Lintian Reports

Maarten van Gompel

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Maarten van Gompel <>, listed by source package. See also the report showing only errors and warnings. Also see their QA overview.

frog (0.13.7-1) [Uploader] §

frog (0.13.7-1+b1; main)

libfrog1 (0.13.7-1+b1; main)

frogdata (0.13-1) [Uploader] §


libfolia (1.6-2) [Uploader] §

libfolia-dev (1.6-2+b1; main)

libfolia6 (1.6-2+b1; main)

mbt (3.2.16-1) [Uploader] §

libmbt1 (3.2.16-1+b1; main)

libmbt1-dev (3.2.16-1+b1; main)

mbt (3.2.16-1+b1; main)

mbtserver (0.11-1) [Uploader] §

mbtserver (0.11-1+b1; main)

python-pynlpl (1.1.2-1) [Uploader] §



ticcutils (0.14-1) [Uploader] §

libticcutils2-dev (0.14-1+b2; main)

libticcutils2v5 (0.14-1+b2; main)

timbl (6.4.8-1) [Uploader] §

libtimbl4 (6.4.8-1+b1; main)

libtimbl4-dev (6.4.8-1+b1; main)

timbl (6.4.8-1+b1; main)

timblserver (1.11-1) [Uploader] §

libtimblserver4 (1.11-1+b1; main)

libtimblserver4-dev (1.11-1+b1; main)

timblserver (1.11-1+b1; main)

ucto (0.9.6-1) [Uploader] §

libucto-dev (0.9.6-1+b1; main)

libucto2 (0.9.6-1+b1; main)

ucto (0.9.6-1+b1; main)

uctodata (0.8-1) [Uploader] §