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Visibility Levels

You can tell from the symbols on this website how important packaging hints are.

This page explains the meanings.


The displayed message indicates a policy violation or a packaging error.

For a policy violations, Lintian usually cite a relevant document.


The displayed message is probably a policy violation or a packaging error.

Sometimes, these checks produce false positives.


The displayed message is probably of interest to the package maintainer.

It may not indicate a shortcoming but is often worth investigating.


Many people either disagree with these conditions or find them super-picky or simply unhelpful.

Please expect false positives. It may not be worth to install an override.


The condition that generates this messages is either not well-tested, or may sometimes produce unexpected results.

Feel free to ignore these messages, but bug reports are welcome.


Lintian applied a categorical exemption to a class of packages.

For more information, please have a look at the screen that installed the mask.


The package maintainer installed an override because Lintian was not helpful.

This usually indicates a false positive. You may find a justification nearby.


These tags are for research. They are generally not shown to the public.

Most people access them via our query interface.