Lintian Reports


Maintainers are listed sorted case-insensitively by package maintainer string. This is an unsophisticated sort that does not take into account any national collating sequence, only Unicode strings, so maintainers whose names start with non-ASCII characters will sort at the end of this page.

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A Mennucc1 (full report)
A. Maitland Bottoms (full report)
Aaron M. Ucko (full report)
Abdelhakim Qbaich (full report)
AbdulKarim Memon (full report)
Abhijith PA (full report)
Abhishek Dasgupta (full report)
Abou Al Montacir (full report)
Adam Bilbrough (full report)
Adam Bilbrough (full report)
Adam Borowski (full report)
Adam C. Powell, IV (full report)
Adam Conrad (full report)
Adam Majer (full report)
Adam Sloboda (full report)
Adilson dos Reis (full report)
Aditya Vaidya (full report)
Adnan Hodzic (full report)
Adrian Alves (full report)
Adrian Bunk (full report)
Adrian Knoth (full report)
Adrian Vondendriesch (full report)
Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger (full report)
Adrien Cunin (full report)
Adrien Vergé (full report)
Adrienne Gaye Thompson (full report)
Afif Elghraoui (full report)
Aggelos Avgerinos (full report)
AGOSTINI Yves (full report)
Agustin Henze (full report)
Agustin Martin Domingo (full report)
Ahmed Toulan (full report)
Aide Maintainers (full report)
Aigars Mahinovs (full report)
akira yamada (full report)
Al Nikolov (full report)
Al Stone (full report)
Alain Leufroy (full report)
Alan Baghumian (full report)
Alan Boudreault (full report)
Alan Woodland (full report)
Alastair McKinstry (full report)
Alba Crespi (full report)
Alberto Bertogli (full report)
Alberto Fuentes (full report)
Alberto Furia (full report)
Alberto Garcia (full report)
Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta (full report)
Alberto Molina Coballes (full report)
Albin Tonnerre (full report)
Alec Leamas (full report)
Alejandro Garrido Mota (full report)
Alejandro Garrido Mota (full report)
Alessandro Ghedini (full report)
Alessio Di Mauro (full report)
Alessio Treglia (full report)
Alex Muntada (full report)
Alex Pennace (full report)
Alexander Bürger (full report)
Alexander Chernyakhovsky (full report)
Alexander Fischer (full report)
Alexander GQ Gerasiov (full report)
Alexander Holupirek (full report)
Alexander Kulak (full report)
Alexander Kulak (full report)
Alexander Prinsier (full report)
Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (full report)
Alexander Sack (full report)
Alexander Sosna (full report)
Alexander Strasser (full report)
Alexander Toresson (full report)
Alexander Wirt (full report)
Alexander Zangerl (full report)
Alexandre Dantas (full report)
Alexandre Delanoë (full report)
Alexandre Detiste (full report)
Alexandre Mestiashvili (full report)
Alexandre Mestiashvili (full report)
Alexandre Rossi (full report)
Alexandre Viau (full report)
Alexis Bienvenüe (full report)
Alf Gaida (full report)
Alfonso Sabato Siciliano (full report)
Alice Ferrazzi (full report)
Alkis Georgopoulos (full report)
Allan Dixon Jr. (full report)
Allard Hoeve (full report)
Allison Randal (full report)
Amaya Rodrigo Sastre (full report)
Ambady Anand S (full report)
Amrithaa.T.J (full report)
Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez (full report)
Ana Custura (full report)
Anarchism maintainers (full report)
Anders Kaseorg (full report)
Anders Lennartsson (full report)
Andras Pal (full report)
Andre Bianchi (full report)
Andrea Bolognani (full report)
Andrea Capriotti (full report)
Andrea Colangelo (full report)
Andrea Colangelo (full report)
Andrea Gasparini (full report)
Andrea Palazzi (full report)
Andrea Veri (full report)
Andreas "Jimmy" Gredler (full report)
Andreas B. Mundt (full report)
Andreas Barth (full report)
Andreas Beckmann (full report)
Andreas Boll (full report)
Andreas Bombe (full report)
Andreas Cadhalpun (full report)
Andreas Cord-Landwehr (full report)
Andreas Franzen (full report)
Andreas Henriksson (full report)
Andreas Hoenen (full report)
Andreas Messer (full report)
Andreas Metzler (full report)
Andreas Misje (full report)
Andreas Moog (full report)
Andreas Noteng (full report)
Andreas Romeyke (full report)
Andreas Rottmann (full report)
Andreas Rönnquist (full report)
Andreas Tille (full report)
Andrei Zavada (full report)
Andrej Shadura (full report)
Andres Mejia (full report)
Andres Salomon (full report)
Andrew Ayer (full report)
Andrew Gainer (full report)
Andrew Kelley (full report)
Andrew Lee (李健秋) (full report)
Andrew McMillan (full report)
Andrew Pollock (full report)
Andrew Ross (full report)
Andrew Shadura (full report)
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio (full report)
Andrew Starr-Bochicchio (full report)
Andrey Drobyshev (full report)
Andrey Rahmatullin (full report)
Andrius Merkys (full report)
Andrius Merkys (full report)
Andriy Beregovenko (full report)
Andriy Grytsenko (full report)
Android Tools Maintainers (full report)
Andy Beverley (full report)
Andy Hawkins (full report)
Andy Li (full report)
Andy Spencer (full report)
Andy Valencia (full report)
Angel Abad (full report)
Angel Ramos (full report)
Angelos Tzotsos (full report)
Angus Lees (full report)
Anibal Monsalve Salazar (full report)
Animesh Sharma (full report)
Aniol Marti (full report)
anonym (full report)
Anselm Lingnau (full report)
Ansgar Burchardt (full report)
Anthony Fok (full report)
Anthony Prades (full report)
Anthony Towns (full report)
Antoine Beaupré (full report)
Antoine Beaupré (full report)
Antoine Jacquet (full report)
Antoine R. Dumont (@ardumont) (full report)
Anton Balashov (full report)
Anton Gladky (full report)
Anton Zinoviev (full report)
Anton Zinoviev (full report)
Antonin Kral (full report)
Antonio Radici (full report)
Antonio Radici (full report)
Antonio Terceiro (full report)
Antonio Valentino (full report)
Antti Järvinen (full report)
Anuradha Weeraman (anu) (full report)
Anuradha Weeraman (full report)
Apollon Oikonomopoulos (full report)
Apollon Oikonomopoulos (full report)
APT Development Team (full report)
Aptitude Development Team (full report)
Aramian Wasielak (full report)
Ardo van Rangelrooij (full report)
Ari Pollak (full report)
Arjan Oosting (full report)
Arnaud Cornet (full report)
Arnaud Fontaine (full report)
Arnaud Rebillout (full report)
Arne Goetje (full report)
Arne Goetje (full report)
Arno Töll (full report)
Arnout Engelen (full report)
Aron Xu (full report)
Arthur de Jong (full report)
Arthur Loiret (full report)
Arturo Borrero Gonzalez (full report)
Artyom A Anikeev (full report)
Asheesh Laroia (full report)
Athena Capital Research (full report)
Atsuhito KOHDA (full report)
Aurelien Jarno (full report)
Aurélien COUDERC (full report)
Axel Beckert (full report)
Axel Burri (full report)
Ayatana Packagers (full report)
Azat Khuzhin (full report)


Balasankar C (full report)
Balasankar C (full report)
Balint Reczey (full report)
Balint Reczey (full report)
Baptiste BEAUPLAT (full report)
Barak A. Pearlmutter (full report)
Barbara "Jana" Wisniowska (full report)
Bareos Packaging Team (full report)
Barry deFreese (full report)
Barry deFreese (full report)
Barry Warsaw (full report)
Bart Martens (full report)
Bartosz Fenski (full report)
Bas Couwenberg (full report)
Bas Wijnen (full report)
Bas Zoetekouw (full report)
Bastian Blank (full report)
Bastian Blank (full report)
Bastian Venthur (full report)
Bastien Roucariès (full report)
Bastien ROUCARIÈS (full report)
Bdale Garbee (full report)
Ben Finney (full report)
Ben Hutchings (full report)
Ben Hutchings (full report)
Ben Pfaff (full report)
Ben Webb (full report)
Benda Xu (full report)
Benedikt Wildenhain (full report)
Benjamin Barenblat (full report)
Benjamin Drung (full report)
Benjamin Drung (full report)
Benjamin Drung (full report)
Benjamin Mesing (full report)
Benjamin Redelings (full report)
Benjamin Schlüter (full report)
Benoit Mortier (full report)
Benoît Rouits (full report)
Bernd Schumacher (full report)
Bernd Zeimetz (full report)
Bernhard Miklautz (full report)
Bernhard R. Link (full report)
Bernhard Reiter (full report)
Bernhard Schmidt (full report)
Bernhard Übelacker (full report)
Bertrand Marc (full report)
Bhavani Shankar (full report)
Bilal Akhtar (full report)
Bill Allombert (full report)
BIND (full report)
Birger Schacht (full report)
Björn Påhlsson (full report)
Bobby de Vos (full report)
bodhi zazen (full report)
Bofu Chen (bafu) (full report)
Boris Pek (full report)
Boxer developers (full report)
Boyuan Yang (full report)
Brad Chapman (full report)
Bradley A. Bosch (full report)
Brandon Barnes (full report)
Brandon Barnes (full report)
Brandon Holtsclaw (full report)
Brandon Weeks (full report)
Breno Leitao (full report)
Bret Curtis (full report)
Brian Cassidy (full report)
Brian May (full report)
Brian Nelson (full report)
Brian Pellin (full report)
Brian Sutherland (full report)
Brian T. Smith (full report)
Bruno "Fuddl" Kleinert (full report)
Bruno "Fuddl" Kleinert (full report)
Bruno Nova (full report)
build-common team (full report)


