Lintian Reports

IME Packaging Team

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by IME Packaging Team <>, listed by source package. See also the full report, including info, experimental and overridden tags. Also see their QA overview.

ibus-input-pad (1.4.2-1) §

ibus-sunpinyin (2.0.3-5) §

input-pad (1.0.3-1) §

gir1.2-input-pad-1.0 (1.0.3-1+b1; main)

libinput-pad-dev (1.0.3-1+b1; main)

python-input-pad (1.0.3-1+b1; main)

openvanilla-modules (0.9.0a1.3+dfsg1-2.2) §

scim-m17n (0.2.3-3) §

scim-m17n (0.2.3-3+b1; main)

ucimf-openvanilla (2.10.11-3) §