary) (Frederik Schüler <>)

syndie 1.107b-3 (binary) (Masayuki Hatta <>)

therion 5.4.4ds1-2 (binary) (Wookey <>) overridden

websocketd 0.3.1-2 (binary) (Josue Ortega <>)

why3-examples 1.2.0-2 (binary) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

xotcl-doc 1.6.8-4 (binary) (Tcl/Tk Debian Packagers <>)