Lintian Reports (Beta Testing)

W dbus-policy-without-send-destination

The package contains D-Bus policy configuration that uses one of the send_* conditions, but does not specify a send_destination, and is not specific to root.

Rules of the form

<allow send_interface="com.example.MyInterface"/>

allow messages with the given interface to be sent to any service, not just the one installing the rule, which is rarely what was intended.

Similarly, on the system bus, rules of the form

<deny send_interface="com.example.MyInterface"/>

are redundant with the system bus's default-deny policy, and have unintended effects on other services.

This check ignores rules of the form

<policy user="root"> <allow ... /> </policy>

which are commonly used for the "agent" pattern seen in services like BlueZ and NetworkManager: a root-privileged daemon calls out to one or more per-user user interface agent processes with no specific name, so send_destination is not easily applicable. However, such rules should still be made as specific as possible to avoid undesired side-effects.

Refer to and for details.

Severity: warning

Check: desktop/dbus

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