Cacti Maintainer (full report)
Calogero Lo Leggio (full report)
Cameron Dale (full report)
Camm Maguire (full report)
Carl Chenet (full report)
Carl Suster (full report)
Carl Worth (full report)
Carles Fernandez (full report)
Carlo Segre (full report)
Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez (full report)
Carlos Borroto (full report)
Carlos Donizete Froes (full report)
Carlos Laviola (full report)
Carlos Maddela (full report)
Carlos Vicente (full report)
Carnë Draug (full report)
Carsten Hey (full report)
Carsten Leonhardt (full report)
Carsten Schoenert (full report)
Casper Gielen (full report)
Cesar Mauri (full report)
Chandramouli Rajagopalan (full report)
Changwoo Ryu (full report)
ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) (full report)
Charles Plessy (full report)
Charlie Smotherman (full report)
Chen-Ying Kuo (full report)
Chiara Marmo (full report)
Chirayu Desai (full report)
Chow Loong Jin (full report)
Chow Loong Jin (full report)
Chris AtLee (full report)
Chris Boot (full report)
Chris Boyle (full report)
Chris Butler (full report)
Chris Carr (full report)
Chris Cormack (full report)
Chris Grzegorczyk (full report)
Chris Halls (full report)
Chris Hanson (full report)
Chris Hofstaedtler (full report)
Chris Knadle (full report)
Chris Lamb (full report)
Chris Lawrence (full report)
Chris Taylor (full report)
Christian Bayle (full report)
Christian Dreihsig (full report)
Christian Ehrhardt (full report)
Christian Garbs (full report)
Christian Kastner (full report)
Christian Kastner (full report)
Christian M. Amsüss (full report)
Christian Marillat (full report)
Christian Marillat (full report)
Christian Perrier (full report)
Christian Seiler (full report)
Christian Stalp (full report)
Christian Sánchez (full report)
Christian T. Steigies (full report)
Christoph Berg (full report)
Christoph Biedl (full report)
Christoph Egger (full report)
Christoph Ender (full report)
Christoph Feenders (full report)
Christoph Goehre (full report)
Christoph Haas (full report)
Christoph Martin (full report)
Christoph Martin (full report)
Christophe Courtois (full report)
Christophe Monniez (full report)
Christophe Mutricy (full report)
Christophe Trophime (full report)
Christopher Baines (full report)
Christopher Baines (full report)
Christopher Hoskin (full report)
Christopher Hoskin (full report)
Christopher James Halse Rogers (full report)
Christopher Reichert (full report)
Christopher Schramm (full report)
Christos Trochalakis (full report)
Chrysostomos Nanakos (full report)
Chuan-kai Lin (full report)
Citus Data (full report)
ClamAV Team (full report)
Claus Wimmer (full report)
Cleto Martín (full report)
Clint Adams (full report)
Clint Byrum (full report)
Colin King (full report)
Colin Tuckley (full report)
Colin Watson (full report)
Colin Watson (full report)
Conserver Maintainers (full report)
Corey Bryant (full report)
Craig Andrews (full report)
Craig Sanders (full report)
Craig Small (full report)
Cristian Greco (full report)
CrossWire Packaging Team (full report)
Cyril Bouthors (full report)
Cyril Bouthors (full report)
Cyril Bouthors (full report)
Cyril Brulebois (full report)
Cyril Brulebois (full report)
Cyril Lacoux (full report)
Cyril Lavier (full report)
Cyrille Bollu (full report)
Cédric Barboiron (full report)
Cédric Boutillier (full report)
Cédric Boutillier (full report)
Cédric Lood (full report)


