Lintian ReportsBETA


For scripting, you can query our database with URLs similar to the ones below. There is no limit on data returned, but you may grow tired of waiting. Please play around and write if you require something not mentioned on this page.


Please try this to find all Lintian runs for a particular source:

Sample URL:


This may help you to correlate a particular source version with Debian's release patterns. The information comes from DAKweb, which may be more up to date.

To add some value over better sources for similar data, releases show up here only when a Lintian run is available.

Sample URL:


The following returns all packaging hints for the named source. It includes many classification tags you do not see in the web interface.

Sample URL:


This shows you all sources affected by a particular tag.

Sample URL:

QA Counts

This query is intended to replace, for each source, the qa-list.txt of old. Having a live database that changes continually makes it much harder, and computationally a lot costlier, to provide a static list that covers all sources. We hope that this live query is an acceptable replacement.

Sample URL: