Lintian Reports

Franck Joncourt

At the time of the last Lintian run, the following possible problems were found in packages maintained by Franck Joncourt <>, listed by source package. See also the report showing only errors and warnings. Also see their QA overview.

libaudio-mpd-perl (2.004-2) [Uploader] §


libbsd-resource-perl (1.2911-1) [Uploader] §

libbsd-resource-perl (1.2911-1+b3; main)

libhtml-template-pro-perl (0.9510-1) [Uploader] §

libhtml-template-pro-perl (0.9510-1+b7; main)

libnet-pcap-perl (0.18-2) [Uploader] §

libsys-statistics-linux-perl (0.66-3) [Uploader] §