D Haley (full report)
Dafydd Harries (full report)
Daigo Moriwaki (full report)
Damien Caliste (full report)
Damien Raude-Morvan (full report)
Damyan Ivanov (full report)
Dan Hasting (full report)
Dan Pascu (full report)
Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) (full report)
Daniel Baumann (full report)
Daniel Beyer (full report)
Daniel Dehennin (full report)
Daniel Echeverry (full report)
Daniel Echeverry (full report)
Daniel Glassey (full report)
Daniel Gnoutcheff (full report)
Daniel Jared Dominguez (full report)
Daniel Jared Dominguez (full report)
Daniel Kahn Gillmor (full report)
Daniel Kobras (full report)
Daniel Lange (full report)
Daniel Leidert (dale) (full report)
Daniel Leidert (full report)
Daniel Lintott (full report)
Daniel Pimentel (full report)
Daniel Pocock (full report)
Daniel Pocock (full report)
Daniel Ruoso (full report)
Daniel Schaal (full report)
Daniel Schepler (full report)
Daniel Silverstone (full report)
Daniel Silverstone (full report)
Daniel Stender (full report)
Daniel Swarbrick (full report)
Daniel Thomas (full report)
Daniele Tricoli (full report)
Daniele Tricoli (full report)
dann frazier (full report)
Danny Edel (full report)
Dario Minnucci (full report)
Dariusz Dwornikowski (full report)
Dariusz Dwornikowski (full report)
Darren Salt (full report)
Darshaka Pathirana (full report)
Dave Beckett (full report)
Dave Ewart (full report)
Dave Hibberd (full report)
Dave Holland (full report)
Dave Love (full report)
Dave Walker (Daviey) (full report)
Davical Development Team (full report)
David Banks (full report)
David Bate (full report)
David Bremner (full report)
David Caldwell (full report)
David Douard (full report)
David Hart (full report)
David Henningsson (full report)
David Kalnischkies (full report)
David Kalnischkies (full report)
David King (full report)
David Lamparter (full report)
David Martínez Moreno (full report)
David Mohammed (full report)
David Mohr (full report)
David Nusinow (full report)
David Paleino (full report)
David Parsons (full report)
David Prévot (full report)
David Steele (full report)
David Suarez (full report)
David Villa Alises (full report)
David Villa Alises (full report)
David Watson (full report)
David Weinehall (full report)
Davide Cavalca (full report)
Davide G. M. Salvetti (full report)
Davide Puricelli (evo) (full report)
Davide Viti (full report)
Dawid Dziurla (full report)
Dean Evans (full report)
Debain EzGo Packaging Team (full report)
Debathena Project (full report)
Debbugs developers (full report)
Debconf Developers (full report)
debfoster Maintainer Team (full report)
Debhelper Maintainers (full report)
Debian 3-D Printing Packages (full report)
Debian Accessibility Team (full report)
Debian ACE+TAO maintainers (full report)
Debian Acpi Team (full report)
Debian Adduser Developers (full report)
Debian ALSA Maintainers (full report)
Debian Apache Maintainers (full report)
Debian AppArmor Team (full report)
Debian Astronomy Maintainers (full report)
Debian Astronomy Team (full report)
Debian Authentication Maintainers (full report)
Debian Authentication Maintainers (full report)
Debian backupninja maintainers (full report)
Debian BackupPC Team (full report)
Debian Bacula Team (full report)
Debian Bazaar Maintainers (full report)
Debian Berkeley DB Team (full report)
Debian Bitcoin Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Bluetooth Maintainers (full report)
Debian Bluetooth Maintainers (full report)
Debian BOINC Maintainers (full report)
Debian Boost Team (full report)
Debian Bsdmainutils Team (full report)
Debian Cairo-dock Maintainers (full report)
Debian CD Group (full report)
Debian cgit Maintainers (full report)
Debian Chinese Team (full report)
Debian CI team (full report)
Debian Cinnamon Team (full report)
Debian Citadel Team (full report)
Debian CLI Applications Team (full report)
Debian CLI Libraries Team (full report)
Debian Clojure Maintainers (full report)
Debian Cloud (full report)
Debian Cloud team (full report)
Debian CMake Team (full report)
Debian Common Lisp Team (full report)
Debian CORBA Team (full report)
Debian Cross-Toolchain Team (full report)
Debian Cryptocoin Team (full report)
Debian Cryptsetup Team (full report)
Debian Curry Maintainers (full report)
Debian Cyrus Team (full report)
Debian D Language Group (full report)
Debian Deepin Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Design Team (full report)
Debian Desktop Team (full report)
Debian Desktop Theme Team (full report)
Debian Desktop Theme Team (full report)
Debian Desktop Themes Team (full report)
Debian DNS Team (full report)
Debian DPDK Maintainers (full report)
Debian Ecosystem Init Diversity Team (full report)
Debian Edu Developers (full report)
Debian Edu Packaging Team (full report)
Debian EFI (full report)
Debian Electronics Team (full report)
Debian Electronics Team (full report)
Debian Emacs addons team (full report)
Debian Emacsen team (full report)
Debian Erlang Packagers (full report)
Debian fcgiwrap Maintainers (full report)
Debian FCoE Team (full report)
Debian FlightGear Crew (full report)
Debian FlightGear Crew (full report)
Debian Fonts Task Force (full report)
Debian Fonts Task Force (full report)
Debian Fonts Task Force (full report)
Debian Fonts Task Force (full report)
Debian maintainers (full report)
Debian FreeDict Packages (full report)
Debian FreeIPA Team (full report)
Debian FreeIPA Team (full report)
Debian FreeRADIUS Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Gambas Team (full report)
Debian Games Team (full report)
Debian Games Team (full report)
Debian Ganeti Team (full report)
Debian Ganeti Team (full report)
Debian GCC Maintainers (full report)
Debian GIS Project (full report)
Debian GNOME Maintainers (full report)
Debian GnuPG-Maintainers (full report)
Debian GNUstep maintainers (full report)
Debian GnuTLS Maintainers (full report)
Debian Go Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Go Packaging Team (full report)
Debian GPS team (full report)
Debian Graphite Group (full report)
Debian GSS Team (full report)
Debian HA Maintainers (full report)
Debian Hamradio Maintainers (full report)
Debian HAProxy Maintainers (full report)
Debian Haskell Group (full report)
Debian Haskell Group (full report)
Debian Hebrew Packaging Team (full report)
Debian HPC Team (full report)
Debian Icecast team (full report)
Debian Input Method Team (full report)
Debian Install System Team (full report)
Debian IoT Maintainers (full report)
Debian iSCSI Maintainers (full report)
Debian Java Maintainers (full report)
Debian Javascript Maintainers (full report)
Debian Julia Team (full report)
Debian Junior (full report)
Debian KDE Extras Team (full report)
Debian KDE Extras Team (full report)
Debian Kernel Team (full report)
Debian Keyring Maintainers (full report)
Debian Kolab Maintainers (full report)
Debian Korean L10N (full report)
Debian l10n development team (full report)
Debian LAN Developers (full report)
Debian LAVA team (full report)
Debian Let's Encrypt Team (full report)
Debian Libburnia packagers (full report)
Debian Libidn team (full report)
Debian LibreOffice Maintainers (full report)
Debian Libvirt Maintainers (full report)
Debian Lirc Team (full report)
Debian LTSP Maintainers (full report)
Debian Lua Team (full report)
Debian LXDE Maintainers (full report)
Debian Lynx Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Mactel (full report)
Debian Mailman Team (full report)
Debian MATE Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Med Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Middleware Maintainers (full report)
Debian Mirror Team (full report)
Debian Mobcom Maintainers (full report)
Debian Monitoring Maintainers (full report)
Debian Mono Group (full report)
Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers (full report)
Debian Multimedia Maintainers (full report)
Debian Multimedia Maintainers (full report)
Debian MySQL Maintainers (full report)
Debian Nagios Maintainer Group (full report)
Debian Netfilter Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Network Simulators Team (full report)
Debian NVIDIA Maintainers (full report)
Debian OCaml Maintainers (full report)
Debian Octave Group (full report)
Debian OpenCL Maintainers (full report)
Debian OpenStack (full report)
Debian OpenStack (full report)
Debian pbuilder maintenance team (full report)
Debian Perl Group (full report)
Debian PhotoTools Maintainers (full report)
Debian PHP Maintainers (full report)
Debian PHP PEAR Maintainers (full report)
Debian PHP PECL Maintainers (full report)
Debian Pkg-e Team (full report)
Debian Policy Editors (full report)
Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers (full report)
Debian Printing Group (full report)
Debian Privacy Tools Maintainers (full report)
Debian publicity team (full report)
Debian Pure Blend Team (full report)
Debian Python Modules Team (full report)
Debian Python Modules Team (full report)
Debian QA Group (full report)
Debian R Packages Maintainers (full report)
Debian Rakudo Maintainers (full report)
Debian Release Team (full report)
Debian Remote Maintainers (full report)
Debian Remote Maintainers (full report)
Debian RRDtool Team (full report)
Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers (full report)
Debian running development group (full report)
Debian Samba Maintainers (full report)
Debian Sass team (full report)
Debian Science Maintainers (full report)
Debian Science Team (full report)
Debian SDL packages maintainers (full report)
Debian Security Team (full report)
Debian Security Tools (full report)
Debian SELinux maintainers (full report)
Debian SSSD Team (full report)
Debian Sugar Team (full report)
Debian systemd Maintainers (full report)
Debian Tasktools Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Tasktools Packaging Team (full report)
Debian Tcl/Tk Packagers (full report)
Debian Telepathy maintainers (full report)
Debian TeX Maintainers (full report)
Debian Tryton Maintainers (full report)
Debian TTS Team (full report)
Debian VDR Team (full report)
Debian Vim Maintainers (full report)
Debian VoIP Team (full report)
Debian VSquare Team (full report)
Debian Window Maker Team (full report)
Debian Wine Team (full report)
Debian X Strike Force (full report)
Debian Xfce Maintainers (full report)
Debian XML SGML Team (full report)
Debian XML/SGML Group (full report)
Debian XMPP Maintainers (full report)
Debian xTuple Maintainers (full report)
Debian+Ubuntu MATE Packaging Team (full report)
Debian-IN Team (full report)
Debian-IN Team (full report)
Debian/Kubuntu Qt/KDE Maintainers (full report)
Debian/Ubuntu Zope Team (full report)
DebianParl team (full report)
Debichem Team (full report)
deborphan Maintainers (full report)
Deepak Tripathi (full report)
Deng Xiyue (full report)
Denis Barbier (full report)
Denis Briand (full report)
Denis Danilov (full report)
Denis Laxalde (full report)
Denys Berkovskyy (full report)
Desmond O. Chang (full report)
Deva sena priya (full report)
Devabhaktuni Bhuvan Krishna (full report)
Devid Antonio Filoni (full report)
Devscripts Maintainers (full report)
Diane Trout (full report)
Diane Trout (full report)
Didier Raboud (full report)
Didier Roche (full report)
Diego Fernández Durán (full report)
Diego M. Rodriguez (full report)
Dima Barsky (full report)
Dima Kogan (full report)
Dima Kogan (full report)
Dimitar Ivanov (full report)
Dimitri Fontaine (full report)
Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos (full report)
Dirk Eddelbuettel (full report)
Dmitrijs Ledkovs (full report)
Dmitry Bogatov (full report)
Dmitry Bogatov (full report)
Dmitry Borisyuk (full report)
Dmitry E. Oboukhov (full report)
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov (full report)
Dmitry Shachnev (full report)
Dmitry Shachnev (full report)
Dmitry Smirnov (full report)
Dmitry Yu Okunev (full report)
DMS Maintainers (full report)
dns-root-data packagers (full report)
dnsdist packagers (full report)
dnssec-trigger packagers (full report)
dnstap-ldns packagers (full report)
Docker Compose Team (full report)
Domenico Andreoli (full report)
Dominic Hargreaves (full report)
Dominik George (full report)
Dominik George (full report)
Dominik Klein (full report)
Dominique Belhachemi (full report)
Dominique Corbex (full report)
Dominique Dumont (full report)
Don Armstrong (full report)
Doug Torrance (full report)
Dovecot Maintainers (full report)
Dpkg Developers (full report)
dput-ng Maintainers (full report)
Dr. Tobias Quathamer (full report)
Drake Diedrich (full report)
Drew Parsons (full report)
Dustin Kirkland (full report)
Dylan Aïssi (full report)
Dylan Aïssi (full report)
Dynamic Kernel Modules Support Team (full report)


Eddy Petrișor (full report)
Eder Diego de Lima Marques (full report)
Edgar Antonio Palma de la Cruz (full report)
Edi Stojicevic (full report)
Eduard Bloch (full report)
Eduardo M Kalinowski (full report)
Edward Betts (full report)
Edward Wang (full report)
Ejabberd Packaging Team (full report)
Elana Hashman (full report)
Eleanor Chen (full report)
Elena Grandi (full report)
Elena Grandi (full report)
Elimar Riesebieter (full report)
Elliot Murphy (full report)
Elmar Pruesse (full report)
Elmar S. Heeb (full report)
Elías Alejandro Año Mendoza (full report)
Emanuele Aina (full report)
Emanuele Rocca (full report)
Emfox Zhou (full report)
Emil Mikulic (full report)
Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (full report)
Emmanuel Arias (full report)
Emmanuel Bourg (full report)
Emmanuel Bouthenot (full report)
Enrico Rossi (full report)
Enrico Tassi (full report)
Enrico Zini (full report)
Enrique Hernández Bello (full report)
Epoptes Developers (full report)
Eric Anholt (full report)
Eric Beuque (full report)
Eric Cooper (full report)
Eric Dorland (full report)
Eric Evans (full report)
Eric Heintzmann (full report)
Eric Kom (full report)
Eric Lavarde (full report)
Eric Maeker (full report)
Eric Newberry (full report)
Eric Sharkey (full report)
Eric Shattow (full report)
Erich Schubert (full report)
Erik de Castro Lopo (full report)
Erik Schanze (full report)
Erik Wenzel (full report)
Erinn Clark (full report)
Ernesto Hernández-Novich (USB) (full report)
Ernesto Nadir Crespo Avila (full report)
Eshat Cakar (full report)
Esteban Bosse (full report)
Ethan Ward (full report)
Etienne Dublé (full report)
Etienne Millon (full report)
Eugene Seliverstov (full report)
Eugene V. Lyubimkin (full report)
Eugene Zhukov (full report)
Eugene Zhukov (full report)
Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza (full report)
Eugeniy Meshcheryakov (full report)
Evgeni Golov (full report)
Evgeny Golyshev (full report)
Exim4 Maintainers (full report)


