Lintian Reports

Nathan Handler

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Nathan Handler <>, listed by source package. See also the full report, including info, experimental and overridden tags. Also see their QA overview.

libbio-samtools-perl (1.43-1) [Uploader]


libdata-section-perl (0.200006-1) [Uploader]

libfile-fnmatch-perl (0.02-2) [Uploader]

libmime-encwords-perl (1.014.3-2) [Uploader]


libmro-compat-perl (0.12-1) [Uploader]

libpango-perl (1.227-1) [Uploader]

libpar-dist-perl (0.49-2) [Uploader]

libpath-dispatcher-perl (1.05-1) [Uploader]

libpdf-report-perl (1.36-1) [Uploader]

libpod-markdown-perl (3.005000-1) [Uploader]

libproc-simple-perl (1.32-1) [Uploader]


libset-scalar-perl (1.29-1) [Uploader]

libtext-tabulardisplay-perl (1.38-1) [Uploader]

libuniversal-can-perl (1.20140328-1) [Uploader]

libwww-facebook-api-perl (0.4.18-2) [Uploader]

libxml-writer-perl (0.625-1) [Uploader]

lptools (0.2.0-2)

udj-desktop-client (0.6.3-1)

udj-desktop-client (0.6.3-1+b1; main)