Lintian Reports

W command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file

All reports of command-in-menu-file-and-desktop-file for the archive. The extended description of this tag is:

The command is listed both in a menu file and a desktop file

Per the tech-ctte decision on #741573, this is now prohibited.

Please remove the menu file from the package.

Refer to Debian Policy Manual section 9.6 (Menus) and for details.

Severity: normal, Certainty: possible

Check: menu-format, Type: binary

Emitted (non-overridden): 216, overridden: 3, total: 219

The package names link to the relevant maintainer page and the corresponding report for the source package. The links go to the full maintainer report page, which includes info and experimental tags and overridden tags, rather than the default page that shows only errors and warnings.

alltray 0.71b-1.2 (binary) (Ignace Mouzannar <>)

amora-applet 1.2~svn+git2015.04.25-1+b2 (binary) (Axel Beckert <>)

amule 1:2.3.2-6 (binary) (Sandro Tosi <>)

amule-utils-gui 1:2.3.2-6 (binary) (Sandro Tosi <>)

aranym 1.0.2-2.2 (binary) (Antonin Kral <>)

arduino 2:1.0.5+dfsg2-4.1 (binary) (Scott Howard <>)

arduino 2: (binary) (Scott Howard <>)

arora 0.11.0+qt5+git2014-04-06-1 (binary) (Sune Vuorela <>)

aumix 2.9.1-6+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

aumix-gtk 2.9.1-6+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

bkchem 0.13.0-6 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

cardpeek 0.8.4-1+b5 (binary) (Richard Ulrich <>)

carmetal 3.5.2+dfsg-1.1 (binary) (Yves Combe <>)

cecilia 5.3.5-1 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

code-aster-gui 1.13.1-2.1 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

codfis 0.4.7-2+b2 (binary) (David Paleino <>)

cream 0.43-3 (binary) (Jeroen Schot <>)

critterding 1.0-beta12.1-1.3+b1 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

critterding 1.0-beta14+dfsg-2+b3 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

critterding 1.0-beta14+dfsg-2+b2 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

d1x-rebirth 0.58.1-1+b1 (binary) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

d2x-rebirth 0.58.1-1.1 (binary) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

deb-gview 0.2.11+b1 (binary) (Neil Williams <>)

debian-installer-launcher 36 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>) 0+20080616+dfsg-2+b9 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

dillo 3.0.5-6 (binary) (Axel Beckert <>) overridden

dosemu (binary) (Kees Cook <>)

dozzaqueux 3.51-2 (binary) (Georges Khaznadar <>)

dozzaqueux 3.51-2+b1 (binary) (Georges Khaznadar <>)

dpkg-www 2.60 (binary) (Dpkg Developers <>) overridden

easychem 0.6-8+b1 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

efax-gtk 3.2.8-2.1 (binary) (Lior Kaplan <>)

etoys 5.0.2408-1 (binary) (Debian Sugar Team <>)

evilwm 1.1.1-1+b1 (binary) (Mateusz Łukasik <>)

fceux 2.2.2+dfsg0-1+b2 (binary) (Joe Nahmias <>)

flight-of-the-amazon-queen 1.0.0-8 (binary) (Debian Games Team <>)

foo-yc20 1.3.0-6+b1 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

g3data 1:1.5.3-2.1+b1 (binary) (Peter S Galbraith <>)

gadmin-bind 0.2.5-2+b2 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

gadmin-openvpn-server 0.1.5-3.1+b2 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

gadmin-proftpd 1:0.4.2-1+b2 (binary) (Mahyuddin Susanto <>)

gadmin-rsync 0.1.7-1+b2 (binary) (Mahyuddin Susanto <>)

gadmin-samba 0.2.9-3+b2 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

galculator 2.1.4-1+b1 (binary) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

gbemol 0.3.2-2+b1 (binary) (Andrea Colangelo <>)

gcx 1.3-1.1+b2 (binary) (Riccardo Stagni <>)

gdigi 0.4.0-1+b2 (binary) (Ahmed Toulan <>)

gdis 0.90-5+b1 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

geg 2.0.9-3+b1 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

geg 2.0.9-3 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

gerstensaft 0.3-4.2 (binary) (Martin Schulze <>)

giggle 0.7-3+b2 (binary) (Dmitry Smirnov <>)

gjots2 3.0.2-0.1 (binary) (Rolf Leggewie <>)

gkrellm 2.3.10-2+b1 (binary) (Sandro Tosi <>)