Fabian Fagerholm (full report)
Fabian Greffrath (full report)
Fabian Greffrath (full report)
Fabian Klötzl (full report)
Fabian Knittel (full report)
Fabian Linzberger (full report)
Fabian Wolff (full report)
Fabio Castelli (full report)
Fabio Fantoni (full report)
Fabio Tranchitella (full report)
Fabrizio Regalli (full report)
Facundo Guerrero (full report)
Faidon Liambotis (full report)
Fathi Boudra (full report)
FAUmachine Team (full report)
Federico Brega (full report)
Federico Ceratto (full report)
Federico Ceratto (full report)
Federico Gimenez Nieto (full report)
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) (full report)
Felipe Sateler (full report)
Felix Geyer (full report)
Felix Krull (full report)
Felix Lechner (full report)
Felix Natter (full report)
Felix Salfelder (full report)
Ferdinand Griffon (full report)
Ferenc Wágner (full report)
Fernando Ike (full report)
Fernando Seiti Furusato (full report)
Fernando Tarlá Cardoso Lemos (full report)
Fernando Toledo (full report)
Filesystems Group (full report)
Filip Hroch (full report)
Filip Pytloun (full report)
Filippo Giunchedi (full report)
Filippo Rusconi (full report)
FingerForce Team (full report)
Flavien Bridault (full report)
Florian Ernst (full report)
Florian Fainelli (full report)
Florian Grignon (full report)
Florian Pelgrim (full report)
Florian Reinhard (full report)
Florian Reitmeir (full report)
Florian Roscher (full report)
Florian Schlichting (full report)
Florian Schlichting (full report)
Florian Weimer (full report)
Folkert van Heusden (full report)
Forrest Cahoon (full report)
Fotis Tsamis (full report)
Francesco Aloe (full report)
Francesco Cecconi (full report)
Francesco Namuri (full report)
Francesco Paolo Lovergine (full report)
Francesco Poli (wintermute) (full report)
Franciscarlos Soares (full report)
Francisco Manuel Garcia Claramonte (full report)
Francisco Moya (full report)
franck cuny (full report)
Franck Joncourt (full report)
Francois Marier (full report)
Francois Mazen (full report)
Francois-Rene Rideau (full report)
Frank B. Brokken (full report)
Frank Hofmann (full report)
Frank Lin PIAT (full report)
Frank Piotrowski (full report)
Frank Terbeck (full report)
Franziska Lichtblau (full report)
Frederic Peters (full report)
Frederik Schüler (full report)
Fredrik Hallenberg (full report)
Free Ekanayaka (full report)
FreedomBox packaging team (full report)
FreedomBox Packaging Team (full report)
Freexian Packaging Team (full report)
Fritz Reichwald (full report)
FRRouting-dev (full report)
Fumitoshi UKAI (full report)
FusionDirectory Packagers (full report)
FusionDirectory Packagers (full report)
Félix Sipma (full report)


Gabor Karsay (full report)
Gabriel F. T. Gomes (full report)
Gabriele Giacone (full report)
Gabriele N. Tornetta (full report)
Gaetano Guerriero (full report)
Gaudenz Steinlin (full report)
Geany Packaging Team (full report)
Geert Stappers (full report)
Geoffrey Thomas (full report)
Geoffrey Thomas (full report)
Georg Faerber (full report)
George Danchev (full report)
George Danchev (full report)
George Kiagiadakis (full report)
George Kiagiadakis (full report)
Georges Khaznadar (full report)
Gerardo Ballabio (full report)
Gergely Nagy (full report)
Gergely Nagy (full report)
Gergely Pilisi (full report)
German Tischler (full report)
Gerrit Pape (full report)
Gert Wollny (full report)
Gert Wollny (full report)
getdns packagers (full report)
Geza Kovacs (full report)
Ghislain Antony Vaillant (full report)
ghost (full report)
Giacomo Catenazzi (full report)
Gianfranco Costamagna (full report)
Gijs Molenaar (full report)
Gilles Dubuc (full report)
Gilles Filippini (full report)
Gioele Barabucci (full report)
Giovani Augusto Ferreira (full report)
Giovanni Mascellani (full report)
Giulio Paci (full report)
Giuseppe Martino (denever) (full report)
Gleydson Mazioli da Silva (full report)
GNU Hurd Maintainers (full report)
GNU/kFreeBSD Maintainers (full report)
Godfrey Chung (full report)
Goedson Teixeira Paixao (full report)
Gonéri Le Bouder (full report)
Gonéri Le Bouder (full report)
Gordon Ball (full report)
Graeme Gott (full report)
Graham Inggs (full report)
Graziano Obertelli (full report)
Greg Horn (full report)
gregor herrmann (full report)
Gregor Jasny (full report)
Gregor Riepl (full report)
Gregory Colpart (full report)
Gregory Potamianos (full report)
Groonga Project (full report)
Grégoire Passault (full report)
Gudjon I. Gudjonsson (full report)
Guido Günther (full report)
Guido Tabbernuk (full report)
Guido Trotter (full report)
Guido van Steen (full report)
Guilhem Moulin (full report)
Guillaume Bougard (full report)
Guillaume Delacour (full report)
Guillaume Grossetie (full report)
Guillaume Mazoyer (full report)
Guillaume Pellerin (full report)
Guillaume Turri (full report)
Guillem Jover (full report)
Gunnar Wolf (full report)
Guo Yixuan (郭溢譞) (full report)
Gustavo Franco (full report)
Gustavo Soares de Lima (full report)
Guus Sliepen (full report)
Guy Yachdav (full report)
Göran Weinholt (full report)
Gürkan Myczko (full report)


Haiko Helmholz (full report)
Hajime Mizuno (full report)
Hakan Ardo (full report)
Hamish Moffatt (full report)
handsome_feng (full report)
Hannes von Haugwitz (full report)
Hanno Stock (full report)
Hans van Kranenburg (full report)
Hans-Christoph Steiner (full report)
Harald Jenny (full report)
Harish Badrinath (full report)
Harlan Lieberman-Berg (full report)
Harlan Lieberman-Berg (full report)
Haruki TSURUMOTO (full report)
Hector Garcia (full report)
Heiko Stuebner (full report)
Heiko Stuebner (full report)
Helge Deller (full report)
Helge Kreutzmann (full report)
Helmut Grohne (full report)
Hendrik Rittich (full report)
Hendrik Tews (full report)
Henri Wahl (full report)
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (full report)
Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto (full report)
Hideki Yamane (full report)
HIGUCHI Daisuke (VDR dai) (full report)
Hilko Bengen (full report)
Hilmar Preusse (full report)
Hiroyuki Yamamoto (full report)
Hleb Valoshka (full report)
Holger Levsen (full report)
Horde Maintainers (full report)
HTCondor Developers (full report)
Hubert Chathi (full report)
Hugh McMaster (full report)
Hugo Lefeuvre (full report)
Hwei Sheng Teoh (full report)
Hypra Team (full report)
Håkon Nessjøen (full report)
Héctor Orón Martínez (full report)


Iain Lane (full report)
Iain R. Learmonth (full report)
Iain R. Learmonth (full report)
Ian Beckwith (full report)
Ian Cordasco (full report)
Ian Haywood (full report)
Ian Jackson (full report)
Ignace Mouzannar (full report)
Ilias Tsitsimpis (full report)
Ilias Tsitsimpis (full report)
Ilya Rassadin (full report)
Ingo Bauersachs (full report)
Innocent De Marchi (full report)
inspircd packagers (full report)
Internet Measurement Packaging Team (full report)
intrigeri (full report)
IOhannes m zmölnig (Debian/GNU) (full report)
Isaac Jones (full report)
Iulian Udrea (full report)
Iustin Pop (full report)
Ivan Kohler (full report)
Ivan Udovichenko (full report)
Ivo Maintz (full report)
Iñaki Malerba (full report)
Iñigo Tejedor Arrondo (full report)


