Lintian Reports

Debian PHP Maintainers

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Debian PHP Maintainers <>, listed by source package. See also the report showing only errors and warnings. Also see their QA overview.

php-defaults (57) §

php-mailparse (3.0.2+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1) §

php-mailparse (3.0.2+2.1.6-12-gae1ef14-1+b1; main)

php-yac (2.0.1+0.9.2-1) §

php-yac (2.0.1+0.9.2-1+b1; main)

php7.2 (7.2.4-1) §

libapache2-mod-php7.2 (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

libphp7.2-embed (7.2.4-1+b2; main)


php7.2-bcmath (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-bz2 (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-cgi (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-cli (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-common (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-curl (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-dba (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-dev (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-enchant (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-fpm (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-gd (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-gmp (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-imap (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-interbase (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-intl (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-json (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-ldap (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-mbstring (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-mysql (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-odbc (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-opcache (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-pgsql (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-phpdbg (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-pspell (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-readline (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-recode (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-snmp (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-soap (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-sqlite3 (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-sybase (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-tidy (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-xml (7.2.4-1+b2; main)

php7.2-xmlrpc (7.2.4-1+b2; main)


php7.2-zip (7.2.4-1+b2; main)