gliv 1.9.7-2+b2 (binary) (Lorenzo De Liso <>)

glurp 0.12.3-1+b2 (binary) (Stanislav Maslovski <>)

gmlive 0.22.3-1+b3 (binary) (Aron Xu <>)

gnustep-examples 1:1.4.0-2+b1 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

gogglesmm 0.12.7-3+b2 (binary) (Hendrik Rittich <>)

gpaint 0.3.3-6.1+b1 (binary) (Goedson Teixeira Paixao <>)

gpomme 1.39~dfsg-5 (binary) (Debian Mactel <>)

gpomme 1.39~dfsg-5+b1 (binary) (Debian Mactel <>)

graphmonkey 1.7-4 (binary) (Debian CLI Applications Team <>)

griffith 0.13+20140313-1 (binary) (Piotr Ożarowski <>)

gromit 20041213-9+b2 (binary) (Pierre Chifflier <>) 0.42-7+b6 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

gtick 0.5.4-1+b2 (binary) (Roland Stigge <>)

gtimer 2.0.0-1.2+b1 (binary) (Taylor LeMasurier-Wren <>)

gtk-gnutella 1.1.8-2+b1 (binary) (Luca Bruno <>)

gtkballs 3.1.5-11+b1 (binary) (Debian Games Team <>)

gtkperf 0.40+ds-2+b2 (binary) (Evgeni Golov <>)

gwaterfall 0.1-5.1+b1 (binary) (Ognyan Kulev <>)

hasciicam 1.1.2-1+b3 (binary) (Luca Bigliardi <>) 0.3-8+b6 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

ho22bus 0.9.1-2+b2 (binary) (Eleanor Chen <>)

horgand 1.14-7+b1 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

horgand 1.14-7 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

ircp-tray 0.7.6-1.2+b1 (binary) (Devid Antonio Filoni <>)

jeex 12.0.4-1+b2 (binary) (David Paleino <>)

joe 4.6-1+b1 (binary) (Josip Rodin <>)

kcemu 0.5.1+git20141014+dfsg-2+b1 (binary) (John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>)

keytouch-editor 1:3.2.0~beta-3+b2 (binary) (Luke Cycon <>)

khmerconverter 1.4-1.3 (binary) (Soputtra San <>)

littlewizard 1.2.2-4+b1 (binary) (Kari Pahula <>)

logisim 2.7.1~dfsg-2 (binary) (Vincent Cheng <>)

lostirc 0.4.6-4.2+b1 (binary) (Martin Braure de Calignon <>)

lshw-gtk 02.18.85-0.3 (binary) (Ghe Rivero <>)

mancala 1.0.3-1+b1 (binary) (Debian Games Team <>)

matita 0.99.3-1+b2 (binary) (Debian OCaml Maintainers <>)

mcu8051ide 1.4.9-1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

mirage (binary) (Thomas Ross <>)

monodoc-http 4.2-3 (binary) (Debian Mono Group <>) 1.1.99-5+b9 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

mtink 1.0.16-10 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

ncmpcpp 0.8.2-0.1+b1 (binary) (Christoph Egger <>)

netsurf-gtk 3.6-3.2 (binary) (Vincent Sanders <>)

nicotine 1.2.16+dfsg-1.1 (binary) (Josselin Mouette <>)

noiz2sa 0.51a-10.1 (binary) (Robert Lemmen <>)

nted 1.10.18-12 (binary) (Gilles Filippini <>)

nvtv 0.4.7-8+b1 (binary) (Roberto Lumbreras <>)

openstereogram 0.1+20080921-3 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

openuniverse 1.0beta3.1+dfsg-6 (binary) (Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña <>)

openuniverse 1.0beta3.1+dfsg-6+b1 (binary) (Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña <>)

optgeo 2.25-1 (binary) (Georges Khaznadar <>)

optgeo 2.25-1+b1 (binary) (Georges Khaznadar <>)

orbital-eunuchs-sniper 1.30+svn20070601-4+b2 (binary) (Kees Cook <>)

out-of-order 1.0-2 (binary) (Debian Games Team <>)

packeth 1.6.5-2+b2 (binary) (David Paleino <>) 1.98-1+b7 (binary) (Vincent Danjean <>)

pavumeter 0.9.3-4+b3 (binary) (Andrea Colangelo <>)

paw++ 1:2.14.04.dfsg.2-9.1+b4 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

pixelize 1.0.0-1+b2 (binary) (Uwe Hermann <>)