J. Félix Ontañón (full report)
J.S.Junior (full report)
Jack Coulter (full report)
Jack Henschel (full report)
Jackson Doak (full report)
Jacob Adams (full report)
Jacob Luna Lundberg (full report)
Jaime Robles (full report)
Jakob Haufe (full report)
Jakson Alves de Aquino (full report)
Jakub Adam (full report)
Jakub Nadolny (full report)
Jakub Wilk (full report)
Jaldhar H. Vyas (full report)
James Clarke (full report)
James Cowgill (full report)
James Damour (Suvarov454) (full report)
James E. Stark (full report)
James Lu (full report)
James McCoy (full report)
James McDonald (full report)
James Page (full report)
James Page (full report)
James Page (full report)
James Valleroy (full report)
James Westby (full report)
James Westby (full report)
Jameson Graef Rollins (full report)
Jamie Wilkinson (full report)
Jan Dittberner (full report)
Jan Hauke Rahm (full report)
Jan Jeroným Zvánovec (full report)
Jan Luca Naumann (full report)
Jan Lübbe (full report)
Jan Mojžíš (full report)
Jan Wagner (full report)
Jan Wedekind (full report)
Jan-Hendrik Peters (full report)
Jan-Pascal van Best (full report)
Janos Lenart (full report)
Jari Aalto (full report)
Jaromír Mikeš (full report)
Jason Conti (full report)
Jason Crain (full report)
Jason Morawski (full report)
Jason Petersen (full report)
Jason Pleau (full report)
Javier Fafian Alvarez (full report)
Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (full report)
Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (full report)
Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (full report)
Jay Bonci (full report)
JCF Ploemen (jcfp) (full report)
Jean Parpaillon (full report)
Jean-Christophe Jaskula (full report)
Jean-Michel Vourgère (full report)
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL (full report)
Jeff Bailey (full report)
Jeff Breidenbach (full report)
Jelmer Vernooij (full report)
Jens Thiele (full report)
Jeremiah C. Foster (full report)
Jeremiah C. Foster (full report)
Jeremy Bicha (full report)
Jeremy Bicha (full report)
Jeremy Lainé (full report)
Jeremy Oden (full report)
Jeremy T. Bouse (full report)
Jeroen Schot (full report)
Jerome Benoit (full report)
Jerome Charaoui (full report)
Jerome Kieffer (full report)
Jerome St-Louis (full report)
Jeya Sree (full report)
Jo Shields (full report)
Joachim Breitner (full report)
Joachim Reichel (full report)
Joachim Wiedorn (full report)
Joan Queralt Molina (full report)
Joao Eriberto Mota Filho (full report)
Jochen Friedrich (full report)
Jochen Sprickerhof (full report)
Jochen Sprickerhof (full report)
Joe Nahmias (full report)
Joel Rosdahl (full report)
Joenio Costa (full report)
Joenio Costa (full report)
Joerg Jaspert (full report)
Johan Fleury (full report)
Johan Henriksson (full report)
Johan Mattsson (full report)
Johan Van de Wauw (full report)
Johan Van de Wauw (full report)
Johan Van de Wauw (full report)
Johann Felix Soden (full report)
Johannes H. Jensen (full report)
Johannes Lehtinen (full report)
Johannes Ring (full report)
Johannes Schauer (full report)
Johannes Wienke (full report)
John Goerzen (full report)
John Horigan (full report)
John Millikin (full report)
John Ogness (full report)
John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (full report)
John Sullivan (full report)
John Wright (full report)
Johnny Willemsen (full report)
Jon Bernard (full report)
Jonas Genannt (full report)
Jonas Genannt (full report)
Jonas Meurer (full report)
Jonas Meurer (full report)
Jonas Smedegaard (full report)
Jonathan Carter (full report)
Jonathan Dowland (full report)
Jonathan Dray (full report)
Jonathan Marsden (full report)
Jonathan McCrohan (full report)
Jonathan McDowell (full report)
Jonathan Michalon (full report)
Jonathan Nieder (full report)
Jonathan Wiltshire (full report)
Jonathan Wiltshire (full report)
Jonathan Yu (full report)
Jongmin Kim (full report)
Joost van Baal (full report)
Joost Yervante Damad (full report)
Jordan Justen (full report)
Jordi Mallach (full report)
Jorge Soares (full report)
Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo (full report)
Jose G. López (full report)
Jose G. López (full report)
Jose Luis Rivas (full report)
Jose Luis Rivero (full report)
Jose Luis Tallon (full report)
Jose M Calhariz (full report)
Jose M. Moya (full report)
Jose Parrella (full report)
Joseph Herlant (full report)
Joseph Herlant (full report)
Joseph Nuthalapati (full report)
Joseph Nuthalapati (full report)
Joshua Kwan (full report)
Josip Rodin (full report)
Josselin Mouette (full report)
Josue Abarca (full report)
Josue Ortega (full report)
Josue Ortega (full report)
José Antonio Jiménez Madrid (full report)
José L. Redrejo Rodríguez (full report)
José Manuel Santamaría Lema (full report)
Jotam Jr. Trejo (full report)
ju xor (full report)
Juan Angulo Moreno (full report)
Juan Cespedes (full report)
Juhani Numminen (full report)
Julian Andres Klode (full report)
Julian Gilbey (full report)
Julian Rüth (full report)
Julian Schauder (full report)
Julian Taylor (full report)
Julian Wollrath (full report)
Juliane Holzt (full report)
Julien BLACHE (full report)
Julien Cristau (full report)
Julien Danjou (full report)
Julien Dutheil (full report)
Julien Jorge (full report)
Julien Lavergne (full report)
Julien Puydt (full report)
Julien Puydt (full report)
Julien Rouhaud (full report)
Julián Moreno Patiño (full report)
Jun Kobayashi (full report)
Junichi Uekawa (full report)
Jyrki Pulliainen (full report)
Jérémie Koenig (full report)
Jérémy Bobbio (full report)
Jérémy Lal (full report)
Jérôme Guelfucci (full report)
Jérôme SONRIER (full report)
Jörg Frings-Fürst (full report)
Jörgen Hägg (full report)


Kacper Wysocki (Redpill-Linpro) (full report)
Kai Wasserbäch (full report)
Kai-Chung Yan (full report)
Kai-Chung Yan (full report)
Kamal Mostafa (full report)
Kambiz Darabi (full report)
Kamil Ignacak (full report)
Kan-Ru Chen (full report)
Kapil Arya (full report)
Kari Pahula (full report)
Karl Goetz (full report)
Karl Ramm (full report)
Karol M. Langner (full report)
Kartik Mistry (full report)
Kees Cook (full report)
Kees Cook (full report)
Kees Cook (full report)
Kei Hibino (full report)
Keith Packard (full report)
Keith Packard (full report)
Keith Winstein (full report)
Keng-Yu Lin (full report)
Kenneth J. Pronovici (full report)
Kenshi Muto (full report)
Kentaro Hayashi (full report)
Kevin Coyner (full report)
Kevin M. Rosenberg (full report)
Kevin Murray (full report)
Kevin Murray (full report)
Kevin Zambrano (full report)
Khalid El Fathi (full report)
Kilian Krause (full report)
Kiwamu Okabe (full report)
Klaus Zimmermann (full report)
Klee Dienes (full report)
knot-resolver packagers (full report)
Ko van der Sloot (full report)
Ko van der Sloot (full report)
Koichi Akabe (full report)
Komal Sukhani (full report)
Konstantin Khomoutov (full report)
Konstantin S. Vishnivetsky (full report)
Konstantinos Margaritis (full report)
Kouhei Maeda (full report)
Krzysztof Burghardt (full report)
Krzysztof Klimonda (full report)
Krzysztof Krzyżaniak (eloy) (full report)
Kumar Appaiah (full report)
Kun-Hung Tsai (蔡昆宏) (full report)
Kunal Mehta (full report)
KURASHIKI Satoru (full report)
Kurt B. Kaiser (full report)
Kurt Kremitzki (full report)
Kurt Roeckx (full report)
Kyle Robbertze (full report)
Kyle Robbertze (full report)
Kylin Team (full report)
Kyo Lee (full report)
Kęstutis Biliūnas (full report)


Lachlan Gunn (full report)
LaMont Jones (full report)
Lars Bahner (full report)
Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 (CPAN/PAUSE) (full report)
Lars Op den Kamp (full report)
Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) (full report)
Laszlo Kajan (full report)
Laszlo Kajan (full report)
Laurent Baillet (full report)
Laurent Bigonville (full report)
Laurent Guignard (full report)
Lee Garrett (full report)
Lennart Weller (full report)
Leo Antunes (full report)
Leo Costela (full report)
Leo Iannacone (full report)
Leo Singer (full report)
LeoFS maintainers team (full report)
LeoFS maintainers team (full report)
Leon Bottou (full report)
Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda (full report)
Lev Lamberov (full report)
Liang Guo (full report)
Liang Guo (full report)
Lifeng Sun (full report)
Linaro Packagers (full report)
Lionel Elie Mamane (full report)
Lionel Le Folgoc (full report)
Lior Kaplan (full report)
Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer (full report)
Liubov Chuprikova (full report)
Live Systems Maintainers (full report)
Lluis Campos (full report)
Lluís Vilanova (full report)
LLVM Packaging Team (full report)
Loeberbauer Markus (full report)
Loic Minier (full report)
Lorenzo De Liso (full report)
Loris Boillet (full report)
Louis Bettens (full report)
Loïc Minier (full report)
LTSP Debian Maintainers (full report)
Luboš Novák (full report)
Luca Boccassi (full report)
Luca Bruno (full report)
Luca Capello (full report)
Luca Falavigna (full report)
Luca Niccoli (full report)
Lucas Kanashiro (full report)
Lucas Kanashiro (full report)
Lucas Nussbaum (full report)
Luciano Bello (full report)
Ludovic Brenta (full report)
Ludovic Claude (full report)
Ludovic Drolez (full report)
Ludovic Ferrandis (full report)
Ludovic Rousseau (full report)
Ludovico Cavedon (full report)
Ludovico Gardenghi (full report)
Ludovico Gardenghi (full report)
Luigi Toscano (full report)
Lukas Loehrer (full report)
Lukas Schwaighofer (full report)
Luke Faraone (full report)
Luke Faraone (full report)
Luke Yelavich (full report)
LXQt Packaging Team (full report)


