Lintian Reports

Onur Aslan

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Onur Aslan <>, listed by source package. See also the full report, including info, experimental and overridden tags. Also see their QA overview.

gumbo-parser (0.10.1+dfsg-2.3) §

libcriticism-perl (1.02-2) [Uploader] §

libfile-monitor-perl (1.00-1) [Uploader] §

librivescript-perl (2.0.3-1) [Uploader] §

libscrappy-perl (0.94112090-2) [Uploader] §


vim-youcompleteme (0+20190211+gitcbaf813-0.1) §

ycmd (0+20181101+git600f54d-0.1) §