Lintian Reports

Bart Martens

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Bart Martens <>, listed by source package. See also the full report, including info, experimental and overridden tags. Also see their QA overview.

cairo-clock (0.3.4-2)

cairo-clock (0.3.4-2+b2; main)

catdvi (0.14-12.1)

catdvi (0.14-12.1+b1; main)

cmdpack (1.03-1)

einstein (2.0.dfsg.2-9)

gmorgan (0.40-1)

gmorgan (0.40-1+b2; main)

gmorgan-dbgsym (0.40-1+b2; main)

gnome-mastermind (0.3.1-2)

gnome-mastermind (0.3.1-2+b1; main)

grdesktop (0.23+d040330-3)

grdesktop (0.23+d040330-3+b1; main)

gtans (1.99.0-2)

io-stringy (2.111-2)

kcheckers (0.8.1-3)

kcheckers (0.8.1-3+b2; main)

kcheckers-dbgsym (0.8.1-3+b2; main)

klavaro (3.02-1)

klavaro (3.02-1+b1; main)

libcgic (2.05-3)


libclass-trigger-perl (0.14-1)

libcrypt-passwdmd5-perl (1.3-10)

libdata-page-perl (2.02-1)

libhttp-cache-transparent-perl (1.1-1)

libio-lockedfile-perl (0.23+d030220-3)

libio-stty-perl (0.03-1.1)

libnet-ipv6addr-perl (0.2.dfsg.1-3)

libtk-tablematrix-perl (1.23-6.1)

libtk-tablematrix-perl (1.23-6.1+b4; main)

libxml-twig-perl (1:3.50-1)

pepperflashplugin-nonfree (1.8.3+nmu1; contrib)


pipewalker (0.9.4-2)

pipewalker (0.9.4-2+b2; main)

pqiv (2.6-1)

pqiv (2.6-1+b1; main)

qiv (2.3.1-1)

qiv (2.3.1-1+b1; main)