Maarten L. Hekkelman (full report)
Maarten van Gompel (full report)
Magnus Hagander (full report)
Magnus Holmgren (full report)
Mahyuddin Susanto (full report)
Maia Kozheva (full report)
Maintainers of GStreamer packages (full report)
Maintainers of GStreamer packages (full report)
Maintainers of GStreamer packages (full report)
Malcolm Locke (full report)
Manas Kashyap (full report)
Mandos Maintainers (full report)
Manoj Srivastava (full report)
Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo (full report)
Manuel Mästinger (full report)
Manuel Prinz (full report)
Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt (full report)
Marc Bigler (full report)
Marc Dequènes (Duck) (full report)
Marc Dietrich (full report)
Marc Fournier (full report)
Marc Haber (full report)
Marc Haber (full report)
Marc Leeman (full report)
Marc Pavot (full report)
Marc Singer (full report)
Marc-Andre Lureau (full report)
Marcelo Jorge Vieira (full report)
Marcin Dulak (full report)
Marcin Kulisz (full report)
Marcin Owsiany (full report)
Marcio de Souza Oliveira (full report)
Marco Balmer (full report)
Marco Bardelli (full report)
Marco d'Itri (full report)
Marco Maria Francesco De Santis (full report)
Marco Nelles (full report)
Marco Nenciarini (full report)
Marco Rodrigues (full report)
Marcos Fouces (full report)
Marcus Better (full report)
Marcus Osdoba (full report)
Marek Slama (full report)
Margarita Manterola (full report)
Mari Wang (full report)
Mario Danic (full report)
Mario Joussen (full report)
Mario Lang (full report)
Mario Limonciello (full report)
Mario Limonciello (full report)
Marius Gavrilescu (full report)
Mariusz Jedwabny (full report)
Mark Brown (full report)
Mark Heily (full report)
Mark Hindley (full report)
Mark Hymers (full report)
Mark Pilgrim (full report)
Mark Purcell (full report)
Markus Frosch (full report)
Markus Koschany (full report)
Markus Loeberbauer (full report)
Markus Schade (full report)
Markus Wanner (full report)
Martijn van Brummelen (full report)
Martin A. Godisch (full report)
Martin Bagge (full report)
Martin Buck (full report)
Martin Erik Werner (full report)
martin f. krafft (full report)
Martin Fuzzey (full report)
Martin Hosken (full report)
Martin Kelly (full report)
Martin Loschwitz (full report)
Martin Meredith (full report)
Martin Michlmayr (full report)
Martin Pitt (full report)
Martin Quinson (full report)
Martin Schulze (full report)
Martin Steigerwald (full report)
Martin Uecker (full report)
Martin Wimpress (full report)
Martin Wimpress (full report)
Martin Wuertele (full report)
Martin Zobel-Helas (full report)
Martin-Éric Racine (full report)
Martín Ferrari (full report)
Marvin Stark (full report)
Masayuki Hatta (mhatta) (full report)
Mat Scales (full report)
Mateusz Skowronski (full report)
Mateusz Łukasik (full report)
Mathias Behrle (full report)
Mathias Behrle (full report)
Mathieu Malaterre (full report)
Mathieu Parent (full report)
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (full report)
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (full report)
Matias D'Ambrosio (full report)
Mats Erik Andersson (full report)
Matt Palmer (full report)
Matt Taggart (full report)
Matt Zagrabelny (full report)
Matteo Cypriani (full report)
Matteo F. Vescovi (full report)
Matthew A. Miller (full report)
Matthew Danish (full report)
Matthew Grant (full report)
Matthew Grant (full report)
Matthew Harm Bekkema (full report)
Matthew Johnson (full report)
Matthew Kraai (full report)
Matthew Pideil (full report)
Matthew Vernon (full report)
Matthew W. S. Bell (full report)
Matthias Julius (full report)
Matthias Klose (full report)
Matthias Klose (full report)
Matthias Klumpp (full report)
Matthias Maier (full report)
Matthias Schiffer (full report)
Matthias Schmitz (full report)
Matthijs Kooijman (full report)
Mattia Dongili (full report)
Mattia Rizzolo (full report)
Mattias Ellert (full report)
Mattias Nordstrom (full report)
Max Vozeler (full report)
maxigas (full report)
Maxime Chatelle (full report)
maximilian attems (full report)
Maximliano Curia (full report)
Mechtilde Stehmann (full report)
Mehdi Abaakouk (full report)
Mehdi Dogguy (full report)
metche developers (full report)
Micah Anderson (full report)
Micah Anderson (full report)
Micha Lenk (full report)
Michael Ablassmeier (full report)
Michael Banck (full report)
Michael Banck (full report)
Michael Biebl (full report)
Michael Fladischer (full report)
Michael Gernoth (full report)
Michael Gilbert (full report)
Michael Grünewald (full report)
Michael Hanke (full report)
Michael Hanke (full report)
Michael Hanus (full report)
Michael Hudson-Doyle (full report)
Michael Janssen (full report)
Michael Jeanson (full report)
Michael Kleiber (full report)
Michael Koch (full report)
Michael Lustfield (full report)
Michael Meskes (full report)
Michael Piefel (full report)
Michael Prokop (full report)
Michael Prokop (full report)
Michael R. Crusoe (full report)
Michael R. Crusoe (full report)
Michael Shuler (full report)
Michael Stapelberg (full report)
Michael Stone (full report)
Michael Tautschnig (full report)
Michael Vogt (full report)
Michael Vogt (full report)
Michael Zahniser (full report)
Michal Arbet (full report)
Michal Čihař (full report)
Michał Zając (full report)
Michel Casabona (full report)
Michele Martone (full report)
Michele Orrù (full report)
Miguel de Val-Borro (full report)
Miguel Gea Milvaques (full report)
Miguel Landaeta (full report)
Miguel Landaeta (full report)
Mihai Moldovan (full report)
Mika Matsuzaki (full report)
Mike Furr (full report)
Mike Gabriel (full report)
Mike Markley (full report)
Mike Miller (full report)
Mike Miller (full report)
Mike Neish (full report)
Mikhail Gusarov (full report)
Mikolaj Konarski (full report)
Milan Kupcevic (full report)
Milan Zamazal (full report)
Milan Zamazal (full report)
Miles Lubin (full report)
Miquel van Smoorenburg (full report)
Mirco Bauer (full report)
Mirek Kratochvil (full report)
Miriam Ruiz (full report)
Miriam Ruiz (full report)
Miroslav Kravec (full report)
Miroslav Kure (full report)
Mitsuya Shibata (full report)
MJ Ray (Debian) (full report)
Mo Weng (full report)
Mo Zhou (full report)
Modestas Vainius (full report)
Mohammad Derakhshani (full report)
Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi Panah (full report)
Mohammed Adnène Trojette (full report)
Mohammed Sameer (full report)
Morgan Deters (full report)
Moritz Muehlenhoff (full report)
Moritz Schlarb (full report)
Morten Kjeldgaard (full report)
Mouaad Aallam (full report)
Mozilla Extension Packaging Team (full report)
Mpampis Kostas (full report)
mpd maintainers (full report)
Muammar El Khatib (full report)
Muneeb Shaikh (full report)
Munin Debian Maintainers (full report)
Murat Demirten (full report)
Muri Nicanor (full report)
Mészáros Mihály (full report)
Mònica Ramírez Arceda (full report)


Naga Durga (full report)
Nathan Handler (full report)
Natural Language Processing (Japanese) (full report)
Navid Fehrenbacher (full report)
Neil Roeth (full report)
Neil Williams (full report)
Neil Williams (full report)
Nelson A. de Oliveira (full report)
Neskie Manuel (full report)
Net-SNMP Packaging Team (full report)
NeuroDebian Team (full report)
Neutron Soutmun (full report)
NEVEU Stephane (full report)
Nicholas Bamber (full report)
Nicholas D Steeves (full report)
Nick Andrik (full report)
Nick Daly (full report)
Nick Morrott (full report)
Nico Golde (full report)
Nico Schlömer (full report)
Nicolas Boulenguez (full report)
Nicolas Bourdaud (full report)
Nicolas Braud-Santoni (full report)
Nicolas Braud-Santoni (full report)
Nicolas Dandrimont (full report)
Nicolas Dandrimont (full report)
Nicolas Spalinger (full report)
Niels Thykier (full report)
Nigel Kukard (full report)
NIIBE Yutaka (full report)
Niklas Fiekas (full report)
Niko Tyni (full report)
Niko Tyni (full report)
Nikolaus Schulz (full report)
Nikos Tsipinakis (full report)
Nilesh (full report)
Niv Sardi (full report)
Noah Meyerhans (full report)
Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (full report)
NOKUBI Takatsugu (full report)
Norbert Preining (full report)
Norbert Preining (full report)
Norbert Tretkowski (full report)
Norbert Veber (full report)
Noèl Köthe (full report)
nsd packagers (full report)
Nuno Carvalho (full report)


OATH Toolkit Team (full report)
Ognyan Kulev (full report)
OHURA Makoto (full report)
Ola Lundqvist (full report)
Ole Streicher (full report)
Oleg Moskalenko (full report)
Olek Wojnar (full report)
Olek Wojnar (full report)
Oleksij Rempel (full report)
Oliver Korff (full report)
Oliver Sander (full report)
Oliver Sauder (full report)
Olivier Girondel (full report)
Olivier Langella (full report)
Olivier Sallou (full report)
Olivier Sallou (full report)
Olly Betts (full report)
Omar Jair Purata Funes (full report)
Ondrej Certik (full report)
Ondřej Kobližek (full report)
Ondřej Nový (full report)
Ondřej Surý (full report)
Ondřej Tůma (full report)
Onkar Shinde (full report)
Onur Aslan (full report)
Optical Media Tools Team (full report)
Orestis Ioannou (full report)
Osamu Aoki (full report)
Otavio Salvador (full report)
Otto Kekäläinen (full report)
Ove Kaaven (full report)
ownCloud for Debian maintainers (full report)
Oxan van Leeuwen (full report)