plan 1.10.1-6 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>) 0.5.1-5+b8 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

posterazor 1.5.1-2+b1 (binary) (Simrun Basuita <>)

pppoeconf 1.21 (binary) (Gregory Colpart <>)

psychopy 1.85.3.dfsg-1 (binary) (NeuroDebian Team <>)

pterm 0.73-1 (binary) (Colin Watson <>)

putty 0.73-1 (binary) (Colin Watson <>)

qxw 20140331-1+b1 (binary) (Mark Owen <>)

redshift-gtk 1.12-2 (binary) (Ritesh Raj Sarraf <>)

screenruler 0.960+bzr41+deb10-4 (binary) (Georges Khaznadar <>)

searchmonkey 0.8.3-1+b1 (binary) (Varun Hiremath <>)

searchmonkey 0.8.3-1 (binary) (Varun Hiremath <>)

singularity 0.30c-1 (binary) (Kari Pahula <>)

sm 0.25-1 (binary) (Joachim Breitner <>)

snake4 1.0.14-1+b1 (binary) (Alexandre Dantas <>)

spacezero 0.80.06-1+b2 (binary) (Romanella Di Ferdinando <>)

spim 8.0+dfsg-6.1+b1 (binary) (Jean-Christophe Dubacq <>)

spim 8.0+dfsg-6.1 (binary) (Jean-Christophe Dubacq <>)

spotlighter 0.3-1.1+b2 (binary) (Andrea Colangelo <>)

starplot 0.95.5-8.3 (binary) (Francisco Manuel Garcia Claramonte <>)

starvoyager 0.4.4-9 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>) 1.2.0-2+b5 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>) 1.0alpha-32-g55b4d4e-2+b5 (binary) (Debian GNUstep maintainers <>)

tgif 1:4.2.5-1.3+b1 (binary) (Carlo Segre <>)

threadscope (binary) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

tickr 0.6.4-1+b1 (binary) (Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin <>)

timemachine 0.3.3-2.1+b1 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

tkcvs 8.2.3-1.2 (binary) (Tim Cutts <>)

toppler 1.1.6-3+b1 (binary) (Bill Allombert <>)

toppler 1.1.6-3 (binary) (Bill Allombert <>)

transcriber (binary) (Giulio Paci <>)

transfermii-gui 1:0.6.1-3 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

trovacap 0.2.2-1+b2 (binary) (David Paleino <>)

tuxcmd 0.6.70+dfsg-2+b1 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

twclock 3.4-2+b1 (binary) (Debian Hamradio Maintainers <>)

twclock 3.4-2 (binary) (Debian Hamradio Maintainers <>)

usbview 2.0-21-g6fe2f4f-2 (binary) (Mark Brown <>)

usbview 2.0-21-g6fe2f4f-2+b1 (binary) (Mark Brown <>)

wmgui 0.6.00+svn201-4 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

xcfa 5.0.2-1+b1 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)

xdesktopwaves 1.3-4+b1 (binary) (Miriam Ruiz <>)

xdx 2.5.0-2 (binary) (Debian Hamradio Maintainers <>)

xgalaga (binary) (Debian Games Team <>)

xgnokii 0.6.30+dfsg-1.2+b5 (binary) (Leo Antunes <>)

xgnokii 0.6.31+dfsg-2+b2 (binary) (Leo Antunes <>)

xhtml2ps 1.0b7-3 (binary) (Debian QA Group <>)

xiterm+thai 1.10-2+b2 (binary) (Neutron Soutmun <>)

xmakemol 5.16-9+b1 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

xmakemol-gl 5.16-9+b1 (binary) (Debichem Team <>)

xmille 2.0-13+b2 (binary) (Steve M. Robbins <>)

xmonad 0.15-1 (binary) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

xmpuzzles 7.7.1-1.1 (binary) (Varun Hiremath <>)

xpuzzles 7.7.1-1.1 (binary) (Varun Hiremath <>)

xscorch 0.2.1-1+nmu2 (binary) (Jacob Luna Lundberg <>)

xscorch 0.2.1-1+nmu2+b1 (binary) (Jacob Luna Lundberg <>)

xtide 2.13.2-1+b3 (binary) (Peter S Galbraith <>)

yi 0.18.0-1 (binary) (Debian Haskell Group <>)

yorick-cubeview 2.2-2 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

yorick-spydr 0.8.2-3 (binary) (Debian Science Team <>)

zyne 0.1.2-2 (binary) (Debian Multimedia Maintainers <>)