1.4. Disclaimer

Here is a list of important notes on how to use Lintian:

  1. Lintian is not finished yet and will probably never be. Please don't use Lintian as a reference for Debian policy. Lintian might miss a lot of policy violations while it might also report some violations by mistake. If in doubt, please check out the policy manuals.

  2. The Debian policy gives the maintainers a lot of freedom. In most cases, the guidelines included in the manuals allow exceptions. Thus, if Lintian reports a policy violation on a package and you think this is such an exception (or if you think Lintian has a bug) you can do two things: If your package is a bit non-standard and weird in this regard, you can install an override. If you think however that the check is too easily or outright wrongly triggered, please file a bug on the lintian package.

  3. Please DO NOT use Lintian to file bug reports (neither single ones nor mass bug reports). This is done by the authors of Lintian already and duplication of efforts and bug reports should be avoided! If you think a certain bug is `critical' and should be reported/fixed immediately, please contact the maintainer of the corresponding package and/or the Lintian maintainers.

  4. Any feedback about Lintian is welcome! Please send your comments to the lintian maintainers .