Pablo Oliveira (full report)
Pali Rohár (full report)
Paolo Greppi (full report)
Paride Legovini (full report)
Pascal Giard (full report)
Pascal Packaging Team (full report)
Patrick Huck (full report)
Patrick Matthäi (full report)
Patrick Ouellette (full report)
Patrick Ruckstuhl (full report)
Patrick Schoenfeld (full report)
Patrick Uiterwijk (full report)
Patrik Hagedorn (full report)
Patryk Cisek (full report)
Paul Brossier (full report)
Paul Cupis (full report)
Paul Fertser (full report)
Paul Gevers (full report)
Paul Klos (full report)
Paul Martin (full report)
Paul Sladen (full report)
Paul Slootman (full report)
Paul Tagliamonte (full report)
Paul Tagliamonte (full report)
Paul van Tilburg (full report)
Paul Wise (full report)
Paul Wouters (full report)
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls) (full report)
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls) (full report)
Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls) (full report)
Paulo Roberto Alves de Oliveira (aka kretcheu) (full report)
Paulo Vital (full report)
pdns packagers (full report) Archive Automatic Signing Key (full report)
Penny Leach (full report)
Per Andersson (full report)
Per Andersson (full report)
Per B. Sederberg (full report)
Peter Clifton (full report)
Peter Colberg (full report)
Peter Collingbourne (full report)
Peter De Schrijver (p2) (full report)
Peter De Wachter (full report)
Peter Eisentraut (full report)
Peter Miller (full report)
Peter Palfrader (full report)
Peter Pentchev (full report)
Peter Pentchev (full report)
Peter S Galbraith (full report)
Peter Spiess-Knafl (full report)
Peter Van Eynde (full report)
Peter Wienemann (full report)
Peter Záhradník (full report)
Petr Baudis (full report)
Petr Hlozek (full report)
Petr Čech (full report)
Petter Reinholdtsen (full report)
Petter Reinholdtsen (full report)
Phil Brooke (full report)
Phil Morrell (full report)
Philip Hands (full report)
Philip Rinn (full report)
Philipp Huebner (full report)
Philipp Hug (full report)
Philipp Kern (full report)
Philippe Coval (full report)
Philippe Coval (full report)
Philippe Thierry (full report)
Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel (full report)
Pierre Blanc (full report)
Pierre Chambart (full report)
Pierre Chifflier (full report)
Pierre Mavro (full report)
Pierre Neyron (full report)
Pierre-Elliott Bécue (full report)
Pierre-Elliott Bécue (full report)
Pierre-Louis Bonicoli (full report)
Pierre-Luc Wagner (full report)
Pierre-Yves David (full report)
Pierre-Yves David (full report)
Pietro Abate (full report)
Pietro Battiston (full report)
Pino Toscano (full report)
Piotr Lewandowski (full report)
Piotr Ożarowski (full report)
Piotr Roszatycki (full report)
Pirate Praveen (full report)
Pirmin Kalberer (full report)
pkg-lxc (full report)
Povilas Kanapickas (full report)
Prach Pongpanich (full report)
Prach Pongpanich (full report)
Pranith Kumar (full report)
Prasad Ramamurthy Kadambi (full report)
Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (full report)
Preyass Chandran (full report)
ProFTPD Maintainance Team (full report)
Punit Agrawal (full report)
Puppet Package Maintainers (full report)
Python Applications Packaging Team (full report)


Qijiang Fan (full report)


R.Dhivyapriya (full report)
Radovan Garabík (full report)
Radu Spineanu (full report)
Radu-Bogdan Croitoru (full report)
Rafael D'Leon (full report)
Rafael Laboissiere (full report)
Rahul Amaram (full report)
Rahulkrishnan R A (full report)
Raju Devidas (full report)
Ralf Treinen (full report)
Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan (full report)
Raoul Gunnar Borenius (full report)
Raphael Geissert (full report)
Raphael Mota Ramos (full report)
Raphaël Halimi (full report)
Raphaël Hertzog (full report)
Raphaël Hertzog (full report)
Ravishankar Purne (full report)
Raúl Benencia (full report)
Rebecca N. Palmer (full report)
Reiner Herrmann (full report)
Reinhard Tartler (full report)
Rene Engelhard (full report)
Rene Mayorga (full report)
Rene Mayorga (full report)
Rene Mayrhofer (full report)
Rene Weber (full report)
René Moser (full report)
Reproducible builds folks (full report)
Reto Buerki (full report)
Rhonda D'Vine (full report)
Ricardo Mones (full report)
Riccardo Magliocchetti (full report)
Riccardo Setti (full report)
Riccardo Stagni (full report)
Rich Ercolani (full report)
Richard Atterer (full report)
Richard Jones (full report)
Richard Kreckel (full report)
Richard Laager (full report)
Richard Sellam (full report)
Richard Ulrich (full report)
Rico Tzschichholz (full report)
Riku Voipio (full report)
RISKO Gergely (full report)
Ritesh Raj Sarraf (full report)
Rob Browning (full report)
Robert Collins (full report)
Robert Edmonds (full report)
Robert Haist (full report)
Robert James Clay (full report)
Robert Lemmen (full report)
Robert Luberda (full report)
Robert Millan (full report)
Robert P. Goldman (full report)
Robert Tari (full report)
Roberto C. Sanchez (full report)
Roberto C. Sanchez (full report)
Roberto Lumbreras (full report)
Roberto S. Galende (full report)
Robie Basak (full report)
Robie Basak (full report)
Robin Jarry (full report)
Robin Naundorf (full report)
Robin Sheat (full report)
Rock Storm (full report)
Rod Whitby (full report)
Roderick Schertler (full report)
Rodolphe PELLOUX-PRAYER (full report)
Rodrigo Siqueira (full report)
Roger A. Light (full report)
Roger Kalt (full report)
Roger Shimizu (full report)
Roger Shimizu (full report)
Roger Wesson (full report)
Rogério Brito (full report)
Rohan Garg (full report)
Roland Fehrenbacher (full report)
Roland Fehrenbacher (full report)
Roland Mas (full report)
Roland Rosenfeld (full report)
Roland Stigge (full report)
Rolf Leggewie (full report)
Romain Beauxis (full report)
Roman I Khimov (full report)
Roman Valov (full report)
Ron Lee (full report)
Rosea Grammostola (full report)
Rosen Diankov (full report)
Ross Burton (full report)
Ross Gammon (full report)
Ross Gammon (full report)
Ross Gammon (full report)
Ross Vandegrift (full report)
Ross Vandegrift (full report)
Roy Marples (full report)
Ruben Molina (full report)
Ruben Molina (full report)
Ruben Pollan (full report)
Ruben Undheim (full report)
Ruben Undheim (full report)
Runa Sandvik (full report)
Russ Allbery (full report)
Russell Coker (full report)
Russell Stuart (full report)
Rust Maintainers (full report)
RW Penney (full report)
Ryan Finnie (full report)
Ryan Kavanagh (full report)
Ryan Kavanagh (full report)
Ryan Niebur (full report)
Rémi Duraffort (full report)
Rémi Thebault (RTbo) (full report)
Rémi Vanicat (full report)


Sabino Par (full report)
Salvatore Bonaccorso (full report)
Salvo 'LtWorf' Tomaselli (full report)
Sam Hartman (full report)
Sam Hocevar (Debian packages) (full report)
Sam Hocevar (full report)
Samuel Henrique (full report)
Samuel Henrique (full report)
Samuel Karp (full report)
Samuel Mimram (full report)
Samuel Thibault (full report)
Sana Khan (full report)
Sandro Knauß (full report)
Sandro Tosi (full report)
Sanford Rockowitz (full report)
Santiago Garcia Mantinan (full report)
Santiago Ruano Rincón (full report)
Santiago Ruano Rincón (full report)
Santiago Sánchez Paz (full report)
Santiago Torres Batan (full report)
Santiago Vila (full report)
Sarah COUDERT (full report)
Saravanan Palanisamy (full report)
Sascha Girrulat (full report)
Sascha Steinbiss (full report)
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé (full report)
Scarlett Clark (full report)
Scarlett Moore (full report)
Scott Christley (full report)
Scott Howard (full report)
Scott James Remnant (full report)
Scott Kitterman (full report)
Scott Leggett (full report)
Scott Talbert (full report)
scratch (full report)
Sean Davis (full report)
Sean Whitton (full report)
Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (full report)
Sebastian Bator (full report)
Sebastian Dröge (full report)
Sebastian Gibb (full report)
Sebastian Harl (full report)
Sebastian Humenda (full report)
Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (full report)
Sebastian Kuzminsky (full report)
Sebastian Ramacher (full report)
Sebastian Reichel (full report)
Sebastian Schmidt (full report)
Sebastian Wouters (full report)
Sebastien Badia (full report)
Sebastien Badia (full report)
Sebastien CHAVAUX (full report)
Sebastien Delafond (full report)
Sebastien NOEL (full report)
Senthil Kumaran S (stylesen) (full report)
serge guelton (full report)
Serge Hallyn (full report)
Sergei Golovan (full report)
Sergey B Kirpichev (full report)
Sergey Suslov (full report)
Sergio Durigan Junior (full report)
Sergio Durigan Junior (full report)
Sergio Oller (full report)
Sergio Schvezov (full report)
Shachar Shemesh (full report)
Shane Wegner (full report)
Shell Xu (full report)
Shengjing Zhu (full report)
Shengjing Zhu (full report)
Shih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars) (full report)
Shirish Togarla (full report)
Shravan Aras (full report)
Shreyas Bapat (full report)
Siddhesh Rane (full report)
Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (full report)
Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (full report)
Simon Chopin (full report)
Simon Horman (full report)
Simon John (full report)
Simon Josefsson (full report)
Simon Kainz (full report)
Simon Kelley (full report)
Simon McVittie (full report)
Simon Ochsenreither (full report)
Simon Quigley (full report)
Simon Quigley (full report)
Simon Richter (full report)
Simon Schubert (full report)
Simon Wunderlich (full report)
Simtec Electronics (full report)
Sipwise Packaging Team (full report)
Sjoerd Simons (full report)
Soeren Sonnenburg (full report)
Sophie Brun (full report)
Soputtra San (full report)
Soumyadip Modak (full report)
Sruthi Chandran (full report)
Sruthi Chandran (full report)
Stanislav Maslovski (full report)
Stefan Ahlers (full report)
Stefan Alfredsson (full report)
Stefan Denker (full report)
Stefan Fritsch (full report)
Stefan Haller (full report)
Stefan Hornburg (Racke) (full report)
Stefan Ott (full report)
Stefan Pfetzing (full report)
Stefan Potyra (full report)
Stefan Schoerghofer (full report)
Stefan Völkel (full report)
Stefano Karapetsas (full report)
Stefano Rivera (full report)
Stefano Zacchiroli (full report)
Stefanos Harhalakis (full report)
Steffen Moeller (full report)
Stein Magnus Jodal (full report)
Steinar H. Gunderson (full report)
Stephan Gerhard (full report)
Stephan Peijnik (full report)
Stephan Struckmann (full report)
Stephan Sürken (full report)
Stephane Popinet (full report)
Stephen Gelman (full report)
Stephen Gran (full report)
Stephen Kitt (full report)
Stephen M. Webb (full report)
Stephen Nelson (full report)
Stephen Sinclair (full report)
Steve Conklin (full report)
Steve Kemp (full report)
Steve Langasek (full report)
Steve M. Robbins (full report)
Steve McIntyre (full report)
Steve Stalcup (full report)
Steven Chamberlain (full report)
Steven Chamberlain (full report)
Steven Schubiger (full report)
Stewart Ferguson (full report)
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen (full report)
Stuart Prescott (full report)
Stuart Teasdale (full report)
Stéphan Gorget (full report)
Stéphane Glondu (full report)
Sundaram Ramaswamy (full report)
Sune Vuorela (full report)
Sune Vuorela (full report)
Sunil Mohan Adapa (full report)
Sven Bartscher (full report)
Sven Eckelmann (full report)
Sven Geuer (full report)
Sven Hoexter (full report)
Sven Joachim (full report)
Sven-Ola Tuecke (full report)
Sylvain Beucler (full report)
Sylvestre Ledru (full report)
SZ Lin (林上智) (full report)
Sébastien Boisvert (full report)
Sébastien Jodogne (full report)
Sébastien Villemot (full report)
Sérgio Benjamim (full report)
Séverin Lemaignan (full report)


Takaya Yamashita (full report)
Taku YASUI (full report)
Tanguy Ortolo (full report)
Tanguy Ortolo (full report)
TANIGUCHI Takaki (full report)
Tatsuya Kinoshita (full report)
Taylor LeMasurier-Wren (full report)
Teckids Debian Task Force (full report)
Teddy Hogeborn (full report)
Teemu Ikonen (full report)
Teus Benschop (full report)
Thaddeus H. Black (full report)
Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo (full report)
Theodore Y. Ts'o (full report)
Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (full report)
Thiago Andrade Marques (full report)
Thiago Franco de Moraes (full report)
Thibault KUMMER (full report)
Thibaut GIRKA (full report)
Thibaut Gridel (full report)
Thibaut Paumard (full report)
Thierry Carrez (full report)
Thierry Randrianiriana (full report)
Thierry Randrianiriana (full report)
Thijs Kinkhorst (full report)
Thomas Anders (full report)
Thomas Bechtold (full report)
Thomas Bechtold (full report)
Thomas Calderon (full report)
Thomas Dreibholz (full report)
Thomas Girard (full report)
Thomas Goirand (full report)
Thomas Koch (full report)
Thomas Krennwallner (full report)
Thomas Lange (full report)
Thomas Moulard (full report)
Thomas Perl (full report)
Thomas Pierson (full report)
Thomas Preud'homme (full report)
Thomas Schmitt (full report)
Thorsten Alteholz (full report)
Thorsten Glaser (full report)
Thorsten Glaser (full report)
Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (full report)
Tiago Ilieve (full report)
Tianon Gravi (full report)
Till Kamppeter (full report)
Tim Abbott (full report)
Tim Booth (full report)
Tim Cutts (full report)
Tim Lunn (full report)
Tim Potter (full report)
Tim Potter (full report)
Tim Retout (full report)
Tim Riker (full report)
Tim Rühsen (full report)
Tim Small (full report)
Tim Theisen (full report)
Timo Aaltonen (full report)
Timo Aaltonen (full report)
Timo Jyrinki (full report)
Timo Weingärtner (full report)
Timur Birsh (full report)
Tino Didriksen (full report)
Tino Didriksen (full report)
Tiziano Zito (full report)
Tobias Frost (full report)
Tobias Grimm (full report)
Tobias Hamp (full report)
Tobias Hansen (full report)
Tobias Hansen (full report)
Tobias Klauser (full report)
Tobias Winchen (full report)
Toby Smithe (full report)
Toke Høiland-Jørgensen (full report)
Tollef Fog Heen (full report)
Tom Lee (full report)
Tom Marble (full report)
Tom Soderlund (full report)
Tomas Di Domenico (full report)
Tomas Fasth (full report)
Tomasz Buchert (full report)
Tomasz Mrugalski (full report)
Tomaž Šolc (full report)
Tommi Vainikainen (full report)
Tong Sun (full report)
Tonnerre LOMBARD (full report)
tony mancill (full report)
Tony Travis (full report)
Torsten Landschoff (full report)
Torsten Marek (full report)
Torsten Werner (full report)
Tristan Seligmann (full report)
Troy Heber (full report)
TSUCHIYA Masatoshi (full report)
Tzafrir Cohen (full report)


Ubaldo Porcheddu (full report)
Ubuntu Developers (full report)
Uditha Atukorala (full report)
Ulises Vitulli (full report)
Ulrich Dangel (full report)
Ulrike Uhlig (full report)
Umang Parmar (full report)
Unit 193 (full report)
Utkarsh Gupta (full report)
Utopia Maintenance Team (full report)
Uwe Hermann (full report)
Uwe Steinmann (full report)


Vagrant Cascadian (full report)
Valentin Vidic (full report)
Valerie R Young (full report)
Vanessa Gutiérrez (full report)
Vangelis Mouhtsis (full report)
Varun Hiremath (full report)
Vasudev Kamath (full report)
Vasudev Kamath (full report)
Vedran Furač (full report)
Vedran Furač (full report)
Vern Sun (full report)
Victor Seva (full report)
Vince Mulhollon (full report)
Vincent Bernat (full report)
Vincent Blut (full report)
Vincent Cheng (full report)
Vincent Danjean (full report)
Vincent Fourmond (full report)
Vincent Ladeuil (full report)
Vincent Legout (full report)
Vincent Prat (full report)
Vincent Sanders (full report)
Vincent Sanders (full report)
Vishnu Poothery (full report)
Vojtěch Kulvait (full report)
Volkmar Sieh (full report)
Víctor Cuadrado Juan (full report)


W. Martin Borgert (full report)
Walter Reiner (full report)
Wartan Hachaturow (full report)
Wences Arana (full report)
Wesley W. Terpstra (Debian) (full report)
Wilfried Goesgens (full report)
Willem van Engen (full report)
Willem Vermin (full report)
Willi Mann (full report)
William Blough (full report)
William Grzybowski (full report)
William Vera (full report)
Wilmer van der Gaast (full report)
Wolfgang Baer (full report)
Wolfgang Fütterer (full report)
Wolfgang Schemmel (full report)
Wolfgang Schweer (full report)
Wolfgang Silbermayr (full report)
Wolodja Wentland (full report)
Wookey (full report)
Wouter van Heyst (full report)
Wouter Verhelst (full report)


Xavier Grave (full report)
Xavier Guimard (full report)
Xavier Guimard (full report)
Xavier Oswald (full report)
Xiangfu Liu (full report)
Ximin Luo (full report)
Ximin Luo (full report)
Xu Guagnxin (full report)


YAEGASHI Takeshi (full report)
Yangfl (full report)
Yanhao Mo (full report)
Yann Amar (full report)
Yann Dirson (full report)
Yao Wei (魏銘廷) (full report)
Yao Wei (魏銘廷) (full report)
Yao-Po Wang (full report)
Yaroslav Halchenko (full report)
Yaroslav Halchenko (full report)
Yauheni Kaliuta (full report)
Yavor Doganov (full report)
Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) (full report)
Yongzhi Pan (full report)
Youhei SASAKI (full report)
Yuan CHAO (full report)
Yukiharu YABUKI (full report)
Yulia Novozhilova (full report)
YunQiang Su (full report)
YunQiang Su (full report)
Yuri D'Elia (full report)
Yusuke YATSUO (full report)
Yves Combe (full report)
Yves-Alexis Perez (full report)


Zak B. Elep (full report)
Zed Pobre (full report)
Zev Benjamin (full report)
Zhengpeng Hou (full report)
Zlatan Todoric (full report)
Zorian Medwid (full report)
Zulip Debian Packaging Team (full report)


Çağrı ULAŞ (full report)
Ďoďo Ivanecký (full report)
أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) (full report)
أحمد المحمودي (Ahmed El-Mahmoudy) (full report)